How to Easily Make Any Blog a Winner, 5 Ways

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Gamblers Blog

Contributing Author and Janice Wald

Do you run a gamblers blog?

Regardless of the kind of blog you run, today’s guest author presents a helpful example of how to blog for gamblers.

I will analyze his post in accordance with the criteria of what bloggers do effectively to see how his format is valuable for all bloggers.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a 5-part model of how to make your own blog post successful. Be sure to stay to the end to read the analysis of the tricks bloggers use.

Bring on the gamblers blog example!

Popular Poker Games You Should Play

Contributed Post

Poker is the most popular card game in the world.

It doesn’t matter if you are playing its original variations, such as Omaha or Texas Hold ‘em, or its other adaptations, this game is fun and exciting.

It is popular in land-based casinos, online casinos, and even many people prefer to play it at home and arrange poker nights at home.

It requires skills and luck at the same time. If you are into this game, then this is the right time as online gambling sites now offer some best poker games.

If you are new, then you should know about some popular types of poker games.

Texas Hold ’em

This is the most favorite poker game across the world. Whether we talk about online casinos or brick and mortar casinos, the players love to play this game.

This is a popular poker variation and that is why it is used in international poker tournaments like World Poker Tour, European Poker Tour, World Series of Poker, and many others. Anybody who knows about poker must be familiar with Texas Hold’em.

The rule of the game is simple. Every player is given two-hole cards and the one who creates the best five-card hand first is the winner.

This poker type is the most televised game in the 21st century. This game is really easy to learn and you can even learn from online tutorials and blogs but in order to acquire skills, consistent practice is necessary.


Omaha is the most popular poker variant after Texas hold’em. Once you know how to play Omaha poker you will find that it is even easier than Texas Hold’em.

Every player is dealt with four-hole cards unlike the aforementioned poker variant and players can use two of them from the hand. If you are familiar with Texas Hold’em, then this game has a similar betting round and it has five community cards. You will easily find this game at an online casino but the number of tables can be less than Texas Hold’em.

There are two formats of Omaha i.e. Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi-lo (Omaha 8-or-Better). In Omaha Hi, the player with the highest hand gets the entire pot at the showdown and the game is played as pot-limit that is why it is called PLO (pot-limit).

In Omaha Hi-lo, the player with a five-card combination of either best low hand or best high hand wins. Players can use various combinations of hole cards to make high or low hands.

7-Card Stud

7-Card Stud used to be crowned the number one popular poker variant before Texas Hold’em gained the popularity. You will find this game at online and land-based casinos in limited tables.

The game is different than the aforementioned two poker variants. It can be played between a minimum of two to a maximum of eight players.

A total of seven cards are dealt with the player in which four cards are face up and three cards are face down. Now players have to select the best 5-card combination to win.

Stud is really easy to learn and play but now this game is limited in a few tournaments only. There are no community cards or flops so you have to make a hand from the dealt cards. The strategy to maximize the chances of winning in the game is to measure the potential strength of other players’ hands.

2-7 Triple Draw

This poker variant is really easy to learn. The popularity of this game is much lower than the above-mentioned poker types but you will find this game on some popular online casinos. Every player is dealt with 5 cards where no card is visible to other players (no card is face-up). Now the players have to make the lowest 5-card hand win in 2-7 Triple Draw. There are four rounds of betting and 3 chances of draws.

In this low poker form, flushes and straights cannot be combined to make the lowest hand. Here. Ace is counted the high so it cannot be used in the best straight hand. So, 2-3-4-5-7 without Ace is the best hand in 2-7 Triple Draw. The availability of this variant is limited but you will find it in the mixed games under poker section at online casinos.

You can find all these poker games and most of the online casinos. If you are new to online gambling then you need to choose the casino site wisely.

There are thousands of sites and they are spending lots of money on their marketing but you need to consider some important things such as security, fair gameplay, payment options, customer reviews, and other things before signing up.

Analysis of This Gamblers Blog Post

Let’s look at effective blogger hacks and see if the author used them in this post.

Blogger Hack 1: The author uses an effective structure.

Do you know one of the most popular blog post formats? He uses the Listicle. He offers a list of tips valuable in his niche.

Blogger Hack 2: The author has an effective introduction.

“Poker is the most popular card game in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are playing its original variations, such as Omaha or Texas Hold ‘em, or its other adaptations, this game is fun and exciting.”

Note the trigger words in the post: “popular,” “fun,” “exciting. People like activities that are popular, fun, and exciting. Before the author starts the body of his post, his readers are hooked.

Blogger Hack 3: The author convinces readers his tips are valuable.

“It is popular in land-based casinos, online casinos, and even many people prefer to play it at home and arrange poker nights at home…

If you are into this game, then this is the right time as online gambling sites now offer some best poker games.”

Blogger Hack 4: The author makes it clear people can use his tips immediately.

According to the author, people don’t even need to leave their homes to make use of his tips. Considering the Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place is still in effect in many places, the author makes it known his tips are timely.

Blogger Hack 5: The author lets readers know following the tips in this post are easy.

“The rule of the game is simple… This game is really easy to learn.”

Wrapping Up: Tips for a Gamblers Blog

When we analyze a post for effectiveness, we must take into account User Experience (UX).

What do people like? People like solutions that are popular, easy, and timely. The author lets readers know his tips meet all these criteria.

Did you count how many times the author used those adjectives?

  • “popular” – 16 times
  • “easy”/”easier”/”easily” – 8 times
  • “fun” – 4 times


Look what we did here.

Using an obscure topic like a gamblers blog, we showed how to compose an informative blog post.

Readers, please share so other bloggers see our model. We used a gamblers blog to model effective blog post techniques.

Can you add any additional effective blogging hacks this author used when he wrote his gamblers blog post?

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This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

  1. Moss Clement

    Hi Janice, I actually didn’t count the adjectives, but the article is practical and actionable. Once blog posts and other content materials MUST be entertaining to the reader to have a positive effect and influence the reader. If a reader have fun reading your post, you are certain that you have acquired a loyal fan.

  2. Pankaj

    Hello Janice, I really didn’t rely the adjectives, however the article is sensible and actionable. As soon as weblog posts and different content material supplies MUST be entertaining to the reader to have a constructive impact and affect the reader. If a reader have enjoyable studying your submit, you’re sure that you’ve acquired a loyal fan.

  3. Pel

    LOL. those are a really amazing hack, definitely gonna use them.
    by the way which one is your favorite?

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