How to Find Your Target Market, 5 Ways

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Finding Your Target Market

5 Factors to Consider When Identifying Your Target Audience

Do you know the steps involved in finding your target market?

If you have launched your business, you may spend much of your time trying to plan and build the venture. One of the most important things you should do as you market your business is to ensure you decide who will be your target in your marketing endeavors.

Although you may have products which interest various groups of people, it may not make sense marketing to everyone. Others may not need your products at all, and it can be a waste of time and resources marketing their products to such a group.

Since it is a new business, you want many people to learn about your brand. But you must know that the more potential clients you target, the more you will need to spend money and your time reaching them.

You may find it a constraint to establish your target customers as you are finding your target market, but as you launch your marketing plan; you should know that you are not excluding anyone in your marketing plan.

What you are doing is ensuring you spend your money in the right way. The time and money you spend must focus on people who are interested in your products. If you do so, you will save your time and money communicating with the wrong people. You will also manage to convert most of your target audience to customers by communicating and engaging with them effectively. You need Marketing Expert SketchCorp to get started.

Here are five factors to consider when finding your target market:

Consulting your business plan

In your business plan, you must have set goals and missions. As you start with your marketing plan, you need to look at the goals you have set. Analyze the kind of products and services you are providing.

You need to know how the products and services you have will solve issues for potential clients. Also, you need to know your difference as compared to other companies in your sector. Do you have unique features? What makes you the best from the many companies providing the same products and services? By asking yourself these questions, you will know those who may be interested.

You will also know those who may find your offers of great benefit. The first step to discover your target customers should be to understand your selling point. The next step is to think about the information that you need and why the information is crucial.

What things should you know about your potential clients so that you can reach them? As you look at your business plan and as you try to understand your target clients, you need to know your customers come first and they are the most important. Think about those who need your products and services instead of thinking who you want to sell your products to.


You should begin with secondary research. You can find a lot of materials which can help you collect the information you need. You may want to know about the market, the industry, the wide range of potential clients already identified from consulting your business plan and the competition in the market.

Finding this information should not be difficult because there are those who have already compiled it. The good news is this information may not cost you anything. But you also need to know that the information may not help you fully. But it is always essential to research because you may get the information to help you in your endeavor to discover your target clients.

If you do not find useful secondary information and you have a budget for the information, it could be wise to conduct primary research. You may need to conduct interviews, surveys, and establish focus groups. Primary research may cost you some bucks, but it will allow you to get the answers you need to run your business.

Establishing a client profile

After researching, you now need to establish client profiles. Your customer profile is not only a brief statement, but it is a deep description of your potential clients. The description may include things like psychographic and demographic information.

Demographic information could be things like marital status, ethnic background, location, gender, age, income among others.

Psychographic gives more information about the customer. You use this information to understand the psychology of the target customers. These could be things like lifestyle, behaviors, attitude, values, hobbies, and interests.

You can use the two types of data which are crucial as you develop your client profile. By using demographic information, you will understand the potential type of people who can purchase your products and services. Psychographic information gives you the reasons why the particular customer can buy your products and services.

Discover your audience

Stating your target audience is not enough. You need to find more about the potential customers. For example, you can find the networks they frequent most, the social networks where you can find them and the websites they visit most. You may want to know if they are interested in apps and the kind of apps they use most. If you combine the information you used to make the customer profile and the online behavior as well as their use of technology, you will make your message delivery easy.

Monitoring and evolution

Your work will not end once you discover your target audience. If you want to succeed, you should continue researching to know the latest industry trends and the competition you face in the industry.

You also need to know if your current customers are evolving and how they are doing it. Before you can launch your marketing to your potential clients, ensure you know how you will track sales, request information and interactions among others.

These are all important points which you must record. The data will help you to identify patterns, trends, and areas which you may need to improve. They will help you with your marketing efforts as you try to grow your business.

Identifying your target audience can make or break your venture. Ensure your identification of target audience can scale and can assist you to market your products and services.

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  1. Thomas Gerber

    What tools do you use to “discover your audience”? To me finding them is critical. There is no clear answer I have found.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Thomas,
      There are several tools I can recommend.
      Most people go to Google Analytics.
      Go to Google Analytics/Acquisition and it will tell you who is acquiring your site. Click social and it will tell you what social media sites people are using to find you.
      Demographics: Click Audience/Overview It will tell you language spoken, country and city.
      Also, tells you where people are finding you.

  2. Kyra Rodriguez

    I was about to ask what tools you use to find your target audience! Thank you so much for sharing this very informative post!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Kyra,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post about finding your target market. I’m glad you read the comments so you could get your question answered about helpful tools. I enjoy reading the comments when I go to blog posts also. Thanks for writing.

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