How Does PEMF Work? 2 Current Controversial Topics for Blogging in 2022

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What is PEMF technology?

How does PEMF work?

For what purpose can we use this?

Everyone is searching the internet for these questions…

If you are a blogger hoping to generate waves of traffic, writing about controversial blog topics can be the ticket to having a post go viral.

Controversial meaning: According to the Oxford Dictionary, the meaning of “controversial” is “giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement.”

If you are interested in trying to generate mass interest in your blog post by generating disagreement, then this post is for you.

Does that sound highly negative?

If so, let’s examine the function of blogs.

What is the purpose of blogs?

  • Generate discussion in the comments section
  • Make people think
  • Establish a community where like-minded people can gather online.

In this article, we will show you an example of how to write a blog post around current controversial topics, PEMF technology, and a review of the MeWe social media site.

Let’s start by discovering the answer to the question, “How does PEMF work” and other information about PEMF technology in order to see an example of a controversial blog topic.

People are interested in learning more about this healthy therapy that has sparked something of a revolution in the field of medical technology. And no, we aren’t exaggerating when we say that PEMF technology has genuinely revolutionized the way that healthcare is provided.

Why is the answer to the question, “How does PEMF work” a controversial blog topic?

People who want to learn more about PEMF therapy give thousands of miracle healing accounts that have been documented using this treatment.

Pulse electromagnetic field technology has proved very beneficial for people with physical as well as mental health issues. It helps us in various ways and has many salient features.

However, according to the National Library of Medicine, when examining the answer to “How does PEMF work?” the researchers admit the effectiveness is still controversial.

Let’s continue to look at how this article, “How Does PEMF Work?” shows us an example of a controversial blog post topic.

How Does PEMF Work?

1.   PEMF therapy can function efficiently as a natural healing process

PEMF machines reduce pain in conjunction with the body’s natural healing processes by regaining the ability of cells to operate effectively.

Our bones, organs, and skin are made up of microscopic cells. For the exchange of potassium, sodium, and calcium ions, the membrane of a healthy cell must have both positive and negative charges. Through illness, trauma, or exposure to chemicals, cells can become disturbed and lose their capacity to operate properly.

PEMF therapy balances the positive and negative charges in the cell and allows the cell to perform its normal function while the tissue recovers.

Let’s continue to see how the article “How Does PEMF Work” fits the meaning of controversial and qualifies as a controversial blog post topic.

2.   PEMF therapy works to re-align the electric potential of our body cells

Electricity is necessary for the human body to transmit signals to the brain and throughout the body. PEMF technology is very beneficial to realign the electric potential of our body cells. Cells at rest have a net negative charge on the inside and a net positive charge on the outside. Electrical currents are produced by charges moving across the cell membrane.

Positive charges can enter a cell through open ion channels when it is activated. The inner side of the cell becomes increasingly positively charged, causing additional electrical currents to flow and develop an action potential, which are electrical pulses. Our bodies use certain action potential patterns to start the appropriate motions, thoughts, and behaviors.

An interruption in electrical currents can lead to a health issue. To help the cell regenerate, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) can restore an electrical current that has been disrupted to its normal state.

3.   PEMF machines work on various frequencies

PEMF heating therapy differs from one another because they use various frequencies to operate. The body reacts to electromagnetic waves differently, and various frequencies target various tissue types. Oska Pulse and other FIR therapy devices release a distinctive series of pulsed electromagnetic fields at exact frequencies that are directed to important tissue types, alleviating pain.

These low and high-frequency ranges vary in every therapy device and a patient can select the frequency range according to the need. Healthy Line has a variety of PEMF therapy devices to overcome stress and relieve pain.

4.   PEMF therapy has a long track of clinical success

In a PEMF therapy device, pulse electromagnetic waves at certain frequencies reduce pain at its source and have been clinically proven to speed up the body’s cellular healing process for more than 60 years.

PEMF therapy was used for the healing of nonunion fractures, as proved by the FDA in 1979. Many different ailments have been demonstrated to benefit from pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, according to well-researched studies conducted by medical facilities, rheumatologists, physiotherapists, and neurologists.

A few things about PEMF technology are certain: They’ve been around for a while, have a track record of successfully treating pain, and are gaining popularity as more and more people with chronic pain experience success using this non-drug, non-invasive medical technology.

Another Example That Fits the Controversial Meaning

Not all of us are health bloggers.

The article “How Does PEMF Work?” was written by a contributing author.

Have I ever published a blog post that fit the controversial meaning?


Did it go viral? Did the post generate waves of blog traffic?


The controversial meaning entails having the potential to give rise to disagreements.

My article MeWe Review: Danger- Your Privacy Is at Risk [This Is a 2022 Facebook Alternative] currently has 112 comments and brings in 5% of my traffic.

The article is my 5th best-performing post which is remarkable when you consider the post was published in 2019.

Why does my MeWe Review post which reviews the MeWe social media site qualify as fitting the controversial meaning?

Look at what was left in the comment section:

“After using MeWe, I deleted it. It was full of people that spread hate, post illegal stuff, and a lot of cyberbullying (like all people that want to hurt others are on MeWe). So women unfriendly.”

“I really like Mewe, finding groups can take a fair bit of time, and only because there are so many and even more subgroups, the privacy is outstanding, and the people there are nothing like the rude and ignorant type you run into on Facebook…”

Let’s revisit the controversial meaning: Giving rise or having the potential to give rise to disagreements.

Clearly, these two commenters are disagreeing with the merits of the MeWe social media site.

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Wrapping Up: How Does PEMF Work & Controversial Blog Topics

In closing, if you have ever been stumped for blog topics to write, don’t fall victim to Writer’s Block. Consider publishing posts that fit the controversial meaning shared in this article.

Readers, please share so bloggers discover they can end Writer’s Block and generate boatloads of blog traffic by publishing blog posts about current controversial topics.

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