You Need to Find Your Voice: How to Improve Your Writing Persona

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How to find your voice

Will you take blogging tips from a dog?

Today’s guest author will help you find your voice as a writer: an important skill.

Does it matter that she is a dog named Bree?

Of course not.

On the contrary, being different will help you get readers’ attention in this competitive blogosphere.

Repeatedly, blogging coaches echo an important tip: being different results in online attention.

Therefore, today’s post is about how to be different.

Blogging coaches use to tell you to be yourself, to use your own voice, to show your own personality when writing.

Jeanine Michaels, the brains (and the voice) behind Bree, breaks that #1 rule.

She succeeds by not being herself, by not writing as herself. Instead, she writes from the persona of a dog named Bree.

Today, Bree will offer you 8 blogging tips.

Will her tips be just as valuable?

Perhaps more so.

In addition to offering helpful blogging tips, Bree is quite a personable writer. Therefore, in addition to offering the same tips you might find on other blogging tips blogs, Bree’s post provides entertainment value.

By reading this post, you will learn 8 proven blogging tips.  You can also use Bree’s post as a model for how you, too, can entertain your readers while you inform them.

Consider these comments:

The blogging space is indeed competitive but I find that to be more of a challenge…

A lot of newbie bloggers wonder how they can be original when everything seems to have been written/recorded by someone else already? We forget that every one of us has our own unique voice. Source – Sheeroh

You might find it unusual that I’m letting a dog guest post for me today.

Like my other guest authors, Bree sent me a pitch to see if I liked the topics she would cover in a guest post. Would you like to read it?

Find your unique bark/voice when writing

Be authentic, honest 

Find your humor… 

Can someone be authentic and honest while writing from the persona of someone (or something) else?

Today we shall see.

Therefore, without further delay, I give you… Bree



It seems to me there are so many helpful blogs out there. From Ms. Janice and all of her helpful tips of the tail for blogging to the best yummy recipes for chicken. You hoomans are very creative!



I wanted to write to enter-train/entertain readers with cute stories about spying on my family. First “tip of the tail” is write what you know. I “nose” my family!


When I first started I wasn’t sure what to write about. That may be an issue for someone starting a blog.


Write what inspires you! Write what would you like to read, and make it your own.


Once you have your general topic, people will get to know you and come for your specific subject matter. If you get stuck, use a moment from your day, a story from your past related to your subject, or your love of something or someone.


Do what you love and love what you do, and you are on the right path.


Write with a passion for your subject, and have an original unique voice on your topic. Woof! How would you say it? That is your “hook.”


Be authentic, be your honest self!



Watch your spelling, punctuation, and paragraph breaks so it is easy to read.


You look silly if you don’t spell well. I only include my “Bree speak” because/be-paws it fits my unique voice. Get creative and have fun.


Do you have a “hook” or a “button”?


An actor’s tip, a button is the close of your audition or presentation. It is your finishing touch that leaves an impression.


Mine is Bree-loha at end of my articles. Choose something reflecting you that you can use regularly.



Mama told me the best advice she got as a young actor because the odds of success in that field are similar to blogging:
Do not do it unless it is the only thing you can, or want to do!


I Bree-lieve/believe that everyone has a unique voice. We all have something to teach or learn, much like my early pup training. They taught me how to behave, and I taught them about love and loyalty.


Think: What do I have to offer from my own special experiences in life?


How can I help others with my blog? It always/paw/lways comes back to you when you give of yourself.



I highly recommend using pictures, or music like I have, video clips or images that will break up your text and make your blog interesting.


Maybe put your best photo at the top of your article to capture your reader’s interest. And know who your readers are. You can best create your entry by knowing your target audience.


Example: you have a grr-eat new recipe to post. Maybe don’t just use a picture of the yummy finished product, but one of the people eating and enjoying your meal! And, send me your leftovers, if you have any!


Run your blog article by some trusted friends, or a fellow blogger before you post, and be willing to hear their opinions. You will get some valuable feedback, and you can incorporate constructive criticism into your editing.


You want it to be the best it can be/Bree! But don’t get overwhelmed because/be-paws everyone has an opinion and they may all be different. Trust YOU!



