How to Be More Productive at Work on Your Blog: 8 Time-Wasting Blogging Mistakes

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How to be more productive at workDid you know time management tips for entrepreneurs is actually a controversial topic?

People question whether entrepreneurs need tips for managing time or prioritizing time.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a hobby blogger, you can be more productive.

Guest author Tim Salivan explains 8 tips for spending the 24 hours you have in each day more productively.

When you’re done, you’ll know how to be more productive at work.

These tips apply to any work, even when you’re working on your blog.

Do you know how to be more productive at work?

8 Time-Wasting Blogging Mistakes

by Tim Salivan

What Wastes My Time When I Blog

The web has a lot of things that will literally waste your time but sometimes those activities are camouflaged as “research”, “information” and “networking”. Let’s be honest to ourselves; not all the time you spend in cyber space is productive. Since I started my software reviews and coupons blog, this truth has been haunting me.

I was well aware of the 80/20 Pareto principle – that 20% of my activities produce 80% of the results – and wanted to apply it to my working life in order to focus on the more important tasks.

I searched through all my online activities and thoroughly picked out those time wasters in order to make my blogging endeavors more effective and my time more productive. Here are some activities I think you should examine.

  • Stop The YouTube Madness!

Is it just me or do you also end up watching funny videos with cute cats or people falling after a tutorial or a webinar on YouTube? What about checking your Facebook wall every other minute? Do these sound familiar? (BTW let me check my snaptchat for a second.)

The importance of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube cannot be over emphasized. They are very good avenues for growing our businesses and gaining an active online presence.

As beneficial as they are, they are also very good factors that can suck away your time without you knowing it.

Most of these sites are addictive in nature and you can’t possibly get in there and out as you planned if you are not disciplined. Watching, uploading and downloading pictures, commenting on group posts, etc, has replaced most of our networking activities on Facebook.

You will always want to know whether somebody had a comment on your tweet, or perhaps to look out for a funny video or check out how many people have watched your video on Youtube.

If you want to be safe from these time-crippling activities, it is better if you don’t go there at all at the first time or be disciplined enough to take that back step when you have to; if not, your online blogging business suffers the consequences.

  • Stop Searching For Shortcuts

If there is anything you need to do to achieve an overnight success it would probably be on sale now and be so expensive I am sure I may not even be able to afford it.

From the short experience I‘ve got with my blog, there is no such thing as a short cut. Don’t spend your entire blogging time looking for one; you won’t find anything. Better get to work now. I recommend Sean Stephenson’s motivational book: “Get Off Your But”.

  • Don’t Let Your Goal Suffer

Once you have set a goal, keep it in mind and never let go. It is always better to have a list of things that will lead you to your goal and stick with them. Yes, once you get your concentration in one thing, it goes out of another. For example, if you pay too much attention to the design and layout of your site, you will lose focus on the urgent things you need to do to achieve your goal.

  • Stop Doing Too Many Things At The Same Time

It is good to plan ahead and analyze all the surrounding factors, but doing that excessively several times a day will definitely have a negative effect.

Planning and envisioning is good but getting things done is what brings tangible results. You don’t really need to plan and analyze everything; concentrate on the immediate tasks.

Get active; first do the hard stuff on the list (read the “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy) and face one thing at a time. “The shorter way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

  • Checking Every Email Is Not Your Priority

If you come online every morning and the first thing you do is open your mail box and stay there for the next one hour, you are not doing yourself any good.

Set out a specific period for checking your mail and don’t go there any other time of the day. Avoid opening forwarded junk i.e. Guinness Record videos or nature photos slide presentation etc. when you should actually read your business e-mail.

  • Stay Organized And Keep Your Focus

One of the major time wasters of every blogger is being disorganized. The time you spend searching for items may have been put perfectly into working on your business. Keep a clean arena and stay tidy.

In fact, take a look at your desk right now and see what papers and other things really need to be right there. Be organized in your computer folders too. Better keep your business related documents in a main folder and use sub-folders with clear titles for your various tasks. This will save you a lot of time and will help you stay focused and motivated.

  • Avoid Too Much Information

When you gather more ideas than you have to, you may get overwhelmed, not knowing what to do first and where to start. Believe me it happens. Take one step at a time and act on every idea you know will bring you closer to your dreams. Check out their impact before taking another. This will also help you identify what is not working and the things you will have to concentrate on.

  • Learn To Say No

Don’t act to please people around you. Never give other people the key to the decision of your business. Take full control of your time and never accommodate any appointment, meeting or call, when it is not right for you. Learn to say NO when it is not right for you.

Bonus Tip

This bonus tip offers an additional hack explaining how to be more productive at work.

Make Automation Your Best Buddy

Automation can boost your productivity and how Stillio, a web archiving tool,  can help you with automating a lot of your daily tasks.

Wrapping Up: How to Be More Productive at Work

To wrap this up; do not confuse your being busy with being productive. These are totally two different terms. Being in the “rat race” is nothing but a waste of your time. Don’t forget that results are counted with numbers and statistics, not by how much time you sacrifice in front of your PC or how much tired you feel at the end of the day.

Author Bio: Tim Salivan is an internet marketing consultant for online businesses based Greece. Together with his team run several tech and health blogs providing software reviews and discount coupons. He is also one of the editors in Qetes and Spiqy.

