How to Make Money with Fiverr and 6 Fiverr Alternatives

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Fiverr alternatives

Janice Wald

Do you need money from Fiverr or Fiverr alternatives?

Looking for freelance writing jobs and the easy cash that freelancing brings?

There are many ways to get easy cash.

The extra money comes in handy during end-of-the-year holiday shopping times.

Actually, some extra cash can come in handy year-round.

Why don’t you provide services to people who need your particular skill set?

This post will cover jobs online where you offer your skills to people in exchange for financial compensation.

This post reviews Fiverr and the following Fiverr alternatives: Odesk, ProBlogger, Upwork, social media sites, Beyond Your Blog, and Indeed.

After reading these reviews, you can make an informed choice as to where you want to offer your freelance services and get an online job.

The best part: There are many ways to make an income which physically require you to go to your place of employment. Since the places reviewed in this article are all online, you won’t even have to travel to provide your services.

Also, these services are free to you. The person buying your services pays the company.

In addition, people of all ages can do the jobs offered at Fiverr and these Fiverr alternatives.

I recently suggested my friend’s 16-year-old son become a freelancer at these sites. They have the best jobs for 16-year-olds.

You get to make extra money and pay nothing? It’s true!

Earning an income is easy when you work at freelance jobs. People outsource all the time since they need the help of freelance workers.

Since this post reviews alternatives to Fiverr, and Upwork is a Fiverr alternative, naturally, this post reviews Upwork alternatives as well.

Bring on the Fiverr review and the reviews of the Fiverr alternatives.

Before we begin, let’s define our terms:

What is the difference between a freelancer and a virtual assistant?

There is no difference. A virtual assistant is a type of freelancer. A virtual assistant can freelance by providing help with administrative tasks as well as creating work. Rather than split hairs, this article will call freelancers “service providers.”


What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a place you are willing to share your services for $5.00 a task.

How does Fiverr work?

Step 1: You create the Fiverr gig you’re willing to do.

Step 2: You’re notified when someone orders your work. You’re asked if you’re willing to accept the gig.

Step 3: You get paid by PayPal within 48 hours after delivering your work.

Fiverr Gig Ideas

There are many gigs you can do for buyers of your service.

The screenshot shows the major categories on Fiverr.


  • I found my service provider Marvin on Fiverr who was extremely capable. I happily wrote him a glowing review.
  • Apparently, you can even resell gigs. [Source: How to Make Money Fast on the Internet. See Tip 3 about Fiverr.]
  • People have reported having an easy experience monetizing at Fiverr.
  • Fiverr has an app.
  • I know someone who said it took him just 2 days to get hired there. Also, CBS reported on a 25-year-old who made 150,000 in six months working at Fiverr.


First, Marvin stopped responding to me when I tried to give him repeat business. I have a feeling there’s great turnover at Fiverr since I consider Fiverr one of the best freelance websites for beginners. Once service providers become more experienced, they tend to move on.

The people at Fiverr are definitely capable, but are they reliable? This may bode well for you if you’re looking for short-term work. Buyers are used to quick turnover at Fiverr.

Also, Fiverr alternatives like Upwork pay more.

Last, consider these comments from my reader Rasma who tried to find work on Fiverr:

“Maybe it is just me but I have to ask is there something written like Fiverr 101?

I joined. I made the bids to get some writing work. I went back; no one has asked anything and I have not done anything else. I just do not understand what it is that I have to do there to get anybody’s attention.”

Fiverr Alternatives

These are other freelance sites like Fiverr.


How does Odesk work?

At Odesk, the freelancer sets the rates.

The freelancer uses time cards so there is never a question about how much money is owed.

Advantages: The service provider gets paid in a variety of ways.


Upwork is an Odesk alternative as well as an alternative to these other sites.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is considered more of an upscale-site than Fiverr. In other words, the freelancers are getting paid more.

Tips for succeeding on Upwork:

I conducted interviews in which I asked several Upwork freelancers for tips in succeeding on this popular site.

Respondent 1: Dana

I had the opportunity to interview Upwork freelancer Dana who has successfully used Upwork to find monetization opportunities in the area of freelance writing. She monetizes her writing skills at Upwork. Dana offers helpful tips for the Upwork freelancer:

“Apply for the jobs you’re right for.”

Dana reported prior relevant experience helped her get her first job.