For me, I write my first draft from the heart and let the ideas and words flow naturally. Then, check with your “proof reader” of choice and see if their suggestions work for you.


Don’t be afraid to edit, or even start over if you have to. Those words remain once posted. But always listen to your intuition first and last.


Then, paws/pause a minute to take it all in. Do you like what you wrote?


Can you make it even better?


Then, post! You are a writer and there is no right or wrong, it is you!


Please remember to have fun and not be/bree stressed about it. If you are not having fun, chances are your reader won’t either.



Your attitude will affect readers’ mood.


I believe/bree-leave in please and thank you. So be nice always!


Please be kind! Someone may be having a hard day, and your blog post can make it better! Giving is receiving. It is a gift to be able to share your ideas with others, so always/paw-lways thank them for visiting you.


And return the favor by visiting other people’s blogs, and comment.


Even if it is a short remark that you appreciate their efforts. I think we have lost the art of being polite and gracious, so if you can, be/Bree!


Unless your thing is ranty stuff with profanity: I know a couple of very successful bloggers whose voice is that way. Their audience knows what to expect, and that’s not for everyone.


Mama loves a couple of wildly successful bloggers where that is their “shtick”/thing. It is their unique take on life and funny stuff.


If you don’t do this naturally, I’d say write like your grandma is going to read it! Paw haha.



I recommend you have a few posts in advance of your posting schedule.


It is a living, ongoing process that requires a commitment to start and maintain your blog. I write every day.


Just take notes on something interesting, even if it is not directly related to your blog theme.


It can always become something you can use. Write, write, write, right?


I would love to see what you have in your blog, so you are welcome to send mama your links.




In closing, I would like to thank Janice for allowing/paw/llowing me to be her guest. And I truly hope some of my ideas help you on this journey we are on together, of BLOGGING!


She has so much information on blogging to share, I recommend reading all her posts. Mama has learned a lot from her generosity.


Thank you! I wish you good luck, the inspiration for your work, happy writing and as paw-lways, Bree-loha.


Come see me! Comments on my Doggie Bloggie are welcome!


Host Blogger’s Commentary:
In this post, Jeanine offers an excellent example of how you can find your voice and write from a different persona.


I once saw a television show about a painfully shy man. He adopted many personas ranging from cowboy to movie star. While pretending, he was outgoing and funny.


You don’t need to be an introvert to adopt an alternate persona. Make your blog different, and it will stand out in the crowded internet.


If you make your blog stand out, you’ll beat the competition for readers.


Bottom line: You can be a successful writer even if you aren’t authentic.


  • If you are not authentic, you might be more entertaining.
  • Entertained readers stay longer on your blog, your bounce rate drops,  and your SEO improves.
  • You might feel free of the constraints of trying to be the “real” you.
  • While trying to find your voice, you might have fun.
  • Variety engages readers but it could engage you too. Blogging might feel different for you as well as your readers when you alter your writing voices. This, in turn, helps prevent Blogger Burnout.
For all these reasons, use Bree’s post as a model for how to find your voice when writing.


Please share so other bloggers can see this model and discover how to find your voice.


Then, go check out Bree’s mom’s blog. I’m sure both Bree and Jeanine would be happy to greet you.


Readers, I’d love to hear what you thought of the post in the comments section. Jeanine Michaels and her alter, Bree, make it seem easy to find your voice when writing.

  1. Riya

    writing skill is the need of today.. if you are a good writer it becomes more easy to get more traffic and make your blog more successful.. very nice article .. good luck

    • Bree

      Woofy thank you to you too. We Bree-ly/really Bree-preciate/appreciate your comment.
      My very first as a guest blogger.
      How exciting! Good luck to you hooman Riya!
      Bree-loha. PS you can find all the meanings of the word Aloha on my blog entry: ALOHA/ BREELOHA

  2. John Doe

    Because of time restraints I often like a lot of people skim the blogs I’m reading and get the information out of it that is intended. I found myself reading every word including and not limited to all the plays on Words when Jennie was clarifying the correlation between Bree talking and what the word actually were.. I was always taught is not how it’s how many and I found this post to be very factual and I learned a lot from it. Whether it be a dog or A person speaking as long as the intended message comes across that is all that’s important. I think Jennie made her point Of having Bree deliver the post because it did make the facts sounds different from a dog standpoint. Great job Bree you delivered the message that was intended.

