How to Blog: 5 Tips for Blogging the Right Way

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How to blog, 5 simple tips

Are you wondering how to blog?

Did you know blogging tips are actually controversial?

People question whether there is a “one-size fits all” approach.

Celebrity blogger Ryan Biddulph explains there are tips for blogging the right way.

Let’s see how to blog. Bring on the tips!

5 Tips for Blogging the Right Way

by Ryan Biddulph


Do you feel a bit lost with your blog?


You strayed from doing blogging the right way.


Following simple, practical tips persistently leads to blogging success as surely as the night follows the day.


Most bloggers struggle because they have no clue how to do blogging right nor do they have the clarity and confidence in these tips to see them through, often bailing just when things come together.


Admittedly, I was a blogging dingbat for many years. I did what worked for a minute then bailed to do what didn’t work, for a longer time.


Eventually, I purged some deep fears through diligent energy management – meditation, yoga, prayer and simply, being present with my “stuff” versus denying it – and things took off with my blog and my life.


I could see clearly, blogging mainly for fun, with love, so I began following these tips to do blogging the right way.


1: Follow Your Passion


What can you gab about all day long?


Blog about that topic.


Tie the topic to some pressing problem suffered by your ideal reader. Maybe you can tie the passion to some idea that inspires people to live their dreams.


I covered both bases on Blogging From Paradise.


I love blogging. I love traveling. The pressing problem? Most travel bloggers are part-time bloggers and full-time employees, cursing the jobs they need to return to just for boosting savings for the next trip. But I also inspire bloggers or aspiring travelers to live their dreams of seeing the world at Blogging From Paradise.


Make the work the reward. Traffic and profits and comments and social shares and features on world-famous blogs will feel like extra, or a bonus, or icing on the cake.


This is the right way to cultivate patience, persistence and a willingness to learn from pros, which brings us to tip #2.


2: Learn from Pros


Pro bloggers know how to build successful blogs.


Established pros like Matthew Loomis point you in the right direction, showing you want works and what does not work when it comes to blogging.


Follow professional advice to cut your learning curve by years. Lessen your stress levels.


More than anything, please do not follow your own advice if you have zero experience as a blogger while pros have 5 to 10 years of experience or more.


Ditto for trusting your husband, wife or neighbor if none of these people are professional bloggers.


Would you trust a garbageman’s financial advice over counsel from an established financial advisor with 20 years of experience?


Why would you trust your spouse’s advice on your blog over insights provided to you from bloggers like Janice or me?


Don’t be a dolt. Go to the pros for solid advice. Do blogging right.


Learn blogging. Study blogging. Take notes. Review notes. You are in blogging school, my little sweet robbins.


3: Practice Writing


Practice writing daily.


Get clear on your writing voice.


Gain confidence in your writing style.


My writing style may cause grammar obsessed authors, bloggers and teachers to retch but I also wrote one of the highest rated eBooks on Amazon for its category, garnering all 49 reviews as 5-star reviews:


How to Find Your Writing Voice


I inspire aspiring authors and bloggers to practice writing in order to find your voice. Writing in your voice positions you to have the greatest blogging success.


Case in point; I have been featured on sites like Virgin, Forbes and Fox News. I have no doubts that my travel stories about being chased by ladyboy prostitutes in Bangkok and being attacked by multiple wild men in Kathmandu – and how I crafted these hilarious tales – played a chief role in me landing on these big dawg sites.


Write your rear end off. Open a Word document. Hit 500 to 1000 words daily or more.


Distance yourself from the blogging crowd. Rock out your blog.


Write in *your* voice.


4: Create Helpful Content


Create helpful content through:


  • Blog posts
  • Guest posts
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook Live Broadcasts
  • Carrier pigeons
  • Cup telephones
  • eBooks
  • Audiobooks


Share value.


Become valuable.


Makes sense, right?


After learning blogging and practicing your writing, begin to show off your writing stuff. Or if you are new to creating videos simply practice a bit offline with your smiling grille and your smartphone.


Creators rise above the field of bloggers who sit on the cyber sidelines.


I have created thousands of videos and now that I think about it, thousands of blog posts during my online career, with nearly 500 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone.


Readers want your help.




