How to Make Your Content Go Viral in 2022, 10 Powerful Ways

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How to make content go viral

In today’s world, having an online presence is extremely necessary so that when you want to make something go viral, you can.

As we are living in a digital age, making content go viral is an essential part of marketing.

Since many writers and ad makers spend so much time formulating both a content strategy and content which can get viral on the internet, they are always at the helm trying to create something that turns the tables and grants them spontaneous success, desired fame, and monetary success.

However, alas, not everyone can have the desired success they want.

As you see on the internet, only a few people keep coming in your news feed on every social media platform and showing up in Google searches.

Do you know the reason why only a few writers are ruling the internet and their articles on their sites are going viral?

In order to answer the question, “How to make your content go viral?” here are a few questions to ask:

-According to a recent trend which type of content can go viral?

-How does your content engage your customer?

-Does it create that kind of hype in your audience as you were expecting?

-Is your content targeting the correct audience?

-Are you knowledgeable about your own content? Have you got any expertise in this area?

Here Are The 10 Best Tips to Sharpen Your Skill In Content Writing 

  1. Always Develop Content From Your User’s Point of View

It is a most important feature to keep your audience engaged in your content, so understand the tastes of your audience. Your writing style should be so engaging that it compels the user to share the information. A good content not only can go viral but it will create wonders. The story should be written in such a way that it should have the spark until the last. Also, information should be true so that users can feel comfortable sharing with others and also gain knowledge from your content.

  1. Always Stay Away From Negative Content

Content should be such that it should connect to the audience to the core, but if it has negative aspects then your readers won’t like it much. It is the harsh truth. A writer should produce content in such a way that it should be simple rather than being complex. If the content is complex, it will take time for the user to understand it.

Content which has a positive effect has a higher tendency to go viral on the internet. Currently in the digital world, thanks to the power of social media sharing, times are easier for content writers and anything can go viral. Negative content can go viral but it is short-lived whereas a content having a positive message would remain viral for a long time.

  1. Don’t Write Much Unnecessarily

There are some readers who might read the conclusion first. There are impatient readers who don’t read the full content. Therefore, as a writer, you need to avoid writing content that just fills your pages without giving any messages to the user. Keep your message simple and to the point so that your users can keep their interest. You can have in-depth content based on research and still keep your message simple.

  1. Always Use Picky Catchy Titles

Headlines are the first thing any user notices. The more interesting the headline, the more likely the user will read the article. The main catch here is that entire headline should summarize the content, so that users can know just by reading a headline what the actual content is about. Use powerful words in your headline. Yet, the entire headline should not be more than 8 words, Use tools to check the strength of the headline of your content. 

  1. Use Images And Videos in Your Content

Visual contents bonds with the user in a simple way. By seeing the images and videos, emotions can be transferred, even one powerful image with one small description has the power to go viral without much effort.

Digital marketers have used a visual content strategy with beautiful content to create a viral post. This content is very quick to the eye and users tend to share. While the user may not remember 100% of the content, he or she will remember the powerful image which you have shared. It creates a positive image as well as an everlasting image and impression on the reader’s mind.

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  1. Maintain Consistency And Discipline

This means that it will take a while before your site and content are being noticed just like when you are starting a blog or website and start to write content.

At the initial level, you have to work hard and build a base of readers. After that, your content will get started to get noticed. To build that level of success, you have to post consistently so that your readers are engaged. Beware of too much posting of unnecessary articles. This will create a negative impression on your reader base.

  1. Verify Your Sources

Use outgoing links to authorities in your niche so your content will look more authentic. Having a trusted source associated with your content will bring more traffic and trust since your content will have more data. At first, if you do not get success, then don’t get nervous. This is a tried and trusted method so keep trying.

  1. Keeping Up With The Trends

As you know, the year 2018 is going on, so your readers want the content and facts related to the current year. If you post outdated content, then your readers may not like it. 

  1. When to Post Your Content

Have you ever guessed which time of the day your readers are active? Make sure to release the content at that time so that it will be read by many readers and will get viral in no time and will also be shared to the max. These can be viewed using Google Analytics. Usually, late evenings and weekends are the best times for making the content viral.

  1. Give Logical And Practical Advice To Your Readers

Whether the post is motivational or technology-based, make sure it is practical to implement by your readers. For practical help, you must know your readers. The advice for your readers may vary according to demographic geographies, age groups, cultures, and seasons.

Marketing Tips For Making Your Content Go Viral

Content creation is a just first step. You have created the best content with absolutely amazing images. What’s the next step?

How To Create Effective Content to Make It Go Viral

If you already have a well-running website with a good number of readers and good traffic rate and which generates traffic already, It will require fewer efforts. On the contrary, if you are starting your content writing, then you probably need to focus more on marketing and other tactics. Either way, marketing is a very effective contributor to making content go viral.

