How to Become a Fashion Influencer on Instagram: A Beginner’s Guide to Building Your Brand (2024)

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how to become a fashion influencer on Instagram

Are you interested in knowing how to become a fashion influencer on Instagram?

Starting your journey to becoming a fashion influencer on Instagram can be as exciting as challenging.

If you want many followers, sales, and Instagram mentions, you can use Instagram for fashion blogging.

Read this guide and discover insider tips on how to become a fashion influencer on Instagram and showcase your style to the world.

Unlock your path to Instagram stardom! Elevate your influence now!

Let’s explore how to become a fashion influencer on Instagram. Learn why this may be a promising avenue for you.

The Power of a Fashion Blog on Instagram

There are many advantages of using Instagram to grow your fashion brand.

Instagram is a powerful platform for fashion, with over 98% of fashion brands using Instagram. Because of its strong emphasis on visuals, Instagram can set fashion trends and give shoppers an idea of what to buy.

If you’re an aspiring fashion influencer, Instagram is your platform.

Now you need to know how to become a fashion influencer on Instagram.

How to Become a Fashion Influencer on Instagram

Start a Fashion Blog on Instagram

Here are some tips if you’re wondering how to start a fashion Instagram.

Figure Out Your Niche

Fashion is a broad topic, so being more specific can help you gain your Instagram following. This rule applies further if your niche has demand yet little competition. If your budget is high, you may focus on luxury items. If low, your blog may be dedicated to thrifting smartly. You may even focus on a specific fashion item, like watches.

Whatever your niche is, however, it’s crucial that you like it. Your personality will be a big part of why people love you. Besides finding your brand voice (do you want to be serious or funny on Instagram?), it’s also crucial that you don’t sound like you’re phoning it in. Make it sound from the heart.

Consider Starting a Business Account

Using Instagram for Business can help you if you plan on selling products or want detailed analytics. While some fashion blogs can work with just a personal account, Instagram for Business can be a valuable tool for many.

Remember to check your Instagram analytics in order to replicate your Instagram successes. Instagram analytics are available on desktop as well as mobile.

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Post Great Content of All Types

Instagram has many ways to share your content. You can take selfies of you wearing fashion. The live stream feature lets people watch you shop in real-time. You can create Instagram Stories designed to showcase your shopping list, and they will disappear within 24 hours. Instagram Reels can be a great way to gain an audience.

Posting great content on Instagram is the leading way to gain a following. Using every tool Instagram offers can also help you beat the algorithm.

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Use the Right Hashtags and Keywords

Think of five great hashtags to use on Instagram. Broad tags like #fashion may be too crowded. This is a good move if you know some niche hashtags that have a following but aren’t too competitive.

Here you will find the best hashtags to sell clothes on Instagram. This resource is valuable for anyone looking to discover how to become a fashion influencer on Instagram.

You can stuff your Instagram captions with keywords, but this may be spammy. Instead, have a detailed, keyword-rich description.

If you are looking to know how to become a fashion influencer on Instagram, you will need this resource that explains how to write captions if you are selling hoodies: Hood captions for Instagram.

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Have a Complete Profile

Your profile should tell a newcomer everything they need to know about your brand. Use a clear profile picture, a description that gives newcomers what to expect, and any relevant links to your products, if applicable.


Another way you can be a successful fashion blogger is if you collaborate. For instance, you can collaborate with fashion influencer marketing agencies like Get Hyped that will connect you with brands who may be interested in working with you. You can also collaborate with other influencers in your niche. Reach out to people who have similar followings as you do. Tell them about your intentions, and see if they want to collaborate. 

If they do, great. If they ignore you, give it a week, or reach out to another person. You should also know what you want to do when you wish to collaborate.

Do you want to go on a shopping spree together? Have a digital collaboration? Pitch the idea and see how it works for you.

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Final Thoughts: How to Become a Fashion Influencer on Instagram

Now you know how to become a fashion blogger on Instagram. It’s a long-term process, and success doesn’t happen overnight. If you aren’t seeing success, you may need to reinvent your brand or narrow your niche. With enough tinkering, you can create the perfect fashion blog to attract the most people.

How to Become a Fashion Influence on Instagram: FAQs

Can You Make Money from Fashion on Instagram?

Yes. Through sponsorships, collaborations, and sales, Instagram can be a platform where you can earn money.

Are Fashion Blogs Still Relevant?

Yes! In 2020, fashion was the #2 niche. Since fashion is ever-evolving, many people will follow fashion blogs in 2023 to stay in the loop.

How to Become a Fashion Influencer With No Money?

Low-budget fashion is a popular niche on Instagram. You can make your niche by buying clothing at thrift shops or other stores selling cheap clothes.

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