Writer’s block got ya down? I have been there, dudes and dudettes.


Revisit Tip #1. Revisit Tip #3.


Writer’s block happens when you allow your fears to bully your passion, goading you to skip writing practice, which inevitably creates silly little, ego-induced, funny writer’s block.


Writer’s block is like a guppy swimming at the bottom of the Mariana Trench saying:


“Oh No!!! I am running out of water!“


You live in abundance. Observe the world around you. Consider meditating daily to clear out head trash so you can become a watcher of people, circumstances and the endless flow of blog post ideas circulating around you.

[Read: How to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas: 45 Experts Share Secrets]


5: Build Meaningful Bonds with Top Bloggers


My friend Alonzo Pichardo is the perfect example of a guy who does blogging the right way.


He has become stunningly successful by building meaningful bonds with pro bloggers.


A quick visit to his blog shows many of my guest posts, Alonzo generously sharing his platform with me. Ditto on his Twitter and Facebook profiles.


When we started doing online success chats together on his YouTube channel he would link to my blog in the video description field, giving me massive exposure as our chats have netted well over 225,000 views.


Build meaningful bonds with bloggers by:


  • Promoting bloggers on social media
  • Promoting bloggers on your blog
  • Commenting genuinely on their blogs
  • Asking them via email how you can help them


Help bloggers, help some more, then help some more. Friendships form.


Co-promoting, sales, hiring, and all types of sweet benefits flow out of blogging friendships.


Your Turn


What tips can you add to this list?


How are you doing blogging the right way?


Do you follow any of these tips?


About the Author


Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, LifeHack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog at Blogging From Paradise.

Readers, please share so other bloggers learn Ryan’s tips about how to blog. If you already knew how to blog, hopefully, Ryan’s tips served as a nice reminder.

I look forward to your views in the comment section. Which do you feel was his most effective tip? Do you have any tips on how to blog?

  1. ruchi

    Thanks for sharing such a great tips for started blogging, whenever newbie wants to create a blog they face lots of problem but this post is really useful.
    keep posting.

  2. Moss

    Hi Ryan & Janice,

    I love this article, the tips are simple I to implement for everyone, especially newbie bloggers.

    Blogging about what you have a passion for has always been the #1 criteria for a successful blogging career. When you blog about your passion, it is a lot easy to overcome such difficulties as writers blog.

    However, even though this is a great way to go, I also advise readers and wannabe bloggers to try to keep a balance between your passion and profitability.

    What exactly do I mean? What I’m saying is that, while you’re blogging because you have a passion for your niche, try to look at other areas as “how profitable is your niche?” If the niche you’re passionate about is not profitable, then I suggest you look for a similar niche that is more profitable and focus on it.

    Furthermore, you definitely cannot do it all alone, that’s where learning from the pros in your niche comes to play. Learn from them, build relationships, and write amazing blog post.

    Thanks so much for sharing Ryan, thank you too for publishing Janice.

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Amen Moss. This blogging bit is not a lone wolf operation. Thanks much my friend.

  3. Natalie Ducey

    A fabulous share, Ryan and Janice! Much of what I’ve learned about blogging comes from the blogging community. It really is a global community. Thanks so much for sharing. Stay awesome! 🙂

  4. Jeanette S. Hall

    Ryan & Janice,
    Another valuable post for us all to read no matter how long you have been blogging! Will help keep us on the closest paths to success we can reach.

    Talk to you guys later.

  5. Jina

    thanks for sharing about blogging ideas, i read full article and i found very good thing in this article. Very helpful and the content you wrote that is appreciable.

  6. Freddy G. Cabrera

    Hey Ryan!

    These are great tips that one new blogger should follow religiously. There is no doubt that if these blogging tips are taken seriously, a new blogger can see results.

    My big takeaways from this and the ones I think are most important are to follow your passion from the get-go, work on improving your skills and mindset, and to build relationships with bloggers in the same niche. Successful blogging doesn’t have to be too complicated, what you want to do is become a smart blogger and listen to the ones making it happen. No rocket science to be studied here.

    Thank you for sharing these helpful tips!

    Best regards! 😀

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Freddy thanks as always brother. Blogging is simple; even if it feels uncomfortable at times to dive into fears, just keep creating, connecting and following your passion to rock it out.