    • Bree

      Woofy thank you. It was so nice of you to like my first guest blog post.
      Thanks to Janice for having me.
      I am pup-happy you felt the message was delivered, I tried. I also write my blog too, but Musicmama does help me, I must admit. And thank you for your Bree-preciation/appreciation of the word play, it is how I roll… Over! Paw haha. I like to play with words, and stuffed toys and my family. Life should have fun in it! Bree-loha!

  3. Stephanie

    What a great post! Just what I needed as I get started back to blogging. Thanks for reaching out me and commenting so I made sure to see this post 🙂

    • Bree

      Woofy thank you for your comment that my post was Grrr-eat!
      I am so paw-leased/ pleased.
      I wish you luck as you get your own blog started up, may you Bree/be inspired! Happy writing and let’s visit each other’s blogs!

  4. Betty

    These are awesome tips. I believe passion is key. Janice thanks for stopping by

    • Bree

      Woofy thank you Betty! I am so happy you liked my Tips of the Tail and found some helpful.
      Good luck to you! Passion in all you do. Bree-loha

  5. GiGi Eats

    Through the years I have definitely found my voice and it’s only further confirmed that I have when people come to my blog and tell me exactly why they came (typically because I am funny, upfront, honest, etc). It’s a pretty great feeling to feel as though you can just be yourself and that you don’t have to pretend to be something youre not. All too often people think they have to pretend – but NOPE. People like REAL!

    • Bree

      Real is best! I am glad you found your voice/bark. Good luck to you,
      Ms. Gigi. I will Bree listening for your voice!

    • Dodger

      It’s unfortunate when “pupple” don’t comprehend what authors such as Jeanine and Bree are achieving in their style of blogging. It’s not about being “real.” It’s about giving readers an entertaining, funny and unique perspective of the world. Empathy is being able to see the world through the eyes of another. Jeanine and Bree are playing with this concept brilliantly.

  6. Dodger

    Woofs have been spreading around the dog park about the pup who’s making some noise on the internet, Brrrree!! Thank you Brrree for making our barks heard by the hoomans. My best friend/owner is now listening to what I have to say and interrrrested in my pupsective instead of putting me in the “dog house” for woofing my opinions! And a special thanks to Brrree’s Mama, Jeanine! Us pups are very proud of you two. Time to go, the mailman is here and I’ve been trrrrying to get a message to my grrrrlfriend for months!

    • Bree

      Woof woof Haha!
      Another woofer commented on my guest article. Grr-eat comment Dodger Dog. Hugs and kisses.
      May Bree you can guest post on my blog! Dogs can have unique perspectives, which I am hoping the wonderful hooman bloggers are doing, finding their bark/ voices!

  7. Ellen Dolgen

    These are great tips! I have been blogging for 10 years. Know any dogs who are up on menopause?

    • Bree

      Paw haha Ms. Ellen. I bet your blog reflects your humor too.
      I was spayed at 6 months, the responsible thing to do, so I don’t think I will have this menopause thing. Is it a paws/pause from men?
      That we could use! Boys are messy and ruff/rough. Although my Musicmama seems to be in a constant state of pre- menopause,
      Men-oh-pause itself, and post menopause. Do you know any hoomans up on that? Paws haha.
      Good luck with your blog and congratulations on 10 years!

  8. Dbiswas

    Voice is very important in writing, and blogging. Since it’s been a while for me at both, I just speak naturally, and hope it connects. Stumbling this post!

    • Bree

      I don’t even know/nose what a stumble is! I have so much to learn from you hoomans.
      But I think you are on the right path by speaking/woofing naturally.
      Words will flow like a Bree-u-full/
      beautiful river, and your readers will either enjoy/Bree-joy your blog sitting on the shore of your river flow, or dive right in! Good luck and
      thank you for your comment.

  9. Emmanuel

    Interesting one here by Janice and her guest, Bree.

    Thanks for this amazing post. Passion, writing tone and target audience one desire to reach are important things that need to be considered when setting up a blog.

