3 Reasons You Really Need to Consider Blogging

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Function of blogs

Do you know the function of blogs?

Guest author Rizwan Ullah discusses the function of blogs over time.

His “then and now” approach is insightful.

Adrianna Huffington, formerly of The Huffington Post, was one of the original pioneers in the field of blogging.

For more information about the trailblazing achievements The Huffington Post made in the field of blogging, read my review of the HUFFINGTON POST’S GUIDE TO BLOGGING.

By reading this post, you will not only get a glimpse into the evolution of the world of blogging, but you’ll also discover the benefits of blogging for you.

This post covers three of the advantages of blogging. Are you getting the benefits? Let’s find out.

Why You Should Really Consider Blogging

Rizwan Ullah

The Function of Blogs Then and Now

It has been nearly two decades now since blogging became relatively popular. In the early days, blogs were simply manually updated components on websites with a relatively minor audience.

Nowadays, however, blogging has evolved into a social phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of writers generating content every day.

Derived from the term “weblog,” blogs first began achieving prominence when journalists and politicians used them as tools for outreach and opinion forming.

The content published on these blogs was able to engage with audience members which in turn attracted more viewers.

The function of blogs in the past: Blogs allowed people to exchange comments and opinions with one another; a facet of blogging that added to its appeal.

The function of blogs now: Over time, certain bloggers were able to rise to prominence and in turn become celebrities in their own right. From well-known political agitators to successful news sites, blogging has democratized the spread of opinions and ideas.

While it may look as if the world of blogging is heavily saturated, there’ll always be room for another blogger who can stand out from the crowd.

So if you think that person might be you, here are some reasons why you should start blogging.

Just About Anyone Can Start a Blog

Okay, this may be a slight exaggeration but with just a bit of skill and plenty of determination, just about anyone can start a successful blog. Blogs are the perfect platform for expression and if you’re able to put your thoughts into a cohesive and engaging format, you’re sure to attract your own fair share of readers.

As a rule of thumb, make sure what you publish is original, free of errors and most importantly, a great read. In this area, it’s also a great idea to be consistent with your publications as you’ll want your loyal readers to know when they’ll be able to check back.

Rambling and being generally incoherent is sure to turn away any potential readers so be sure to get plenty of practice. If you need extra help, be sure to check out my article on writing great blog posts.

Blogging Can Be Profitable

Let’s face the facts, putting out quality blog posts on a regular basis can be extremely demanding. There are sure to be times when you’ll begin to doubt yourself and why you even bother to blog regularly.

So why suffer through it all?

For starters, blogs have the potential to be extremely lucrative when managed properly. Revenue from advertisements can provide you with a steady stream of passive income from your blog thus allowing you to earn money on the side.

Before you chug on ahead and start churning out content, you need to understand that there is an element of strategy to all of this.

The best bloggers are constantly improving themselves and engaging with their audience in new ways.

If you can nail this down, you’ll find yourself being able to generate more profitable, better-quality content more consistently.

Blogs are a Great Way of Marketing Yourself

In today’s hyper-connected world, the internet has made it possible for people to make money online with just a laptop whether you are making YouTube videos or betting online on football in BetAmerica.com. From freelancers to entrepreneurs, just about anyone has hopped on the digital revolution train.

Blogs provide you with a platform to market yourself to a worldwide audience. Showcase your repertoire of skills on your blog by writing guides, producing video tutorials or just uploading pictures of your work.

Couple this with some quality SEO (search-engine-optimized) content, marketing your skills can be much easier than you think. Before long, you’ll have potential customers knocking on your door looking to work with you.

Wrapping Up: Function of Blogs

These are just some of the reasons why you should seriously consider starting your own blog. With a myriad of benefits, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice by not giving it the old college try.

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Readers, please share so people considering blogging learn the function of blogs. Also, people who already blog might be interested in the evolution of the function of blogs Rizwan explained.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you suggest any additional functions of blogs?

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