Google My Business Website: How to Use Google My Business for Free to Grow Your Brand (2024)

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Are you familiar with the Google My Business website?

Many entrepreneurs have heard of the Google My Business website but believe the GMB website is only for local vendors.

I service readers all over the world and I have a Google My Business website.

This guide to Google My Business is for any entrepreneur who wants to grow a successful business.

This post reviews Google My Business and offers features that can help your business thrive. In addition, you learn how to create a Google My Business website and mistakes to avoid when using Google My Business.

The best part: Google My Business is free to use.

Let’s learn more about Google My Business and how the Google My Business website can help your brand.

Do You Use the Google My Business Website?

No? Then you are missing so much!

Let’s examine data: Google processes approximately 63,000 search queries per second. “Just Google it” is the answer to all our queries.

Do you want to shop, research, or learn? Just Google it.

Why is your business any different? When it’s for business, you cannot afford to take chances by not using the Google My Business website.

For many marketers, using social media sites to promote business is a no-brainer but they don’t consider using Google My Business.

Many online marketers feel they are optimizing for search engines through SEO strategies. Many online marketers spend a great deal of time on keyword research alone.

Why not use all the tools at your disposal when it comes to Google? The Google My Business website is free to use.

The first wrinkle on your forehead: What is the Google My Business website (GMB) and why should I use it?

Why Google My Business?

There are a lot of search tools to list your business

  • Yelp
  • Nextdoor
  • Craig’s List
  • Google My Business website

Of these four choices, why go for Google My Business?

Can you afford to miss the scope of showcasing your business in Google? Google has it all, so time to bang on the opportunity.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free online directory you can use to display information about your business. Your Google My Business website can include reviews and images in addition to information.

Google introduced this user interface in 2014, to trace local businesses.

Features of the Google My Business Website

You can really count the business space of Google! How does it work for your business?

  • Google My Business website offers your location accurately through Google Maps.
  • Google My Business offers your business information such as your hours. GMB even contacts you to see if you want to change your hours during the holidays.
  • Google My Business allows you to share reviews.
  • GMB allows you to flaunt what your business offers for free.
  • Create your business profile with Touch points, Address, Business Info. Logo, location sharing, website, etc.
  • Gather review and ratings from customers and even reply them in real-time.
  • Schedule images and videos as post that lasts for a week.
  • Get weekly analytics of customer searches, calls, direct visits, directions taken & much more.
  • Connect your phone to receive & reply to customer messages.
  • Interior & exterior Photos, video, logo etc. for easy recognition.
  • Add services tags to capture searches in Google.
  • Create your own Google My Business Website with details of your business listing.
  • Ownership option can also be shared giving other the role of owner, manager etc.

Now you can brag about your Google My Business Website!

How to Create This All-Free Google My Business Website

  • You are sure to have a Google account, if not create one.
  • Sign-up for or sign-in to your Google account.
  • Among the apps displayed in the top right corner, you have a blue house icon.
  • Blue house icon is named as ‘My Business’.
  • Just click and the automated google guide will help you through it.
  • Fill the business deets, location, services, business category etc.
  • You can verify your Google My Business Website through mail, phone call etc.
  • Once verified your website will display the details as expected.

Whether offline or online business model, you still need to create rank up higher in the search listing that works superbly with the Google My Business Website. SEO magic works with content and people look for information that can be easily populated with SEO content information by search-related keyword that works well for your business. In short, Utilizing SEO is a great way to build brand awareness if you employ the methods in the right direction. 

Slipups to Overcome When Using the Google My Business Website

Now that you are aware of your blue online house or Google My Business Website, make sure to avoid such slipups that might sound simple but can thwart your plans.

  • Do not divert your searches to wrong direction by using wrong keywords.
  • Evade from listing wrong services that you do not cater.
  • Do not list wrong business hours, which might backlash to your business
  • Address your customer reviews carefully rather than taken it for granted, as your response brings engagement and customer appreciation.
  • Avoid getting lost in searches by listing under wrong category.
  • Photos can be uploaded by any other user hence keep a track of these to check its relevance.
  • Avoid frequent edits to information which might suspend your Google My Business Website. Though a temporary condition that Google helps to get corrected but might get delayed.

Time to beautify your webspace!

  • Pick a theme from the inbuilt catalogue or you are free to browse for your own. 
  • Update the Header with a catchy caption to grab the attention of your customers 
  • Create your own Call to Action button with a message
  • Just click on the publish button and there goes live your own Google My Business Website.

How does the Google My Business Website work for your business?

Now you have reasons to brag about your Google My Business Website

  • Promote an Ad for your site on Google.
  • Describe your business deets and offerings with high ranking keywords.
  • Add Photos that is related to your business.
  • Share your web-space with your friends and relatives to get more reviews.

All the bragging works together to empower your website.

  • Paid Ads often attract customer and appear in places where your customers search.
  • High ranking keywords bring your website up in the Google searches.
  • Photos add more details and recognition to the business.
  • Increasing reviews and ratings are best way to boost your website.

Recent news reveals that your Google My Business Website will soon have a rush hour option to display the busiest hour for your business throughout the week. Yet another feature what is known about your company showing your customer interest and reactions giving an extra mileage to understand, measure and develop your services accordingly.

Google My Business Website FAQ

What is the Google My Business website?

Google My Business is a free online directory you can use to display information about your business. Your Google My Business website can include reviews and images in addition to information.

Wrapping Up: Google My Business Website

With the Google My Business website, your business is not going to be the same again. Stay tuned to learn more about its upcoming features to empower your business through online modes. You don’t need any digital specialization or SEO courses to use this simple app that Google has enabled for business. Make the best use of it to reach your potential crowd.

By reading this post, you received a Google My Business website review including features and ways your business can use Google My Business.

Readers, please share so both online and offline entrepreneurs learn the power of Google My Business.

By reading this post, you discovered the vast potential for your business when you make a Google My Business website.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have a Google My Business website? What are your experiences?

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  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    Nice breakdown here. I have learned a bit more both from this post and my Google My Business guru, Corey Hinde. He is super active on Twitter and a great person to know, Janice and Sheeba. Google makes it easier and easier to gain access through their wide array of offerings if you learn and play by their rules. Learn how to play the game their way and you will benefit greatly.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      I am following Corey on Twitter. Thanks for letting others know about him. Do you have a Google My Business Page?

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