When asked if reviews help, Dana reported “definitely, but many people have good reviews. You need to distinguish yourself.”

Applying for a job that specifically related to her skill set and/or backgrounds helped her get jobs at Upwork, she shared.

Dana insisted, “Make sure the job specifically relates to your background. If you haven’t written about it and have no experience, considering the competition, why would they pick you?

Dana went on to explain, “Knowing what the potential employer is looking for helps as well.”

I wondered how the Upwork freelancer would know that information.

Dana replied, “It’s in the job description. Let them know in your application that you specialize in doing what they want.”

When asked why she prefers Upwork to Fiverr, Dana reported that the pay is more competitive on Upwork.

Respondent 2: Shehab Zakaria

I have personally used Shehab as my virtual assistant when I needed technical help with my blog. I found him at Upwork.

According to Shehab,

“Upwork efficiently helps the digital world by connecting the ever-growing businesses with the right skilled talents, removing the boundaries to get the work done.

Freelancers from everywhere compete to deliver a world-class level of productivity. Clients can browse through a vast list of specializations no matter what, with a set of tools that enables them to actively communicate with the hired skills and easy billing system in place.

As an IT Professional, Upwork helps me to showcase and use my skills on a global scale, whether working on tight deadlines, projects, or flexible ongoing schedule serving clients from all over the world without having to leave my computer.

For clients and freelancers new to this platform, I’d say good communication and high quality of work delivered are the key to a successful experience. I’ve studied dozens of failed contracts to avoid such a thing myself and the two reasons I found 90% of the time were lack of good communication and low work quality.”

Respondent 3: Ryan

I also had the chance to interview Upwork freelancer Ryan.

Look at how Ryan describes himself on Twitter:

“Rent my words, or read them. Found freelance success with Upwork with zero ‘writing experience.’ Be different, be good, be emotional, be disciplined. “

Me: I’m doing a post about Upwork. What do you think helped you find success there?

Thanks, Janice!
Honestly, while many might roll their eyes given that it doesn’t have to do with “skill,” I really think my ability to be successful as a newcomer going against those with more experience boils down to the following:
Focusing on being different, which means a lot of things, but primarily, thinking through which assets you do have at your disposal to help you connect with the client during the proposal process.
It also means not being afraid to bid what you feel your time is worth. Anyway, there is a lot of detail that goes into it, but I call it the “4 BEs”: Be different, Be a good person, Be emotional, Be disciplined. I outline everything here:


As explained, Upwork pays better than other places like Fiverr.

Clearly, Ryan easily is able to monetize at Upwork.


Consider these comments from Ashutosh Singh:

“At the Upwork or freelancer like platform, the first time work is getting so hard.”

ProBlogger Job Board

ProBlogger is Darren Rowse’s blog.  The site offers a job board for professional bloggers.

Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites

Virtual assistant Lisa Sicard reports she finds opportunities in social media groups. I’ve seen her advertise on Twitter. She shared she gets a great deal of work from advertising on Facebook.

VA Brenda Pace also reports finding freelance work on social media websites.

Actually, Facebook is where I originally met the Virtual Assistant I contracted through Fiverr, Marvin.

Beyond Your Blog

Over the years, I read about many monetization opportunities on Susan Maccarelli’s site Beyond Your Blog. Consider subscribing if paid opportunities interest you.


You can find a job at Indeed by putting your query into the search bar.

Fiverr and Fiverr alternatives

For example, if you want to get hired as a freelance writer, type “Freelance Writer” in the search bar.

If you want to work from home, type in your query with the word “Remote.” For example, if I wanted to search for a remote job as a freelance writer from my home, I’d type “Freelance Writer Remote” and remove the location from the Where section. Click Find Jobs.


Fiverr and Fiverr alternatives

All sorts of jobs populate including both remote jobs and in-house jobs. Note how recent the last job is and the pay grade of these positions. Perhaps Indeed is for you.

Fiverr and Fiverr Alternatives: Wrapping Up

This post explained:

How to make money on Fiverr

Odesk alternatives

Fiver alternatives

Fiverrr and other options

[Note: Misspellings are intentional. Job seekers spell Fiverr in all these ways. Would you believe people also type this into Google when job hunting: “fiveerr alternatives”? They also search “ alternatives.”]


Finding jobs is easy when you use these sites that anyone can use. I even recently recommended them to a tech-savvy high school student looking to make some pocket-money. You can start your freelance business and start making money today.

