28 Fashion Blogging Ideas and How to Find More in 2023

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Do you wonder how to keep finding more and more fashion blogging ideas?

Are you looking to discover how to find something interesting to write about on a regular basis?

By reading this post, you learn that there are lots of fashion blogging ideas and tips to find more.

Seasonal Fashion Blogging Ideas

Most people would start preparing for the upcoming season at least a month prior to the change, so help them by creating seasonality-driven content, for example:

  • Spring: Write about the latest spring fashion trends, such as florals, pastels, and lightweight fabrics. 
  • Summer: Share your favorite summer fashion essentials, such as sundresses, swimsuits, and sandals. Focus on the most essential summer item, e.g. “XX swimsuit ideas and how to mix and match them for more summer looks”. Summer is also the time most people travel, so cover summer travel essentials as well as how to pack your clothing when traveling, etc.
  • Fall: Explore the latest fall fashion trends, such as plaid, suede, and cozy knits. Talk about how fashion can help you cope with less sunshine and shorter days.
  • Winter: Share your favorite winter fashion items, such as coats, boots, and scarves, and how to style them. Elaborate on common fashion problems people may face in winter, for example, how to stay warm but remain stylish in winter.

You could also write about how to transition your wardrobe from one season to the next, such as incorporating spring colors into your winter outfits or layering for fall. Additionally, you could write about how to dress for special occasions, such as holiday parties or New Year’s Eve.

Trending Fashion Blogging Ideas

Is there a (fashion) event going on? Are there new fashion trends to discuss?

Start covering them on your blog:

  • Fashion events: Write about fashion events, such as runway shows or fashion weeks, and share your insights and impressions.
  • Create trend roundups: Write about the latest fashion trends and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.
  • Elaborate on how the style has evolved and/or compare last year’s fashion trends with this year’s trends

Covering trends is a great way to keep your content fresh which is a great way to maintain a solid organic presence, attract backlinks and get your content shared on social media.

Daily and Personal Fashion Blogging Ideas

  • Create your wardrobe tour (this can be a great video too!)
  • Share personal outfit inspiration: Put together some fashionable outfits and share them with your readers.
  • Share your personal style and fashion philosophy with your readers.
  • Create wardrobe essentials: Share your own personal must-have items for every season.
  • Talk about fashion history: Explore the history of fashion and its evolution over time.
  • Beauty tips: Share your personal favorite beauty products and tips for maintaining a polished look.
  • Create shopping guides: Create guides for shopping for specific items or occasions, such as wedding dresses or workwear.
  • Share your (or your friends’) daily outfits
  • Cover street style: Showcase fashionable looks from your city or local area…. If you live in a big city, share daily/weekly outfits you spotted in the streets
  • Share your personal holiday wardrobe and jewelry collection (and invite readers to share theirs!)
  • Create helpful fashion tutorials: Blog about finding your own style, learning to match shoes to make an outfit work, etc. Furthermore, you have the option of including affiliate links for all the clothing and accessories, such as men’s custom pants, watches, and shoes, that were mentioned in the blog. 

How to Find More and More Fashion Blogging Ideas

Using a keyword generator is another great way to come up with a never-ending stream of fashion blogging ideas. It lets you filter results by “difficulty” allowing you to discover search queries that are easier to rank for.

It will also generate content mind maps allowing you to discover even more ideas:

fashion blogging ideas,

Here’s a detailed guide on how to do keyword research which lists more tips and tricks on discovering keywords that can become your blogging ideas.

Once you select a keyword, run it through Text Optimizer to find even more angles and concepts. These could be ideas for more blog articles or they can be included in your current article.

Make sure to use lots of images in your blog posts because fashion is a very visual topic. Take pictures of outfits, create unpacking videos and bring your camera outside to take pictures of street fashion.

Google Trends is a great way to discover trending content. Look for “Related trends” when searching for any random keyword.

For example, these are the related trends for “shoes”:

All you have to do now is to research each of them and see if there’s a content idea there.

For more trending content ideas, consider monitoring this page from Vogue. If you create a project using Visualping, it will notify you via email every time that page is updated.

This way you will be the first to know about the latest fashion trends that are worth covering on your blog:

Start a Blog with a Specific Angle in Mind

Starting a blog with a specific angle is a good way to focus your brainstorming process on that topic. This might make it easier to come up with more ideas, especially if you find passion in that chosen angle.

Here are a few ideas for fashion blogs you can use right now:

  1. Start a personal style blog where you share your daily outfits and provide tips on how to style different pieces. Here’s a cool tool to help you find a catchy blog name, just type “fashion” or “style” and it will guide you through finding a great domain name.
  2. Create a blog focused on sustainable fashion and showcase ethical and eco-friendly brands and products.
  3. Write a blog that features affordable fashion finds and show your readers how to create chic looks on a budget.
  4. Start a blog that focuses on vintage fashion and provide tips on how to incorporate vintage pieces into modern outfits.
  5. Create a blog that covers the latest fashion trends and provide your own analysis and commentary on the trends.
  6. Start a blog that features up-and-coming fashion designers and give your readers an inside look at the world of fashion design.
  7. Write a blog that covers the intersection of fashion and technology, such as wearable tech and virtual reality fashion shows.
  8. Create a blog that focuses on the business side of fashion, such as retail trends and the behind-the-scenes workings of fashion companies.
  9. Start a blog that covers the history of fashion and provide insights into the cultural and social influences on fashion throughout the ages.
  10. Write a blog that focuses on men’s fashion and provide tips and advice on how men can improve their personal style.

Wrapping Up: Fashion Blogging Ideas

Fashion is a great niche to blog on if it’s something you are passionate about. Once you create a brainstorming routine, you’ll find getting more content ideas easier. Good luck!

Readers, please share these fashion blogging ideas.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Are there more fashion blogging ideas you can add to the list?

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