    • Bree

      Woofy thank you for your comment Mr. Emmanuel. I like your name!
      I am tail Waggin happy you learned some things from my Tips of the Tail. We are all learning together and it’s grr-eat to share information.
      Be well, Bree inspired, Bree well loved! BREE-loha!

  10. Shantanu Sinha

    Hello Bree,

    Good to see you up here on Janice’s space 🙂

    Those are some perfect tips from nose to tail over here 😉

    I was nooding my head up and down while going through your article. That was a fun reading and more ways to learn how to
    create an effective blogs.

    Writing skills do matter in this industry, as if one have that talent how to attract traffic on their blogs through their
    writing then surely then gonna fly high in the sky. Just need to find the passion and hit the deck hard.

    Additions are very important, as they made our blog and writing skills shine like a shooting star.
    Images, videos or GIFs are in trend so we can use these into our blog post to make it more attractive.

    As you said, adding our pictures on the top, also keep that fire burning inside our readers to go through our post.

    The bark you shouted above is really helpful.

    Thanks for the share.

    Happy Blogging 🙂


    • Bree

      Woofy thank you for your poetic comment. When I finish my thank you replies, I am headed to your site to see more of YOUR lovely writing.

      You have a gift, one can tell even from your comment, so I hope you continue to fly high, keep the fires of imagination burning brightly, and play in the stars! ⭐️

      I think out there in the Celestial Spheres is where inspiration lives to be discovered, and with writing skills like you have, made into grr-eat blogs. Good luck with yours and thank you for your pup- support of mine. Hope you enjoy my tails on the blog. BREE-LOHA bro-ha!

  11. Thelma Alberts

    I love this post. Engaging, entertaining and informative . I have been thinking myself to write as a persona of my dog Angus but until now have not done this yet. Now, this blog inspire me to do so. Thanks for the great tips.

    • Bree

      Woofy Woofy! Tail Waggin happy to have Angus join me in the Dogosphere/ blogosphere !
      Is he a funny dog? Or a naughty dog? Please see my entry on the blog, ” I NOSE I CAN BE NAUGHTY” it might inspire you and Angus.

      My Musicmama’s father had a little Scottie named Angus. He went to graduate classes with grandpa and got an honorary PH.D in math!

      Also in one of my blog tails.
      Good luck to you and Angus and happy writing! Make sure you include lots of pictures of him.

      I am curious to see what he looks like, and is he single? Paw haha.

  12. Stephanie D. Lewis

    Hello Bree! And hello Jeanine! Janice might be able to attest that I have always used a different persona voice when blogging and she is called “Little Miss Menopause”. Originally my blog focused on midlife humor but I eventually branched out to other topics and the voice still stuck. Oh well. But that is one thing readers might be aware of when choosing a persona, they do not want to choose something that will box themselves in. I always say thank goodness I didn’t start blogging when I was a young teenager or I would’ve been Little Miss Menstruation. Ha! But your voice/bark is just perfect and certainly gives new meaning to that old adage “Every dog/blog has its day!” Bravo err Barko!


    Ps. Another fun thing I did was I interviewed my persona so my readers could find out more about her (and me too!) I felt a little bit like Sybil talking to myself, but it went over really well. Here’s the link
    Yes, You CAN Interview Yourself . . . And You Definitely Should! | Once Upon Your Prime

    Pps. Thank you for a delightful guest post and I’m sure Janice’s readers are salivating over it just like Pavlov’s blog err dog! 😉

    • Bree

      Woofy thank you Little Miss Menopause for your grr-eat comment. If you read previous comments, there is a lady with a menopause blog! Ha! I asked her if it meant a Paws/pause from men!!!

      I love your idea of interviewing your persona, how creative! I will sniff it out and see what the fur-or is about.

      I think my personality is pretty clear on the blog, but would it be OK to share your idea and perhaps have my Musicmama interview me?
      She could have a Pavlovs bell, or a treat I could salivate over. Nom Nom

      Pup-pologies/apologies to Ms, Sybil.
      I hope they don’t mind!
      Thank you again. BREE-LOHA

      PS looking forward to your interview.
      Good pup-luck with your blog.

