What Is Facebook Messenger And How Can It Help Bloggers?

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An anomaly.

During my recent expert interview, I asked the biggest names in blogging, marketing, and social media to name their favorite social media app.

One blogger, Minuca Elena, named Facebook Messenger.

Guest author Ashni Sharma is here to explain what Facebook Messenger is and how it can help bloggers.

During the expert interview, Minuca Elena explained why she prefers Facebook Messenger to all other social media apps:

“My favorite social media app is Messenger. I use Messenger all the time, more often than Facebook. Through messenger, I keep in touch with friends, clients, and other internet marketers. It’s an excellent way of building a relationship because it’s a real-time conversation (not like an email that feels like sending digital letters). On messenger, you can communicate in a more familiar, less formal way.”

Recently, people have become concerned with bots infiltrating communication on social media sites.

When you use the Facebook Messenger app, you are assured of a personal connection.

Want to know the best part? You don’t even need to have a Facebook account to use the FB Messenger app.

Guest author Ashni Sharma is here to tell you why you need to use Facebook Messenger to increase the success of your blog or business.


What Is Facebook Messenger And How Can It Help Bloggers?

by Ashni Sharma


Facebook introduced an exciting feature to their advertising panel in September 2016.


Facebook messenger is a mobile app that allows voice, video and chat-based communication between the smartphones and web-based messaging of social media. It is available for iOS, Windows, Android and Blackberry devices.


Messenger acts as a destination for your ads and other forms of communication and allows you to start messaging right away. The FB Messenger app has the have immense scope to increase conversion rate and improve the user experience.


Let’s check the advantages of using the FB Messenger App:


Communication with Your Audience is Enhanced

As a business owner, you can create different services and ask your visitors to pick the one that seems most suitable for them. This allows them to get filtered information from you about the areas they are most interested in.

Also, you can send them updates and move the conversation along quicker.

Better Engagement Is Obvious

Also, as a basic nature, people interact more in the private chats as compared to the public platform.

There is an Improved Visitor Count On Your Blog

The users who are more active about responding to you using the FB Messenger app are more inclined to click the link of your blog, and fortunately, they will genuinely read what you have written.

It gets even better: You can share your new blog link to members of your group using the FB Messenger app.

Next, people might be so impressed that you are communicating with Facebook messenger, your traffic could grow.


Use Interactive Content Like Games and Quizzes

The FB Messenger app can help you grow your blog or business

[Host blogger’s comments: Look at the screenshot. Look at all you can do with the FB Messenger app. Do you see “Games” underlined in the top right?]

Engage users with incentivized games and quizzes. It is obvious that the number of people who will interact is directly proportional to your number of subscribers. As a result, you will have better interaction with the FB Messenger contacts which could lead to better interaction on your blog.


Have Question and Answer Sessions


Another interesting approach is to become little more creative. When you will see a big rise in the number of queries raised by people, you can even create a group conversation and share the answers. They will feel it’s a privilege that users can get the answers in this personalized way.

[Host blogger’s comments: Again look at the screenshot. Do you see “Groups?” This enables you to send the communication to many people at once. It’s easy! Just create a group.]


Lead Generation is Noticeable


Free Messenger marketing is becoming a popular way to communicate with prospects, leads, and customers. As a strong marketing channel, it boasts better engagement than other methods. The list of methods includes Social media, Email, Direct mail, Push notifications and Skywriting.


As can be seen, the above factors that count for lead generation and better engagement of the visitors towards your blog.

Takeaways: Advantages of Using the FB Messenger App

Here is the list:


Undoubtedly, conversion rates are boosted. Moreover, it is more convenient to fill forms via Messenger. A noteworthy fact: More than 90% of Facebook users use mobile devices.


Messenger gives a more personal yet effective way of communication as compared to a landing page on your website.


With FB Messenger, it is easy to get an instant positive response.


You have multiple benefits to get from Messenger:

  • A personalized user experience
  • Frequent customer support through FAQs
  • Streamlined product purchase
  • Customized service
  • A nurturing platform
  • Boosted online visibility
  • More profitable than any other free Messenger app


The Crux


Like entrepreneurs, you also want to expand your blog in multiple ways. But, are you practically able to achieve the same exactly in the same way as you think?

This is the reason Facebook promotion is expanding in multiple dimensions, especially for bloggers.

Due to better engagement, you can see your traffic rise and your reputation increase. The FB Messenger app creates impressive results in this top-notch competition.

A basic logic: You will profit since what you can get is directly proportional to the convenience and comfort you are providing your customers.


Author Details


This post has been written by Ashni Sharma who is an expert mobile app developer from AppsChopper. She has an extreme interest in writing informative posts for the worldwide readers who genuinely need to boost their brand by implementing the effective ways of business promotion.

Host Blogger’s Comments:

To clarify: When you send a message on Facebook Messenger, Facebook will ask the respondents if they accept the message. If they agree, you can communicate with them in the manner Ashni suggested.

People have many reasons for using the FB Messenger app. This post was targeted toward bloggers and marketers.

Readers, please share so bloggers know how to use the FB Messenger app to market their content.

Related: The FB Messenger app is not the only communication app you can use to market your content, products, and services. You can use Whatsapp for marketing as well.


  1. Rosie Digout

    By sending messages on FB messenger, is this not considered spamming? As the person has not opted-in to receive these type of messages, especially with the new GDPR compliance.

  2. Jeanette S. Hall

    I use FB messenger, but it interrupts my ability to get work done! I have been starting to mute conversations just so I can get work done! Feel guilty doing that, but some people can be so demanding for instant replies.

    Thank you for sharing this information with the blogosphere!

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Jeanette,
      You are right, while the post described the advantages for bloggers using the Facebook Messenger app, there are definite disadvantages. Thanks for offering that perspective.

  3. Praveen Verma

    Janice and Ashni,
    I like the FB Messenger app. Really, with the help of FB Messenger we can communicate with people easily, whether it is friends or family members. I have never think of using FB Messenger in our business, but here great to know. I am very happy to know about the advantages of using FB Messenger in business. Here, I have learned a lot about FB Messenger, and you have well explained the whole article.

    I like the point “Using Interactive Content like Games and Quizzes” and it will be the best way to interaction with the audience.

    Thanks you so much for sharing this informative post. Will share this post on my social media accounts.

    Have a great day ahead.
    Praveen verma

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