Free Top 11 Online Collaboration Tools: 12 Days of Christmas Day 1

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Welcome to my 12 Days of Christmas series!

Every day between now and January 5, the end of the 12 days of Christmas, I’ll be featuring a different category of free blogging tools.

Each day a bite-sized blog post of blogging tools grouped by function for your convenience.

Are you operating on a shoe-string budget or no budget? These 11 online collaboration tools are easy to use and free.

Bring on Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas: free online collaboration tools.

Top 11 Online Collaboration Tools 

    1. Facebook Messenger Have you become friendly enough with your blogging connections to connect on Facebook? Use Facebook Messenger to message individuals or groups. Messages are no longer part of the Facebook mobile app. Facebook usees a separate Messenger app for messages. According to Business Insider, the Facebook Messenger app has 1.2 billion users. Messenger apps are predicted to lead the way in marketing for 2019 with Facebook Messenger at the forefront.
    2. Google Docs Use Google Docs to create documents and spreadsheets. You can use Google Docs to collaborate with guest authors or co-authors. Recently, someone interviewed me using a Google Doc. When you use Google Docs, you can find graphics right within the application using the search bar. Also, Google Docs has hundreds of font choices.  [Read: 25 Ways Google Docs helps bloggers.]
    3. Google Forms Use Google Forms to make free online surveys. I use Google Forms to interview people for my expert interviews. Many others I know do as well. You can upload your logo and change the form’s fonts and colors to match your website’s fonts and colors.
    4. Google Hangouts I’ve been invited to collaborate this way. Google Hangouts is a tool made by Google which includes messaging, video chat, and SMS, a text messaging service.
    5. Skype is a telecommunications app that focuses on video chat. I’ve often been invited to communicate this way. Skype is a great tool for interviews and group chats.  Online Collaboration Tools
    6. Zoom Video Conferencing Zoom offers one meeting with the free plan. There is no trial period. You can have as many meetings as you want.
    7. Snapchat Snapchat is no longer just a quick messaging tool. You can make your “snaps” last. Snapchat is an internationally used messaging tool. Marketers use Snapchat for advertising. [Read how Snapchat helps bloggers and marketers.]
    8. Telegram app is used by many Instagrammers. They send the link to their Instagram posts to people in groups. If people want their posts liked and commented on, they must show reciprocation to others in the group. Telegram is an instant messaging service.
    9. Trello Trello groups use Trello to communicate. Trello boards are like whiteboards and ease visual communication.
    10. What’s App is similar to texting but less expensive. You can send texts, use the app for sending phone calls and video calls. You can even send documents. and images [Read how to use What’s App for blogging.]
    11. Chatbots Save time and let your chatbot greet your website visitors. Chatbots are a form of Artificial Intelligence you can train like a human.

Readers, which is your favorite of these online collaboration tools?

Please share so people needing free online collaboration tools learn about these 11 choices.


These tools were originally featured on 137 Best Free Blogging Tools: How to Boost Blog Management Now.

  1. Thomas Boje

    a merry Christmas first.
    I still have not fb messanger and WhatsApp on my phone. For what i should need it? I start my live in time where people wrote letters and then wait weeks for answers. We make big business in this time and it still works so.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Thomas,
      Thanks for writing me. I found your questions interesting. This is what I understood you to say:
      You started your life in a time when people wrote letters and then waited weeks for answers.
      Doesn’t that answer your question why you need FB Messenger and WhatsApp? Why should you have to wait weeks for the mail if you can get a reply on your phone’s app within minutes?
      My blog’s tech helper and I communicate on FB Messenger. If I had to wait weeks for an answer, I’d be in big trouble or at least my blog would.

  2. Nia Jax

    This post is really great for those look for collaboration and this holiday time and holidays means more collab.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Nia,
      Why do the holidays mean more collaboration than the rest of the year? Is it because people are busier and can use the help?

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