Readers, please share so other bloggers and entrepreneurs discover how to be more productive at work even when working on their blogs.

I look forward to your suggestions in the comments. Do you know how to be more productive at work.

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  1. Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

    I definitely try to do too many things at a time and say yes when I should say no, especially to people who suggest I write about things I’m not that interested in. Thanks for the reminders and tips.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Rebecca,
      When people suggest you write about topics you’re not interested in, would you say yes if they sponsored your article or would you still stay no if you’re disinterested? That’s what I was grappling with recently, so thanks for the advice. Thanks for commenting as well. A few years ago I learned about a no thank you list. I even blogged about it. It’s served me well ever since.

  2. Emenike Emmanuel

    Hello Janice and Tim,

    This is very interesting. Until now, I still beat myself for scrolling up and down searching for something I can’t explain in Facebook. It’s one of the biggest time waster of NY life.

    Good to hear that someone is addressing it today. No matter how we try, we can’t confuse being busy with being productive. It doesn’t happen that way

    Thanks for sharing I appreciate.


    • Tim Salivan

      Hello Emenike, Youtube is still my greatest temptation and time killer. However, I’ve grown some kind of descipline and get back to work after a minute or so.

  3. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I stopped checking the email (or Facebook) while working a long time ago. I do take breaks, and sometimes watch a YouTube video then. But I tend to be very focused when I work. If I’m researching, I research. If I’m writing, I write. If I’m working on graphics, that’s all I do. It helps to get more done 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kyla,
      Question regarding Facebook which you mentioned. Do you check your Facebook notifications? I know you mentioned not when you’re at work. I mean, do you ever check them? If so, how do you find the time? I’ll go months without checking my Facebook notifications sometimes. Thanks for your tips about being regimented.

  4. Ankit Sharma

    Hey me here, just subscribed to your blog.. looking forward to kNow you more through your posts.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ankit,
      I am always happy to help. If there are any blogging-related questions I can answer for you, please let me know.

  5. Smart Blogger

    I’m often too long sits on YouTube to watching funny video. After reading this post, it turns out that this is wrong. From now on, I will use my time as effectively as possible so that I am more productive at work.

    Best Regard

  6. Freddy G. Cabrera

    Hey Tim!

    You are right, be careful to not confuse being “busy” with being productive. They are not the same thing. You can be busy just watching videos on Youtube. I’m guilty of this. I can get sucked in the Youtube world watching Casey Neistat vlogs for hours!

    It happens to the best of us.

    The important thing is to catch yourself and get back on track right away.

    I also like to practice the 5-second rule by Mel Robbins. This is a simple little trick to get your brain fired up to tackle on your tasks. I would highly recommend learning this simple mind hack for better productivity.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Best regards! 😀

    • Tim Salivan

      Thanks Freddy for stopping by and sharing, as well. Keeping ourselves busy is one of the greatest fallacies of our times. All the millions of daily commuters, stuck in traffic for almost two hours and then in a cubicle for 8 hours, think they produce something and become entitled. You know what? Out of the 8 hours of work (plus 2 hours commuting) the productive time in most cases is less than an hour!

  7. Michelle Williams

    I admit that I am guilty of a majority (if not all) of the items listed in this post. I am currently working to make changes so that I can see substance for my blog. Thank you for this post, this is great, especially for those who need discipline to purposely get sucked into not being productive and making $$ with your blog. 🙂

  8. harvard

    the reasons given for the waste of time are very genuine. everyone here and now is caught up in these mischievous activities. I think that the resolve to get a successful blogger will decrease the areas of wasting time.
    thank you.

  9. Avion Anderson

    Thanks, great article, especially since I blog full-time about a topic, which is still been labelled a taboo subject – Mental Health Conditions/Disorders/Illnesses, and even offer mental health writing services, which at times seems to go nowhere. Your article is a great eye opener for me.

  10. Naina Singh

    thank you for sharing this information this is very helpful for blogging and blogger.

  11. Susan Jackson

    These are great tips. I lose focus so easily at times. Well most of the time!

  12. Hugh Roberts

    One thing I have to do every morning, as soon as I switch on my computer, is to respond to any comments left on my blog posts. Now I’m wondering if that is a good thing or a bad thing to do? It’s the same with my emails. They are the next thing I check. I feel happier when I know I’ve checked and dealt with them and then I can get on with what I need to do.
    Couldn’t agree more about working in a clean, clutter-free environment. Without one, I simply can not get on with anything.
    Thanks for sharing these, Janice and Tim.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Hugh,
      Here is my schedule: I get up each morning, and let my dog out. As I wait for him to come in, I check my emails and blog comments on my phone. At nutrition, I reply to the emails. At lunch, I reply to the comments. I feel more organized knowing I checked them too.
      In response to what you wrote about a clutter-free environment, I’ve seen your photos of your computer. Your work area definitely is clean and clutter-free!
      Thanks for writing.

  13. Shawn

    Hi Tim, thanks for the tips.

    For YouTube, I use it to play some music while writing my blog posts. I find YouTube to be a productive tool when used properly. The only downside is that when I lost my focus and started to search for unrelated videos there.

    By the way, what you said is true. We should all focus on doing just one task at a time. Trying to do too many things at once overloads our brains.

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