How to Make Your Site Google Optimized

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You’ve heard of search engine optimization.

Have you ever heard of Google optimization?

Google is the world’s biggest search engine.

Guest author Katherine Smith explains how to Google optimize your site.

Follow her tips to boost your website’s organic traffic.

In addition to offering tips to boost Google traffic, Katherine will define important terms and explain concepts vital to understanding SEO in 2018.

How to Google Optimize Your Website

SEO: Building a Strategy for Success

by Katherine Smith

SEO is a complicated endeavor involving many moving parts, but it’s a strategy with long-term payoffs. Done properly, you can secure your business for years to come. As a business scales, SEO can become more or less complicated depending on the website, and its market. This is especially true if the webmaster manages multiple websites, or must coordinate with other teams.

Choosing to tackle this by yourself will require a substantial effort. A full-time person, and more likely a team, will be required to keep tabs on the various ways SEO can be improved. Outsourcing to agencies provides fulfillment and accountability, and so many enterprise clients opt for an approach that combines the two.

First, it’s helpful to answer the question What is SEO? With better-informed decision makers, everyone can get on board with the best approach to find success in your industry.

SEO Parts

Higher visibility can be measured in various ways. You might attract traffic from the highest number of traffic sources possible, or work toward refining your website to its most relevant in search. SEO can fit a number of strategies, but your approach must be carefully considered.

SEO, broadly speaking, is a study of how your website appears in Google and other search engines. It also combines other channels to increase traffic and improve sales. It’s a useful strategy, but the effort must be ongoing for the best chances of success.

SEO should be focused on leads, contact points, or sales channels as deemed necessary to your online success. There are various ways to measure these metrics. Here are some of the key performance metrics (KPM) that inform you if your SEO efforts are successful.

Key Metrics

Dwell time offers insight into customer behavior, and it’s a combination of three other metrics:

  • Session time
  • Bounce rate
  • Click-through rate

It tells you how clients respond to the landing pages you bring them to, and offers clues to how well your messaging works. Dwell time and goals might be linked, depending on the type of site you offer. The more time a customer spends on your site, the more likely they are to convert. Goals and goal funnels offer helpful insights about customer behavior relative to certain channels.

To discover those channels, you need to look at referral traffic. This traffic tells you more about who is linking to you. Go find out why sites link to you and either build more links or strengthen that connection for other benefits.

[Host blogger’s comments: I use Alexa to discover the top sites that link to me. is one of the many free SEO tools available to you.]

Finally, search the keyword data available to you in Google’s Analytics and Search Console for insight into what the index thinks your site is about. If those keywords don’t sync up to your site or don’t point to the proper pages, those are easy opportunities for improvement.

[Host blogger’s comments: Google Analytics and Google Search Console are also free SEO tools.]

Finding Success

Sustained efforts pay off, so identify improvement in the KPMs outlined above to justify continued investment. Link building is one of the most powerful tools you have to improve search exposure, but it’s also time-consuming. If you can hone your efforts to link building on key influencers, you can build your audience and your search clout at the same time.

Research your competition to see what works. Don’t directly copy any landing pages, but you might identify certain commonalities (such as sales methods or keywords used) that can inform your efforts. Always try to build your landing pages based on empirical data.

Final Thoughts

SEO efforts can take time to build, but they pay off in the end. Search exposure leads to better branding and ownership over the market. SEO, fortunately, allows for many strategies. Even if your goal is an intense social push, optimizing for search will allow for a greater influx of potential customers and better brand recognition in the long run.

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  1. proprepandfulfillment

    It’s looking great but I want to know what is this SEO and SEM strategies services and where from can I get to my site? Can you help me for ranking my site? or can you suggest me anything for this?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Steve,
      I’ve sent you an email regarding this. I do offer that service. Yes, I can help. Please check your email and we’ll communicate about this that way. I look forward to working with you. Thanks for reaching out today.

  2. Qasim

    Hi Janice and Katherine,

    Great start to SEO with simple and easy to understand explanation for the most common SEO terms.

  3. MT Global

    Thanks for sharing this post. It would perfect start of SEO with easy steps.
    Keep posting more.

  4. Moss Clement

    Hi Kathrine & Janice,

    SEO is extremely important because it increases your chance of being found in search results. In other words, if your site is not well optimized, your chances of being seen become slim. However, it takes effort to successfully carry out your SEO campaign, but with the right energy, like my friend Ryan would say and the right tools and strategy you will have success. I use SEMrush keyword tool to measure my metric,. SEMrush has all the features you need to measure your campaign. I also use it to find keywords my competitors are ranking their landing pages for and make a list of them. Thus, strategically add those keywords on my site.

    Good job ?!

  5. Ryan Biddulph

    The effort needs to be sustained to see long term SEO success Katherine. Or success with any online strategy. This is why I focus on energy; get the energy going, doing stuff from love not fear mainly, and you see the long haul journey through, shining brightly, making folks wonder how you did it. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. Missionkya

    Hey Janice,

    Thanks for the great information, i just want to ask that my website is fully optimized but my website still loads very slow even i removed all graphics and animation from my webpages but still it is very slow. Can you please suggest me some helpful tips so that i can decrease the load time of my website. Thank you.

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