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Do you have a goal to make money blogging?

Most bloggers do.

How do I know?

Mostly Blogging is a blogging tips site. However, when I checked my top best-performing posts of all time, I found This Is the Way You Can Make Big Money Blogging Now.

The post is not only in my top 5 posts with the best all-time page views, the article also has the most social shares of any post in the two years I’ve been blogging.

Many people associate money-making with marketing.

However, since you are a blogger, you are also a marketer.

As a blogger, you market your content.

Bloggers who are content marketers deliver such great content to their readers, they follow up by selling a service or a product.

Look at the stats I just shared. Clearly, the majority of bloggers are interested in making money from their blogs, also called blog monetization. Even if you aren’t a marketer now, the day may come when you might want to market your products or services.

The GetResponse Automation Tool can help you achieve that goal. According to the people at GetResponse, it is considered the all-in-one marketing tool for bloggers.

Are you a blogger who wants to monetize? Then, this tool is for you.

The History of GetResponse

The GetResponse Automation Tool was just developed this year. Bloggers and marketers need automation. They just don’t have time to do all they have to do to keep up with their deadlines and their commitments to their website readers.

GetResponse solves their time concerns. Instead of continuing to acquire various tools which help you with your different needs, you can get this tool which does it all.

What Get Response Can Do For You

GetResponse helps you turn your blog or website into an avenue for blog monetization.

  1. GetResponse helps you build an email list.

Because you blog, you have many connections. They could be previous customers or clients you might want to offer a product or service again to in the future.

If you have ever communicated by email, your blogging contacts’ email addresses are saved.

GetResponse can help you use those emails to build a list, so you can market services or products to your blogging connections.

You can easily upload your emails from 10 different providers with just the click of a button. You can add contacts manually, import them, copy-paste, or upload them.

GetResponse comes with stock images #tech

GetResponse has beautiful images you can use in your emails.

2. GetResponse can enable you to get leads and sales.

Yes! This tool can be used for getting new blog subscribers.

Get Response allows you to add opt-in forms to your blog post pages. You can use premade templates or design your own. Just drag and drop desired elements into place in the template.

This simplicity makes GetResponse easy to use. Actually, the tool is quite user-friendly. If you have any questions, the GetResponse team is there to help.

Also, GetResponse integrates with your Facebook fan page, so you can put opt-in forms on Facebook.

According to GetResponse, you can add 10,000 subscribers in just 90 days!

3. Get Response can send messages to your social media contacts.

The tool is connected to your social media streams. When you send an email, your message will publish to Facebook and Twitter if you desire.

You can start from scratch and design your own email, or you can choose from existing templates for your email messages. Also, you can also hire one of GetResponse’s designers to design a custom template just for you.

The choices are endless. For example, if you choose premade templates, you can modify them by inserting links to your blog posts, uploading photos and putting borders around them, or by changing the font style.

You can save emails in draft form, so you can return to work on them at your convenience.

When you’re satisfied with your email, you can preschedule your email to go out when you choose. After all, what’s a good automation tool without a prescheduler?

Additional Advantages of GetResponse

A/B Split Testing

If you would like, GetResponse will A/B split test your subject lines.


Segmentation has been proven to increase sign-ups and sales. GetResponse can segment your subscribers into groups based on their actions, like their open rate.

Also, Get Response actually scores your subscribers based on how actively they engage with you. This gives you a chance to reward loyalty if you wish.

Your loyalty is rewarded as well with a compliment from the tool! After you send your email, the words “Well done!” appear on the screen.


Have you ever wanted to host a webinar? They are supposed to be good sources of income. You can use GetResponse to plan and host a webinar. Then, the tool will tell your subscribers about the details.

GetResponse will also send out reminders about your event before it occurs and follow up with the attendees after your webinar is over.

Have you ever longed for a virtual assistant? You need GetResponse. The tool acts as a virtual assistant.


According to BloggersPassion, “I have been using GetResponse for over 2 years now and I’m a satisfied customer. I know it’s the most powerful online platform that’s worth EVERY single penny.”

Gail Gordon explains, “Every business of any size really needs to learn to use automation. GetResponse is one of the easier and more intuitive solutions to use, and now you can do even more with it.” is so impressed by the tool’s ability to study user behaviors, it calls GetResponse “the most powerful marketing automation platform”.

Are You Ready to Make an Account?

I know many bloggers who insist they blog for the love of blogging. However, there is no shame in wanting to make money doing something you love.

Other bloggers admit they would like to make money blogging, but believe that is nothing but a pipe dream.

Dreams can come true. You can make money blogging, and you can do it with GetResponse, the World’s Easiest Email Marketing Platform. It’s so easy it’s dubbed “One-Stop Shopping for Bloggers.”

Lucrative and easy? Are you guessing a tool this amazing must be pretty costly? Not at all.


GetResponse is free for the first month. Therefore, there is no risk for the first 30 days. Afterward, plans start at just $15.00.

That’s just one low price for a tool that has so many capabilities. You don’t need to purchase each automation tool separately like marketers and bloggers did before GetResponse was invented.

Readers, please share this post, so others know about the advantages of using GetResponse.

What are you currently using to capture emails? What tool do you use for opt-in forms? I look forward to your input in the comments section.

Would you like more blogging tools? Click here to get your own downloadable PDF of my free blogging tools list.

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    • Janice Wald

      Hi Anita,
      Much appreciated. I am glad you enjoyed the information about the tool.

  1. Jeanette Hall

    Used it many years ago, but was not useful for me then. Was back when I was mixed up with companies that cost me thousands of dollars and about cost me my marriage! Will not be worth the risk of angering my husband a second time!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeanette,
      I didn’t realize GetResponse had been around that long! Thanks for writing to tell us your experience with the tool.

    • Janice Wald

      I am also having trouble reaching you by email. Your post looks great, but I need the graphics. Do you have a Google Account? Can you send them to by sharing them from a Google Doc?

  2. Sandy KS

    I have heard of get response. yet, I am not in the market to put any money in my blogs at this time. I will bookmark this blog for later. As I plan to grow my free wordpress blog. (I am starting a food blog from scratch). After the first of the year, I am thinking of buying my own domain and going from there.

  3. Judy Martin

    Hi Janice,
    I have not heard of this before. I am thinking of trying it as a way of being able to market my book. Would it be suitable for that?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Judy,
      Anything you’d Email people about you can use GetResponse for. That’s what it does. It captures Email addresses and Emails the people on your list.
      If you want to send them an Email about a discount on the book, or its publication, or a freebie with purchase… you would use GetResponse to send that Email.
      It’s free for a month. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.
      Congratulations on the book. Great to hear from you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Ismael Brown

    I must say that your blog is one of reliable sources when it comes to this topic.

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