Bonus Tips

Here Are A Few Tips To Engage More Readers Through Right Marketing Techniques:-

Promote everywhere. It simply means: you have to stay everywhere where your readers could find you.

Create pages on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+. Start a group and Direct messaging through WhatsApp. These are some good methods and techniques for conveying your content to the right audience anytime you want.

Use E-mail marketing campaigns. It works without fail. Start a campaign on the newsletters you send to your subscribers.

Use interesting and catchy titles while sharing your articles on social media or at public forums.

Unleash the power of hashtags specifically on Instagram.

Do not forget to reply back to your readers, once they have joined in any conversation. This way, you can keep them connected to your content or your post for longer times.

Have a good sense of humor while sharing your content and also in promotions as this is a new-found technique that everyone loves!

Sponsor the content on any social media which according to you can bring more readers to your website.

Re-promote your content on social media accounts or pages, For example:

if you wrote or shared a content a month back and it performed exceptionally well, there are many chances that your newly connected audience will have an interest in that content.

So by updating and sharing it for sometimes, you can keep your readers engaged. Remember even the best content written well won’t perform well if it is not visible to your reader on social media or in search engines. Therefore, use the right amount of content writing and content marketing strategies to make your post go viral on the internet.

The core for creating viral content is not limited to just one or few readers; it should make an impact on the wider audience. So, make sure the idea of your content connects to the brand and develop such content which can engage your readers.

Author Bio

Sandeep Parihar is working in Pixlogix: PSD to HTML Company as a Digital Marketing Strategist. The trend is changing and I love to share about the changing patterns that define the future of content marketing, SEO. Being an SEO Expert, I feel thrilled in presenting the ideas in simple words. Keep updated with Pixlogix Blog.

Readers, please share so other bloggers and marketers learn how to make a blog go viral and can follow this action plan containing effective viral marketing strategies.

  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Super advice Sandeep. Writing from your reader perspective resonates strongly with your audience. This spark gives posts a chance to genuinely take off. Thanks for the rocking share.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for the uplifting comments. You couldn’t tell since you were the first commenter, but many people agreed with you. This is a unique suggestion to write from your reader’s perspective.

  2. Hiby

    Great tips here!
    Writing from readers pov is really important but yet tricky. It requires research.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Hiby,
      Why tricky?
      Is that because you’d need to research your reader’s perspective?

  3. Saurabh

    Great article that delivers value to all newbie bloggers. Thanks, Sandeep Parihar

    You have breaking down important points this into actionable understandable steps.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Saurabh,
      I’m glad you feel my guest author’s post was easy to understand. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Cheryl


    Indeed this is a great advice.

    Can I use this strategy for finance firm?

    Many Thanks

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Cheryl,
      I would think ESPECIALLY a finance firm would need these tips.
      For example, where money advice is concerned, it’s vital you verify your sources.

  5. Krook

    Hello thanks for sharing it, IF we write unique article, with very informative . than it will also work

  6. Moss Clement

    Hi Sandeep & Janice,

    I love this article because it helps you learn what you need to so o go viral with you blog content. I published a similar article just last week and the engagement has bee great, why? Because every marketer want vitality. Your tips are super great. But the one I want to add is this:

    Re-create what is already working in your industry. For example, let’s say I wrote about “how to grow your blog faster” and it went viral. As we’re in the same niche market, all you have to do is to create your own version of the post, as simple as that. Neil Patel said in one of his videos; if his competitor created 10 ways to blogging success and it goes viral, he will create 20 ways to blogging success.

    That’s the strategy. However, this means that you need to be observant of how content are performing in your niche to find the best blogs to re-create.

  7. Anil Agarwal

    Hi Sandeep, excellent points.

    Point #2 is bit counterintuitive as controversial topics quickly go viral online be it on social networks or channels like YouTube, so it all depends on how you want to perceive it as a blogger. That being said, as you said, positive content creates more impact than negative content.

    Here’s something I want to share about it, Jonah Berge who is an assistant professor of marketing at Wharton School of Business, specializes in discovering what makes ideas and products viral.

    Most recently, he did co-author a research paper with Katy Milkman titled “What Makes Online Content Go Viral?” and there they shared insights which you can’t overlook.

    Here’s what he found: positive contents go more viral than negative contents and content that evokes emotions either positive or negative goes viral compared to content without emotions. So it’s a valid point to remember while creating viral content.

    I think repurposing your content in various formats such as eBooks, videos, infographics etc also helps you a lot in bringing more exposure to your content. Most people publish articles and ignore repurposing their content and that’s why they often struggle with less shares, less traffic and so on.

    Glad you mentioned that as well, keep up the great work.

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