How to Write Your First Blog Post (in 2024, 25+ Easy Ways)

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Are you ready to write your first blog post?

Truth bomb: You may not be as ready as you think.

There are many decisions to consider and tasks to complete before you can write your first blog post.

I know the prospect of writing your first blog post is exciting, but put your foot on the brake.

By reading this post, you’ll discover what you need to do before you write your first blog post and how to write your first blog post. You will also see examples of these ideas.

Who is this post for?

  • People contemplating blogging
  • New bloggers
  • Veteran bloggers needing new blog post topics
  • Business people

Often, business people don’t identify themselves as writers. However, today, successful businesses run blogs on their websites. Running a business blog establishes you as an authority in your niche for your readers as well as consumers.

Also, businesses report seeing an increase of 67% when they publish a blog. Blogs are a powerful form of lead generation. Therefore, even business people need to learn how to publish their first blog post.

In the movie “Julie and Julia,” the character of Julie wants to blog but doesn’t know what to write her first blog post about. Can you relate?

An expression states, “First impressions die hard.” You have the chance to win raving fans with your first blog post.

Let’s dig in and find out how to write your first blog post.

Before we can examine how to write our first blog post, we need to discuss how to start a blog.

You can’t write your first blog post until you start a blog, or can you?

How to Start a Blog

Step 1: Start writing

Start writing. The idea of blogging may sound glamorous, but when push comes to shove, can you commit long-term and stay consistent with your editorial calendar’s publication dates?

Start writing. Even if you write on Google Docs, you can always transfer the content later.

Start writing. Make sure blogging is an activity you will enjoy long-term.

I can’t stress enough: Even before you have your blog, start writing.

Then, if you see this is an activity you will want to continue long-term, go on to the next steps.

Step 2: Purchase your blog’s domain, name, and host

Look at directories to see the domains and blog names available.

Purchase your domain and the blog name. Make sure they are easy to spell and remember.

Let’s look at my previous blog’s name as an example: My blog’s domain was My blog’s name was Reflections.

On social media, grab those social media handles.

If you are self-hosted, get your hosting. Check out reviews and pricing before you make a decision on which host to pick.

Step 3: Choose your niche

Find a niche that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. The passion will come through when you write, and your readers will be interested in what you have to say.

If you would like to find a niche you know about and are interested in that has money-making potential, check out this blog niche list.

Step 4: Start writing on your blog

Transfer content from Google Docs or wherever you wrote your drafts.

Step 5: Make a long plan

Are you planning to monetize? What is your financial goal? How long will it take you? How many hours per week will you work on your blog? Will you send your newsletter out via an email service provider? Choose one.

First Blog Post Fears

As mentioned above, the character of Julie, based on a real-life blogger, struggles to come up with her first blog post idea.

Did you see how Julie ultimately came up with her first blog post idea? She talked it through with her husband.

Do you fantasize about starting your dream blog but you’re too intimated to write your first blog post? You’re not alone.

As a frequent member of the Reddit Blogging subreddit, I often read concerns over writing that first blog post.


first blog post

This thread was titled, “Published my first post today.”

The commenter wrote,

“I actually think it is a huge milestone! Sometimes one of the hardest steps is to publish that first post. Congratulations!”

When I revealed my plans to publish this article on how to write your first blog post, the second commenter shared the need for this guide.

If you feel like the OP (original poster) and also have first blog post jitters, read on.

How to Write Your First Blog Post

What NOT to write in your first blog post

  • Why you started blogging
  • What you as the author hope to get out of the blog
  • A rant

Note: People won’t necessarily read your posts in order.

For instance, if people Google keywords and find you by searching for information, they won’t read your very first blog post.

First Blog Post Ideas

Your first blog post ideas do not have to include a welcome blog post since people don’t read posts in order on a blog especially when they are Googling keyword terms. They find your post in random order on search engines.

However, if you want your first blog post to be a welcome blog post, follow these ideas:

Welcome Blog Post

In your welcome blog post, tell target audience you understand their issues and can relate.

State your niche.

Describe your niche with details. For instance, if you are a food blogger, what type of food? Who is the food for?

You are building a blogging business for others. What are their issues?

For example: Paleo recipes for busy moms.

I used to help new bloggers. Now, I help bloggers of all levels.

Tone: Use your own voice. Don’t sound like a dictionary or a diary.

Tell a story but don’t make your first blog post post about you. Tell the story so people understand you get their problems or issues.

Define who your target audience is. Who is your blog for?

I recommend you listen to the Social Media for Mompreneurs podcast. Allison Scholes explains who she is and who she’s helping (busy moms running a business in sweatpants) at the beginning of her episodes.

In your welcome blog post, write a list of 3 things each person in the niche should know.

Make sure your blog creates a safe learning environment:

  • Be clear
  • Be defined
  • Give step-by-step instructions.

Show you know what you are talking about by giving actionable steps.

Your goal: Readers should leave your site feeling like they accomplished something. Make your readers feel powerful.

That way people will subscribe. You sound knowledgeable. They want to return to get more tips.

Suppose you don’t want your first blog post to be a welcome blog post. Where will you put this introductory information about your blog?

Share this information on your About Me page. This is a static page that sits on your site so anyone looking for information about your site can read it. Look at my About Me page as an example.

All About…

This could be a task in your niche or something else.

Example: For instance, I wrote a 4,000 word guide explaining how to get out of Facebook Jail.