      • Bree

        Loved your interview!
        We left a comment on your blog site. Very entertaining and creative!
        And funny, my favorite quality in hoomans and woofers!

  13. Melinda Mitchell

    BBFFJ, thanks for having Bree on here!! She is terrific!
    Thanks, Bree for talking to us hoomans, and letting us in on some of your secrets!! I’ll be over to see Mama in a minute!!

    • Bree

      Woofy hugs and thank you Ms Melinda. I am so paw-leased/pleased you enjoyed my guest post. Janice was so kind to have a woofer share with the hoomans. If you read entries from my blog, you will see I love and respect / Bree-spect you hoomans.
      Your reply was a tasty treat.

  14. Thedorsal aka Curtisy

    I just loved reading about Bree and Bree’s blog.
    The blog is very creative and fun to read.
    The blog has heart and it is clear a lot of thought has gone into the writing.
    It is apparent Bree is a very special writer.

    Clearly Brees’ world is a dog world and thank goodness for all of us that she is sharing her world with us.

    • Bree

      You are always welcome in my world! Thank you for having me in yours. You sound like you have a lot of heart too, Mr. Curtisy! ❤️??

  15. Ruth Cox

    My dog Valentino says… Paws Up! and a tail wag to Ms. Bree! We do like your pawsitive approach to blogging and believe your manners and gratitude speak well of you.

    • Bree

      Paws up Valentino and mama!
      It’s grr-eat to hear from another pup and her owner. I hope you are good to your mama and give her lots of love, and she gives you treats.

      I will check your mama Ruth’s blog to see what these seasonal fruit treats are about. Do you like them?
      Woofy thank you for liking my manners. I try to be paw-lite!

      Tip for Valentino: the nicer we are to our hoomans, the more treats we get! Paw haha! BREE-LOHA
      And please check out the new entry
      on my blog, MY FRIENDS!
      It is a photo gallery of all my friends with some comments. If you would like me to add your photo, paw-lease send it to mama by email with favorite picture, name and caption.
      You can see what my other woofer friends posted, and don’t laugh at that one girl woofer in her silly dress!
      She thinks she is pretty!

  16. Lorenza

    Hello Bree! I think it’s awesome that a doggie can give blogging tips. I write in four voices on my blog. My own and my three doggies. I just tap into their personalities and write about whatever they’re doing and what I can learn from them. I aim for it to be helpful and silly at the same time. I think if writing in different voices is something one enjoys then why not. It’s fun, different and creative. My dogs supply my writing material so without them I’d have no blog. I always say it’s my blog and I can do what I want to. I mean our blog! lol.

    • Bree

      Lorenza I just clicked on your name and found your AMAZING blog!
      I left this comment on your blog site, but in case you didn’t get it:
      “Woofy wow! You guys are so creative and funny. I just ruff/love this blog!
      And the way you use photos with captions is paw-some. I am still laughing.

      My Musicmama found you after your mama commented here. This has been like finding a favorite bone you lost in the dirt.
      This blog is a tasty treat and I will recommend it to my friends, woofer and human.

      You can see them on my new entry,
      “MY FRIENDS” (duh) on my blog.
      Can you please send us a photo or 2 of you woofers so we can add it to MY FRIENDS entry? I would be proud to call you talented woofers my puppy pals. Please see the photos, and send yours to Musicmama’s email. Thank you for enter-training us!

      Oh, you might like entry I NOSE I CAN BE NAUGHTY be-paws it sounds like you like to chew up stuff too. Proud to have you represent woofers everywhere! ??

