Feeling Happy Status: We Need a Little Sunshine Now

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feeling happy status

Do you have a feeling happy status?

In light of world events, probably not.

For this reason, today’s blog party will take a slightly different tone.

There is a song from an old musical named “Mame” called “We Need a Little Christmas Now.” In the musical, Auntie Mame lost her fortune. Attempting to cheer her up, the servants and her nephew sing “We Need a Little Christmas Now” although, in the play, Thanksgiving just ended.

Today was the day we were supposed to celebrate the start of spring by having a blog party.

You know the routine. You tell a little about your blogs, leave your links and introduce yourselves to each other. You know networking is the way to grow your blogs, after all.

After many years of throwing blog parties, today’s blog party feels different.

The reason: Fear.

How can I ask bloggers to celebrate the blogging community and the joy that is blogging during this time of fear caused by the Coronavirus?

During this time of fear that this global pandemic brings, I can’t help but reminisce.

At the end of 2014, when I had just started blogging, the world was caught in the grip of fear.

Do you remember why?


During the time of the Ebola virus hysteria (I do not use the word “hysteria” lightly), I felt the world’s reaction was too over-the-top. I felt people overreacted.

I explained my reasons in my commentary about the fear that accompanied the Ebola virus.

Do I believe the world is overreacting to the Coronavirus?


During times of crisis, fear makes problems worse.

Now, in addition to being concerned about getting the Coronavirus, we need to worry about not having enough toilet paper.

When I marketed recently, I was able to find water but eggs were nowhere to be seen.

Signs of the times:

Do these images look familiar?

Feeling happy status no toilet paper

No toilet paper.

No eggs.

In addition to practical matters like eating and using toilet paper, your blogs are possibly affected.

For instance, I know travel bloggers subscribe to Mostly Blogging. How do you write for travelers when people are afraid to travel and legally forbidden from traveling due to travel bans?

Blog traffic in the Travel niche and other niches affected by the Coronavirus are down.

Do You Have a Feeling Happy Status?

I started by posing a question: How can I ask bloggers to celebrate by having our bi-monthly blog party now?

The answer: Introduce your blog posts, your ebooks, anything you like, as always.

When you do, share your feeling happy status: Share what you do have to celebrate. There is definitely still good on your blogs, in your lives, and in the world.

Share some positivity. Positive quotes at stressful times like these are called for and much appreciated.

Did you hear the Huffington Post put together hysterical cat videos from TikTok to get people to smile during this stressful time? If the Huffington Post can do that, then we can certainly share some positivity.

I will start. I have reasons to have a feeling happy status: Look:

Source: Thabo commenting on How to Boost Traffic to Your Blog in 2020, 6 Ways

Feeling happy status testimonial

Testimonial Source

I realize getting down is easy with the current global pandemic. Despite the current situation in the world, reader testimonials like these definitely boost my happy status.

While my idea might not be as creative as the hysterical cat videos that TikTok thought of, here are some “You make me happy” quotes:

“When I forgot how to smile and how to laugh, you came into my life and made me happy. Thank you for bringing happiness each day of my life.”

you make me happy you make me smile

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Marcel Proust

Feeling happy status

Graphics and quotes Source

The dominant image for this post made me smile when I saw it in Canva. Hopefully these feeling happy status quotes and images made people smile.

At today’s blog party we are listening to “Save the Best for Last.”

There is a poignant line in the song: “Sometimes the snow comes down in June.” I interpret this to mean sometimes bad things happen during what should be good times.

Yet, notice the title, “Save the Best for Last.” I interpret the title to mean that problems will get solved at last.

If you don’t want to share your feeling happy status, feel free to share how the Coronavirus has impacted your life online or off.

We are a community. Feel free to use us as a sounding board.

In the comments section, you are encouraged to self-promote.

Introduce your blog to the other guests at the party. Tell the readers about your blog, and post a link to your favorite post, a recent post, your About page, your blog link, or anything you like.

If you are not already following Mostly Blogging, I like new followers too.

Note: At other blog parties, guests return and leave different links to articles in different comment boxes. You are welcome to return as often as you like and leave links.