  7. Cori Ramos

    Hi Ryan!

    It’s great to see you here on Janice’s blog!

    Easy but very effective tips here. I’d say for new bloggers practicing writing and building a bond with successful/seasoned bloggers (like you) are a must. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great week.


    • Ryan Biddulph

      Practice and connect. Great points Cori. Improving your writing skills and connecting with established pros are massive difference makers.

  8. Mandy Allen

    Excellent value, as always, Ryan. Sometimes it’s hard to get to grips with a regular blogging schedule but if we keep all these things in mind blogging regularly should come much more easily to us!

    The tip I would advocate the most is building those relationships. When you feel you are writing something that will be read it becomes much easier to get it together.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Amen to that Mandy. Having a loyal readership can inspire you to keep writing, helping and connecting.

  9. Hazel

    I love the line “Share value. Become valuable.” You’ve got some great tips… thanks for sharing.

  10. Maurice Wigley

    Best post Ever. your post helps me writing blogs and articles. sharing this types of articles in Future.

  11. Donna Merrill

    Hi Ryan,
    Fancy meeting you here on Janice’s blog! I would have to say what sticks out to me the most here is having passion….what can I gab about all day. That would be blogging and marketing. The short version is to give information to others so I can help them. Be it blogging, articles, even Facebook Live Streams (which I love and I know you do too) the information we give can propel someone else in their business and sometimes we will never know it. It doesn’t matter because I can talk about this stuff all day long.
    Whenever someone new asks me some how to’s I do have to be careful I don’t overload their brains. lol

    • Ryan Biddulph

      LOL on the “How To” stuff Donna I know how you feel. We want to give the whole blueprint because we enjoy helping so much. Thanks my friend.

  12. Sharon T McLaughlin

    Great information. I am working on my craft but have not mastered it. I am still trying to find that voice.

  13. Monna Ellithorpe

    Hi Ryan and Janice,

    Great post with great tips. I have also learned quite a bit from Ryan and learn from him every day. I think by losing my blog at the beginning of the year and I had to start over, I can actually have fun with the writing and not be so scared to write about things, as you said (I could write about writing and create short stories all day long.)

    My word for this new year is “Don’t Over-Think Things” and it’s working well so far.

    Thank you, both for the great information shared.

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Agreed Monna. And after my blog was down for so many folks, I am in the same boat now, returning to blogging with my new host. Publishing frequently, not holding back. How freeing.

  14. Elise Ho

    Following my passion is what got me here. I started blogging because I was passionate about sharing and was very excited to share everything I have learned along the way.

  15. Richard Monssen

    Hi Janice & Ryan,

    Some great tips on blogging here. I was following a very similar approach to what’s been written in this article. Over the last month or so however I have changed my approach from trying to blog daily/weekly and churn out regular content to monthly. I love some of the names I’m seeing on your blog Janice – your outreach must super effective 😉

    • Janice Wald

      With kind words Richard. Thank you! Thank you for writing us as well. I’m glad you liked Ryan’s article. I agree he did a great job. Why did you reduce the number of times you publish each month?

      • Richard Monssen

        Hi Janice,

        Great question which I kind of answered just now on the PAC blog – lol – but in a nutshell it’s so I can write better evergreen articles. SEO is a big part of my blogging plan and I’ve now been at this for about 4 – 5 months in which time I’ve been doing mostly research. I’ve now put together a plan that will allow me to compete with big names like Jeff Bullas, Neil Patel and Brian Dean etc. In some cases I am beginning to outrank these guys and others.

        In order to compete with them we need to produce better content – these guys have teams of people working for them (though most deny it) to produce content. So it takes a lot longer to produce that content as a single person team. 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Thanks much for reading Richard. Good to see you’re finding your ideal posting frequency too.

  16. Naveen Sharma

    Hi Ryan,

    It’s amazing how you give a small number of effective tips about succeeding in blogging. You have given what actually matters in a nutshell. The brevity of your article makes it even more powerful.

    In just five tips you have covered everything from the beginning of a blog to its promotion. Each tip is necessary and none of the five can be ignored or taken lightly.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable experience in the form of five tips. Have a great day!


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