      • Lorenza

        Hi Bree! I’ll check it out and mail the pics soon. Thank you so much for checking out our blog. We appreciate it so much. See you on your blog soon! 🙂

        • Bree

          Did you get my comments on your blog? I couldn’t figure out how to post/publish them!
          It gives you options, but I kept getting stuck with reply from Google and not my name. Paw-lease let me know if you got the 3 comments I left under your pawsome articles.
          Bree-ly brilliant writing from mama, Snowy, Fluffy and Buffy. And Renza, can you paw-lease email my Musicmama with your email? She would like to privately ask some questions. Same place to send “the crazies” pack photos. Please see MY FRIENDS entry to see where they will go. Hope your mama contacts my Musicmama soon at:
          Ruff ?❤️
          And Bree-loha

          • Lorenza

            Hi Bree! Sorry I did not see any new comments on my blog. There is a dropdown box that says comment as and you can choose Name/Url if you’re not logged into Google plus. I’m not in the U.S. so that’s why I take so long to reply. The doggies and I were still snoozing. I dropped by your blog last night and it was sooooo funny I couldn’t stop laughing. I left a comment on your new blog post “My friends”. They are all pawsome!!! I’ll save your Musicmama’s email and mail her soon! 🙂

  17. Bree

    Woofy thank you for your comment,Lorenza. How wooferful/wonderful you are mama to 3 woofers. How do I find your doggie bloggie? I did not see a link. Can you send one? I would love to see what YOUR pups are p-up to!
    We can supply our hoomans with a lot of material for blogging.
    BREE-LOHA, and I hope you all enjoy my blog. I am looking forward to seeing yours. ?❤️

  18. Leanne

    Great tips – and now my cats are wanting to start posting on my blog! I might just let them if they can get their spelling and grammar to match mine 🙂

  19. Bree

    I think it would be purr-fect for your feline friends to comment on your blog!
    You can always send them to “grammar” school to purr-fect their spelling and grammar skills. Watch out! They might want to go to Cat College too, and that can be expensive these days!

    Thank you for your comment, and I hope some of the Tips of the Tail help with your blog, but it sounds like you nose what you are doing!

    I may have to join your kitties in spelling class! BREE-LOHA ?

  20. Jitendra vaswani


    I believe for bloggers, it’s their writing that convinces users to visit their blogs again or buy products from their blog, so it is very important to communicate with the reader in a way that they feel connected to us. And developing your writing persona can be very useful to engage readers in your article.I really like your writing style, and learn a lot from it.

    Thanks for sharing these useful tips,
    Have a great day ahead.

    • Bree

      Woofy thank you and grr-attitude for your comment, Jitendra. Does you name have a meaning? I know my Musicmama’s name Jeanine, a derivative ( my new word of the day) of “John” it means ” God’s Gift”
      Or “God’s grace”

      I just ruff/love words!
      You are so write/right that it all begins with the writing. Whether it is for your blog or a condolence card, our words are so powerful. Again, thank you for yours. Have a blessed day and much luck with your writing!

      You can find the many definitions of this paw-some word, ALOHA, under my blog entry, “ALOHA/BREE-LOHA on my blog.

      It is one of the most powerful words I nose of. Do you have a favorite word? Let us know and thank you!

  21. Edward Thorpe

    That dog’s gotta lotta bite!

    Interesting concept for a nom de plume. I can see the value, and freedom from writing through another persona. Might even experiment with it. Thanks,

    • Bree

      Woofy thank you Edward for your comment. I hope you do experiment with your persona and creative ideas. It is liberating, not to pretend, but to come from an honest place in your head which may have ideas best expressed in a new way.

      I will check your article, when the smoke clears. Paw haha!
      And, I have been warned NOT to bite or else, Shudder and Shake!

      What if it is an intruder? Do they want me to kiss him? Or bite!

      • Bree

        My Musicmama just read your entire enlightening
        blog post and thanks you.
        She left a long comment.
        Can you let us know you received her comment?
        Thank you…
        For everything!

  22. Adeel Sami

    Hello, Bree!

    Wow! That’s the nice, smooth, info-rich post you did on Janice’s place! 🙂

    Oh no… That was Jeanine who wrote all or you did? Sorry, I am little confused. 🙂


    That’s the perfect voice. The perfect writing tone which so suits the cute doggie’s blog!

    It’s often said to “get a life.”

    But I say to the bloggers, “get a voice.”

    And you have it! The voice that so feels like the cute Bree is writing all by her self (or his.)… 🙂

    So enjoyed the every bit of the words! Totally loved it! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  23. Bree

    Thank you so very much Adeel, for your paw-some comment! You truly touched both our hearts ?❤️,
    ??? with your Bree-u-tifull words of kindness, support, and praise for our paw-thor/author!