I am hoping others will be able to find new blogs to read and new bloggers to connect with.

Guests, if you think others would enjoy the networking opportunities at our blog party, please share on your blogs and social media. The more guests at the party, the more networking opportunities for all of us.

Readers, please share. Whether this post works as a blog party to boost people’s feeling happy status, a vehicle for people to use as a place to vent their Coronavirus concerns or a place to read “You make me happy quotes,” sharing might bring a smile to someone’s face during this otherwise scary time.

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  1. Natalie Portman

    Great post very helpful for me
    I am an Happy because my website traffic not increasing

  2. Debby Winter

    Thanks for sharing I am happy too because I installed the Yoast plugin which fixed all the redirects on a blog I’d been having problems with. And no, Yoast doesn’t have an affiliate program, I’m not getting paid to recommend them here. Thanks for letting me post here feel free to drop by on our site to do the same. Warm Regards, Debby

  3. Rachel

    Great post as always Janice! I have been sharing 3-cutie pics or videos or funnies on FB every day for the last week. Friends have been doing the same. Two great friends with little ones in the house are sharing their quarantine stories via Star-Trek style and Star Wars style – too cute and funny. One of their ideas to keep the kids busy reminded me of an old childhood story I went through with my sister. Here is the post and I hope you get a giggle from it:

  4. Melinda J Mitchell

    Thanks for inviting us to lighten up and minute, and smile!
    The stores still have plenty of brownies and Coca colas!!
    My girls hugs, kisses, and smiles aren’t cancelled!!

  5. Hazlo Emma

    What a joy to read this today?
    Remembering to Smile More, with each passing day.
    We my not know what tomorrow holds, but today is a guarantee that we are whole and well.

    Don’t settle for the lull. Crawl Outta Debt Army is ready to walk with you! Get inspiration to leave the trap of bad debt with these powerful quotes that you can use to curate declarations for each day!

  6. DGKaye

    Hi Janice. I enjoyed your positive post. I tried to share on Twitter, but it went to your Twitter page. Then I tried it again and it didn’t have your @ name on the end. Just wanted to let you know. Stay safe! <3

  7. Baby Boomer Super Saver

    Thanks, Janice! It’s always good to focus on the positive, find happiness where we can, and retain our sense of humor if possible. I’m happy and grateful I’m still able to go outside and get in a walk (practicing good social distancing, of course).

    It also makes me very happy to be able to prepare recipes in my kitchen to keep myself and my family a little bit healthier. My most recent blog post has been updated with the legendary immune boosting herbal vinegar recipe used by the infamous 4 grave robbers of the middle ages, which they used to protect themselves from getting the plague. It bit of history that we can appreciate today.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Baby Boomer,
      Thanks for coming to my feeling happy party.
      1. I teach the Bubonic Plague to my 7th-grade history students.
      2. I also go outside and walk my dogs practicing social distancing.

  8. Bella X

    At this times of Covid19 everyone of us are losing money and our mind about which direction we should go to stay afloat and keep alive. It is very scary sometimes but we have stay confident and move ahead

  9. Patrick Weseman

    I am just trying to take everything in stride with all the craziness going on. Letting others act crazy. Thanks for hosting this. My latest is at the bottom,

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Patrick,
      I’m trying to shop, when I do, during “off hours” so I don’t encounter too many people. Thanks for coming by. My pleasure to host!

  10. evtasima

    I am just trying to take everything in stride with all the craziness going on. Letting others act crazy. Thanks for hosting this. My latest is at the bottom,

  11. Priscilla King

    Hi, I’m new here…saw that people were finding my site from this one. I recently posted a long status update that ended with a cheerful thought about my favorite wi-fi cafe…


    …And then the next Monday night I got a message from the cafe owner that nobody was allowed to sit down in there any more. Growl! Grumble!

    I’m still alive, well, working, and enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Can hardly wait for the coronavirus panic to subside.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Priscilla,
      Thanks for coming to my party, and welcome to my site!
      Thanks for telling me how you found my blog. I always wonder.

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