11+ Freelance Writing Websites to Make Money in 2020 and Beyond

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11+ Freelance writing websites to help you make money in 2020 and beyond.

Do you need freelance advice?

Would you like to make money as a freelance copywriter in 2020?

This post has freelance writing websites for beginners as well as all experience levels.

This resource contains a list of freelance writing websites that will pay you for your writing.

You will find URLs here that take you to posts with many freelance writing websites looking to pay writers.

In actuality, you will find many more than 11 websites looking to pay you to freelance.

Each of the 11 contains many freelance writing websites.

This post is for all levels of bloggers and writers with one exception.

Be sure to stay until the end so you know if you’re in the group allowed to access the resource or the group not allowed to use the freelance writing websites to make money offered in this post.

Consider this email I received:

“I’m a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, beauty, and fashion.

I’m trying my best to build up my personal portfolio and develop more credibility, but I’m struggling to find websites that allow guest posting.

I don’t have a budget for sponsored posts yet either so it’s been a little difficult to get my name out there!

Anyway, I stumbled upon your blog the other day and I love it!!

You really seem to know what you’re doing, and I was hoping maybe you
could give me some advice.

Possibly a few websites that would allow me to write for them as well? Any tips or tricks you could give me would be greatly appreciated.”

She is in luck.

It’s true: This article contains those websites.

Freelancing for Beginners

Freelancing for beginners is difficult.

You are just starting out.

You’ve heard freelance writing is lucrative.

It’s true. Of all the ways I’ve monetized, freelance writing is my most lucrative income stream, and it can be yours too.

Freelancing for beginners is challenging for a variety of reasons:

It’s too early in your writing career to have a portfolio.

You don’t have a portfolio of work under your belt to show interested brands who might want to hire you to create content for them.

Note: After five years of writing for other sites, I compiled my work into an online portfolio, and I recommend you do as well.

I recommend Contently. Your work is ready with the click of a button to show an interested brand who might want to hire you. Here is my portfolio on Contently.

It’s too early in your writing career to have testimonials.

After you create content for a brand, be sure to ask for a testimonial.

I have two lists of testimonials, testimonials from brands who hired me to create content for them and testimonials from clients who hired me as a blogging coach.

It is possible to make money as a freelance writer. My friend Carol Tice is a full-time freelance writer. Many people make a lucrative income this way.

Faizan Ali offers 10 success stories of bloggers who have been able to make money blogging. (You might notice that I am Number 8 on the list.)

Awesome Alice also offers great tips for making money with your blog.

What is a Freelance Copywriter?

A freelance copywriter is a writer who has been hired by someone, an individual or an agency, to create copy for them.

The form of the copy can be blog posts, promotional material, social media posts, any written form of communication.

Are you looking for a job as a freelance copywriter?

You’ve come to the right place!

Freelance Writing Websites

All these links will lead you to freelance writing websites:




https://ohclary.com/how-to-make-money-with-a-blog-for-beginners/ Linquia, which is included in this resource, sounds lucrative but not if you don’t have original photography.








Other Options

Many essay writing services exist like CustomEssayMeister. People don’t have time to write essays, term papers, and dissertations. You could work for them on their staff instead of freelancing.

SeedingUp Freelance Writing Agency

After publishing this post, I received a freelance writing gig from the SeedingUp Agency.

At SeedingUp, you have a dedicated account manager. The name of my account manager at SeedingUp is Melvin Chand.

This is what your SeedingUp dashboard looks like.

If you look to the left under Blog Marketing, you see the type of freelance gigs you can apply for.

I applied for a Blog Post, Product Test, and Video Post.

The gig I received in February 2020 is a blog post.

SeedingUp sent me the instructions and gave me a week to publish.

As you can see, one of the freelance writing websites you should consider is SeedingUp.

More Monetization Resources

If you would like more freelance writing websites, a longer list is available in my monetization resource available at Amazon.com.

That resource includes a list of 92 freelance writing websites that pay writers $50. or more grouped by writing niche.

California Writers

Assembly Bill 5, a new law, went into effect on January 1, 2020.

The law affects all California freelancers including me. 

The state legislature believes it’s helping California writers avoid being victimized by the low wages paid in content mills.

However, as I indicated earlier, freelance writing provides a lucrative income stream for me, a well that I expect to dry up as a result of this bill affecting California writers.

Consider these comments from an affected California writer:

“If the law is not changed, I will likely have to take some sort of menial job to survive.

I currently am a contract translator and marketing copy ghost writer.

The online market that I write for various clients for the past couple years has place a blanket 35 submission limit on my writing next year, which is where 2/3 of my income comes from.”

freelance writing websites, California writers, AB 5

Other California freelance writers share our concerns and formed a Facebook group called “California Freelance Writers United.”

The original name of the group was “California Freelance Writers Unite.”

The group formed on September 26, 2019. The purpose of the Facebook group is to challenge this new law.

Although the law began out of concern that Uber and Lyft drivers weren’t being given benefits as independent contractors, now all freelancers, including California writers, are vulnerable.

To avoid giving California freelancers benefits like health insurance and minimum wage, going forward, many companies will use in-house content creators instead of outsourcing to California freelance writers.

As you can see, California writers might not be able to use the freelance writing websites to make money provided in this post.

It gets worse: There is actually speculation that this new California law might spread to other states also concerned about their freelancers.

Wrapping Up: Freelance Writing Websites

In closing, this post gave you many resources.

Faizan’s post and Alice’s post can also be considered resources in addition to the list of 11+ freelance writing websites.

California freelancers, you have been forewarned.

Everyone else, you can make money in 2020 and beyond with this list of freelance writing websites assuming the law doesn’t spread to your state.

Readers, please share so people who want to make money as freelance copywriters have access to these resources.

I look forward to your answers in the comments section. Do you make money as a freelance copywriter? Do you know any freelance writing websites we can add to the list?

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