    I/Bree am a girl, to answer your query (my new word of the day!)
    and I mutts/must admit, my MusicMama Jeanine helps me.
    I learn at least one new word a day to help me become a better writer.

    We also like to learn other languages, but my native language is Bree-speak!

    I am so Tail Waggin happy you like my voice! I see from your link you write about finding a unique voice.

    We will check out, and sniff out your blog next.

    Thank you again so very much for this, my favorite comment. But,
    shhh! Don’t tell anyone I like you best, they might be jealous !
    And everyone has been so

    Did you have a chance to visit my blog? I hope you enjoy it!

    My mama has a rather outdated site you can check out for a free music download about all the instruments in an orchestra. They definitely have a unique voice and sound!

    Go to link, click on music, click on CD on the right, “Dinosaurs Musical Day, and you can download free song, “Making Music”

    Again, thank you so much for your comment! It is Grr-eatly appreciated/
    Bree-ppreciated! BREE-LOHA

  24. Bree

    Hi all bloggers!
    Thank you all so much for all the grr-eat comments!

    I have tried to reply personally to each one. I hope you will come back to see a tip of the tail I left out of my original post. Either Ms. Janice will add soon, or I will add the tip in a comment, so be/Bree watching for it! Hint: Freebies and one we are offering! BREE-LOHA ?❤️

  25. Bree

    From Bree:

    Last Comment/guest post

    I forgot to add a tip for you wonderful wooferfull bloggers. We offer some free downloads on my blog, music and coloring book pages. There is a grr-eat song about instruments in an orchestra you and your pups might enjoy, and it teaches you a lot about “MAKING MUSIC” that is the name of the song offered for free download on Musicmama’s outdated website, but still has the song available.

    Some teachers have used this song in the classroom, as a fun, informative way to expose children to orchestra instruments, as the budgets for art and music have sadly been cut.

    Go to:
    Go to music, and it will be under her CD, Dinosaurs Musical Day. We hope you enjoy this lovely song, well produced, with a children’s choir singing with Musicmama!

    So, If you have something you can give your readers as a “Freebie”, they will love it, and love you! Who doesn’t like free stuff! Yay! Treats!

    Or may-Bree a contest to engage your visitors?

    And in closing, I think that using a different voice or persona can be as “real” as your own. It is important for me to be honest and real so hope you get that I am not ” pretending”! I come from the heart, and all my content is the authentic me, BREE! Thank you!
    As always BREE-LOHA!

    You can see entire definition of the word ALOHA on my blog entry of same name. It best explains why this is my sign out signature. It is in my pup-pinion, the most powerful word ever! Besides LOVE! Which Aloha also means. Love above all! ❤️

    And gratitude to everyone who left such paw-some comments for me. It was so encouraging to have your pup-sup-port in blogging and writing.

    I Bree-ly can’t do much else besides eat, bark, sleep, bark! Please see
    my blog entry, “My Busy Schedule:
    Busy Bree” for a day in my life.

    While you are visiting, find the article that most appeals to you!
    I hope you find the ones with Musicmama’s original songs.

    They might make you happy, then you make others happy. ?
    Music is the Universal language we all speak.

    So as you find, or continue your own voice, remember, your friend Bree is listening and as in one of MM’s song titles, “Wishing You Well”
    ALOHA! ?? BREE-LOHA and hope to see you soon!
    Blessings bloggers!

  26. Jean

    Jeanine/Bree, great post. I like that you included: be/Bree polite and gracious. I always respond to comments and reciprocate where I can.

    I don’t want my cat seeing me look at your blog. He’s jumped on my keyboard before – didn’t know it at the time, but he probably wants to start blogging!

  27. BREE

    Woofy and Meow thank you to you Ms Jean and your feline wanna be blogger! We Bree-preciate your time to read and comment. Why not have your kitty try a few lines and see if he has any writing talent? If he does, you may have to share that keyboard with some kitty paws!

    Mama and I are going to check your link be-paws my family LOVES Sloppy Joes! I wonder if you include a vegetarian version for Bear, our veggie dude.

    I hope you visit our blog and find entries you enjoy. And your fur baby gets some inspiration!

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