The best part: You can use Fiverr and these Fiverr alternatives like alternatives to Upwork to get yourself a service provider for when you’re swamped as well as offering your services as one.

Even though these are Fiverr alternatives 2018, these sites are still valuable resources for you.

It’s true: You can make money from Fiverr in 2020.

Readers, please share so bloggers wishing to monetize learn about Fiverr vs Upwork and these other Fiverr alternatives.

Have you ever worked for websites like Fiverr? Have you made money from Fiverr online writing jobs? Do you make money blogging like taking freelance jobs? How do you find opportunities? Can you recommend any other Fiverr Alternatives?  I look forward to your views.


Many of these sites pay you with PayPal. If you’d like to get paid for using PayPal, read this awesome article on Kingged.

Also, see Kingged Massive Mom Jobs Article.

If you’re in need of more one-on-one monetization coaching, check out the Mostly Blogging Academy.

  1. Jeanette S. Hall

    This article was extremely well written and informative! Thank you for sharing with the rest of us how to make an income at home while writing.

    Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeanette,
      Thanks for writing with your wonderful compliments. They mean a lot. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well!

  2. niraj

    Hello Janice,
    I read this article. I am new in this blogger world and it helps me a lot to understand to describe things for the reader. Fiverr platform is a top brand, offer to make money online on a regular basis. Appreciate your post.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Niraj,
      I’m glad you appreciate my post. Thanks for writing to tell me.

  3. Gaurav Kumar

    HI Janice,

    Fiverr and Odesk are the top names in freelance industry. Every freelancer use these portals to find work. Problogger job board is also a good place to look for jobs.

    Thanks for sharing the list of Fiverr alternatives.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gaurav,
      Thanks for writing with your testimonials about Fiverr and Odesk. I actually hadn’t heard of Odesk until I started doing research for this post. When I need a freelancer, I use to go to Fiverr and now I go to Upwork. I have used the Problogger job board in the past as well. I’m glad you liked my list of Fiverr alternatives.

  4. Johanna Galyen


    I had forgotten about Odesk, I may go back and look there again. I’ve tried Fiverr and it might have worked, but the clientele only wanted me to write in categories that I’m not associated with. I’ve tried ProBlogger a few times, but haven’t gotten anything in return. Textbroker and Writer’s Access has been good for me to get experience quickly. However, Upwork has been pure-gold to me. I have gotten many clients from there are recently was promoted to Rising Talent. My only true complaint with Upwork is how slow they pay, 2.5 weeks on average once the client accepts it. I have gotten clients from the US, Germany, and UK – and I love it being able to expand my portfolio as well as my virtual horizons!


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Johanna,
      I did not realize you are a freelance writer. Thanks for writing to tell me and to add to the conversation by sharing your experiences with Upwork and mentioning the other websites. Congratulations on being considered Rising Talent! Although people say it’s hard to monetize at Upwork, your comments show it’s absolutely possible. Thanks for writing.

  5. Saurabh

    Hi Janice,

    This is really a great list for those who are looking for freelance work and want to earn money online. Among these, I recommend peopleperhour, Freelancer and Hubstaff Talent the most.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Saurabh,
      Thanks for calling my list “great.” I’m glad you feel it’s valuable. I’ve never heard of the three you recommended. Thanks for contributing to the discussion by telling us about them.

  6. Luz

    I have actually been interested in finding out more about freelance writing. I hear so many positives and negatives about it that it keeps me on edge. I like flexibility. But your post has really helped me! Thanks.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Luz,
      What negatives do you hear?
      It’s been a way for me and others to monetize. Gotta pay those blogging bills! =)
      Thanks for writing!

  7. Too makesense

    Good job, you’ve got a very good alternatives! I think Fiverr is not just for me, I sign up for Upwork and got hired in a week.

    I still get hired frequently on Upwork because I give my best to whatever services I am rendering.

    • Janice Wald

      Congratulations on your success at Upwork! Thanks for writing to tell me.

  8. sakibul islam munna

    This is very helpful website for new Upwork marketer,here described very informative information Upwork marketing,here explained A to Z Upwork marketing tips,I have got very helpful info

    • Janice Wald

      My daughter loves Upwork. Upwork has great monetization potential. More than other agencies I think since it’s more upscale. Thanks for commenting.

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