How Do Blogs Work When You Make a Move?

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How do blogs work while you're moving

How do blogs work?

If you’ve been blogging for a while you know.

How do blogs work when you’re changing houses?

Today’s guest author reveals 6 ways you can survive blogging while relocating.

Blogging And A House Move: How To Continue Your Blog While Moving Houses

Mary Davis

When you blog for a living, blogging becomes an ever-present part of your life – even in stressful situations like moving houses.

Regardless if you’re blogging your life experiences or for a particular niche, your mind is almost always constantly in the process of thinking of things to write about and how best to present these for your audience.

As such, stressful events like house moves can get in the way of doing stuff for work. After all, how can you possibly write about your piece when you have a move to worry about, right? Right? Well, turns out, there are ways you can turn your house move into an inspiration for your blog. In fact, your house move can very well be effective in motivating you to write.

Writing And Moving Is Possible

How do we do it, though? How can we continue writing a blog despite a house move? Well, a lot of it has to do with good planning and good execution. The better you know exactly what to write and the logistics behind it, the easier it is for you to work around with your moving schedule.

Likewise, the more aware you are of your moving schedule, the easier it is for you to make time for your pieces. Thing is, this is easier said than done. Here are some tips to make it possible for you to continue blogging while moving.

How do blogs work while you’re moving? Let’s dive in.

How do blogs work while you’re moving houses?

Do your inventory very early on.

An important aspect of both moving and writing blogs that people often overlook is logistics – particularly, inventory. When it comes to your house move, it’s important to keep tabs on what you want to sell and take out, and what you want to bring to your new home.

Meanwhile, when you want to pull off a good blog, you need to take note of your research and the information you want to put.

These are often done at the beginning of moving and writing a blog, and it’s important you start doing these very early on. 

  • When you have the time, try to slowly sort out the things you want to bring with you to your new home. List these belongings, their make and material, their quantity, and other special details. You can do this while thinking of pieces you want to write, or if you’re suffering from writer’s block. Focusing on something else can help your brain work to “find” ideas in your subconscious, which can benefit a creative block.
  • Try to identify things you want to sell or throw away. You can organize a garage sale if you want. You can use this opportunity to interview different sorts of people that can be beneficial for your piece.
  • Try to make a basic outline of your piece. This lets you be more “grounded” in figuring out the steps you have to take to pull off your piece in the next step.
  • If you have things you want to research on, or apps and tools you want to try, sort these out as well. When you do research on your pieces, try to take note of your sources as well as the main points of your pieces.

Set your priorities.

You have to conduct the house move and write your blog – that’s a given. However, these two things have separate sets of steps, which means it’s very likely that all these steps have to be done in a particular order. This also means you don’t necessarily have to dedicate the entirety of your time solely for your move, or solely for your blog piece. This means, given the right approach, you can tackle all the steps of your move and your articles without much hassle. 

  • With your outline for the blog piece, try to sort out the steps you have to take to pull off the piece. What interviews do you have to take? What sorts of things do you need further research on? How long do you need to write a piece? Try to indicate these things for reference.
  • With your inventory in mind, try to sort out materials you need, costs of things you have to spend on, and your projected timeline. What packing materials do you need? How long do you need to pack? How much would the move cost? Do you need to take out a loan? How does the move affect your savings?

Create a schedule based on your deadlines.

You’ll likely have a set deadline for your blog pieces, and your moving day. If you look at both of them at the same time, it might give you a headache. After all, how exactly can you balance the two and make sure you do them at the same time? Thing is, you don’t have to. Interestingly, you can try checking out the sort of timeline you have and try to plot out a schedule to balance packing and writing your piece.

  • Pull out a calendar and mark the dates leading up to the deadlines of both the article and the house move. These are your projected deadlines.
  • With these deadlines in mind, try to create a timetable. Consider your regular routine first, like doing chores and your daytime job. Afterward, take note of how much vacation or sick leaves you have, your off days, and your free days. 
  • Pull off your list of priorities for the blog and the move. With both of your priorities in mind, try to position items in these priorities in your breaks, leaves, off days, and free days. Try to put easier tasks such as research or sorting inventory during breaks. And then place tasks that require more focus like interviews, writing, and packing on free days.

Sort out the hands you’ll have to help you.

It’s very likely that you’re not moving alone. You might be moving with a family, some roommates, a partner, or even movers. It helps to know exactly who’s on your team so you can start sorting out tasks you have to do for your move.

  • Once you know who’s going to help you with your move, it helps to delegate some of the tasks above to them. Some of the family members might be in charge of packing or clearing rooms. You can also delegate the transfer or transport duties to your movers. The clearer everyone’s roles are, the fewer time constraints you’ll have.
  • Try to coordinate their schedules, especially to have it align with your projected moving date. Having a schedule beforehand helps, so you can easily dedicate hours of the day or entire days into the move.
  • If you have applications or programs you’ll use for your move (inventory apps, etc.) and your blog writing (grammar apps, etc.), try to get them sorted as well. Try to make sure you specify exactly what you want to use them for, so you don’t waste your time with wrong tools. 

Hire professional help.

Hiring professional help would do wonders with your predicament. Why would you want the hassle of having you and your entire family move everything when professional movers can do it for you? Hiring moving companies NYC, or in the area you live or you’ll transfer to, will be able to take a lot of the stress away from you.

  • Moving companies can be extremely efficient, as they’re trained and skilled in packing and transferring your belongings. It’s better if you do the packing yourself, though, as not all companies offer this service.
  • Moving companies will remove a lot of the logistical concerns on your end. They’ll be able to transport your belongings, and you don’t have to worry as much about logistics. They’re skilled and trained to handle things with care, so you don’t have to worry about transferring antique vases and other valuables.

Blogging And A House Move: Hit A Lot Of Birds With One Stone

A lot of people tend to think house moves can get in the way of their routines, and this makes sense. After all, you’d think a house move takes all the priority, as you have to consider a lot of things in the process like “How do blogs work?” along with thinking about your impending move.

Wrapping Up: How do blogs work when you’re moving?

Thing is, when you’re writing a blog, your house move doesn’t necessarily have to get in the way. Likewise, your house move isn’t always going to be interrupted by your blog. When you do the tips above, you’d be surprised how keeping yourself busy with your house move can, in fact, motivate you to write a blog. And interesting, the need to write a blog might pave the way for more efficient house moving. Cool, right?

How do blogs work when you’re moving? Readers, please share so people learn the answer.

  1. Britt | at 8:33 am

    Great tips! I’ve blogged through some major life changes and while it certainly requires a little more organization and dedication, it can be done! One of my biggest go to solutions is simply to schedule everything – prewrite blog posts and schedule them to publish, schedule social media, etc. That way the limited time you can get on during that period of your life can be spent engaging with your audience.

    • Janice Wald | at 7:20 pm

      Hi Britt,
      I appreciate your comments and your compliments. Thanks for adding to the discussion with your suggestions– prewrite and preschedule. That’s how I do it.
      I also keep posts on the “shelf” ready to go in times of unpredictable stress.

  2. Jeangam Kahmei | at 10:33 pm

    Hey Janice,

    How inspiring and motivating this article is. Nothing comes without an effort.

    Moving house is really really tiring. Planning and organising earlier for writing does truly help while we are away or busy with some other work.

    Well, managing each task well is also an art. It needs creativity and lots of effort.

    You did a great job, you’re a brave woman. Stay strong and healthy.

    Jeangam Kahmei

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