Since bloggers need to promote their blog posts using Facebook, an in-depth guide explaining how to get out of Facebook is valuable to someone in the blogging niche.

The Ultimate Guide to… [something in your niche]

Describe a tool or a method.

Example: In my post about MozBar, an SEO tool, I explained how to get into MozBar so SEOs would understand how to use this tool. This comprehensive guide is also over 4,000 words.

Things You’ll Love About

“Things” and “Love” work.

Example: In my post about the pros and cons of Instagram, I explained what you will love about Instagram.

Things I Wish I’d Known About

People love “mistakes” posts. Mistakes to avoid makes an interesting format change from the tips you might normally write.

Alternate ideas include

Mistakes to avoid

The Worst Mistakes [people in your niche] make

Are you making these mistakes with…?

Example: In my writing tips post, I explained how to avoid the mistake of committing incremental plagiarism.

Tricks to Help You

People love hacks. Shortcuts save time.

Example: My post offering blog hacks ranks on Page 1 of Google even though it was published in 2019.

Example: Blogger Tricks

Example: Crazy Text Generator

How to Avoid Struggling with…

What are people in your niche challenged by?

People in my niche struggle with what to post on social media.

Example: What to post in your newest Facebook status

Example: Instagram posts generator

# Smart Ways to…

Are you up for a guide? Make the number high.

Google your headline. Beat the top number of tips on Page 1.

Example: How to Get More Instagram Followers Cheat


Comparison posts work great.

Example: Reddit vs Quora

Review Post

You could review one tool or many.

Example: SERPRobot Google Position Tools

Forget…: Try… Instead

What would people in your niche like to get rid of?

Example: Forget Facebook. Try MeWe instead.

What a __ Does in a Day

In my niche: blogger, marketer, entrepreneur, or writer

Example: Best Day Jobs for Writers

# Tips That Are Proven to Work

Google your headline. Make the number higher than the number of tips on Page 1.

Example: YouTube Video Idea Generator

Your Illustrated Guide to

Memes, illustrations, infographics

Example: How to Start a Meme Page

_____: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners [in your niche]

What will your target audience want to use?

My target audience uses social media.

Example: The Ultimate Guide to Google+ Alternatives.

Variation: Your best guide to…

How to ____ When You ____

Example: This post explains how to write your first blog post when you are a new blogger.

How Long Does It Take to…?

Write a case study. They humanize your brand according to Allison. You do original research.

People want to see results.

Example: How Mostly Blogging Grew Its Web Traffic Using 2021 SEO Methods

# Things I Never Told You About

Example: What is a Facebook Dark Post? This post explains the time I never told you about my failed experiment buying Facebook ads.

# Things That Happen Your First Hour [in your niche]

Variation: # Things that happen the first week in your niche.

For instance, bloggers want to know how they can blog without losing sleep.

How to ____ in One Year

For instance, save money.

In the case of bloggers, it would be to get more sleep.

Look at the theme running through articles that I published in four of my first five years of blogging:

What do bloggers want?

  • traffic
  • money
  • sleep

As you can see from the screenshot, I tell bloggers after each year that I blogged until 2017 and then again in 2019 how to find time to blog and sleep.

Example: How to Blog and Easily Find Time to Sleep

The Best Free _____

“Free” gets your reader’s interest.

Use “free” in your headline and your meta description.

Example: How to conduct keyword research without premium tools

# Favorites List

Example: Ubersuggest alternatives offers a list of free keyword research tools.

Top # Lessons I Learned This Year

My post offering blog hacks was a Reflections post sharing what I learned that year. Each year I published a Top Lessons learned that year post.

How to ____ Your ____ Will Love

Example: How to get a free Grammarly account your friends will love: Grammarly Refer a Friend.

Example: How to write in a way your visitors will love: Readability Statistics.

My Exact Process for

Example: SCO Marketing tells my exact process for ranking keywords.

First Blog Post FAQs

How long should your first blog post be?

Your first blog post should thoroughly cover the topic. You only get one first impression. Make it count so you seem like an expert in your niche. Aim for 1500 words.

What should your first post be about?

You can make your first blog post a welcome blog post, a “how-to,” a review, or a list of tips. There are many formats like these that you can choose from.

How do you introduce a blog post

Let the readers know you understand their problems, but by the end of your post, they will have an action plan to solve their problems. Offer them this action plan in the body of your post.

Wrapping Up: First Blog Post Ideas

In closing, this comprehensive post shared two action plans: how to start a blog and how to write your first blog post.

The ideas presented in this guide are great blog post topics to use on your site. Even if the article isn’t your first blog post, the format variety keeps your readers from getting bored. Odds are they will keep you from getting bored and abandoning your blog as well.

Readers, please share so new bloggers get powerful first blog post ideas. Besides, these first blog post ideas make a nice variety for all bloggers who want to change their formats.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have additional effective first blog post ideas you can suggest?


These ideas for what to write in your first blog post are based on the work of Allison Lindstrom.

  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    What a fabulous post Janice. Those fears are so tough to overcome as a newbie blogger, for most. I seem to be a rare bird; I did not fear publishing my first blog post. However, I did cling to many ego-fears that created a lack of clarity and blogging struggles as a newb. I do feel grateful to have jumped into blogging with both feet some 13 years ago.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Thank you for commenting. I did not fear writing my first blog post, but the truth is that I should have been. I rushed headfirst into the excitement of blogging, a new adventure, without having researched SEO or writing content inside of a niche.

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