18+ Facebook Groups You Need to Join Today [2020 Update]

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How to find Facebook groups for 18+ that allow daily promotion.

Facebook groups.

Are you looking for 18+ groups on Facebook?

You’re in luck. All of these groups are 18+ Facebook groups. One of the groups is even for women of midlife. Clearly, that is definitely an 18+ Facebook group.

Facebook 18+ Groups

There are many advantages to using social media for business. One of them is the potential for businesses to boost their exposure.

Facebook Groups That Allow Weekly Self-Promotion

To find these groups:

  1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/.
  2. Type in the name of the group as it appears below.
  3. Click Groups.
  4. Click Join.
  5. If the group admin has questions for you to answer, answer them. Your membership will be pending in most cases. In other cases, you’ll be admitted right away.


Blog Like a Boss (Update March 2020: This group has not been active in 6 weeks.)


Blog Like a Boss

Creative Ninjas – Instagram sharing

Connect and Cultivate with Ivory Mix – Instagram sharing

Online Magic Makers

Blogging Boost

Living the Laptop Life

Blogger & Biz Babes


Blog Like a Boss UPDATE May 2020: The group hasn’t been active in 13 weeks.

Raelyn’s Online Business Friends

Creative Ninjas – Instagram post sharing

Blogging Newbs

Pinterest Ninjas


Daily Blog Share

Blog Like a Boss

Blogger Share and Promo Group

The Badass Solopreneur


Blog Like a Boss – Throwback Thursday

Connect and Cultivate with Ivory Mix

Blogger Share and Promo Group



Creative Ninjas

Bloggers Supporting Each Other


Blog Like a Boss

Make Your Blog Beautiful

Facebook groups help #Bloggers get #BlogTraffic

Best eCommerce Groups

When asked to suggest the best eCommerce groups on this list, I recommended:

Living the Laptop Life
Blogger and Biz Babes
Raelyn’s Online Business Friends


May 2020:

This spring, Facebook started airing commercials promoting Facebook groups. The most memorable shows a group of kazoo players. The message: If Facebook has a group for kazoo players, it has a group for everyone. 

March 2020:

In the event you are reluctant to join Facebook groups due to founder Mark Zuckerberg’s politics, you might rethink your decision. 

Zuckerberg’s response to the Coronavirus has been heartwarming. You can read all he’s doing to help in this post about Facebook’s advantages and disadvantages

Update February 2019:

Despite Facebook losing users due to last year’s data breaches, Facebook profits are soaring according to NBC. My point: I still recommend you join Facebook groups to promote your blog posts.

This post is uniquely different from all I’ve ever shared.

It’s not an article.

It’s not a list of tips.

It’s not a case study.

Today’s post is a list– a list of Facebook groups that allow you to promote your blog posts.

When I posted about a StumbleUpon group I am a member of, everyone thought it was my group.

There was much interest in joining that Facebook group. I know because readers thought it was my group and expressed great interest in joining.

In my article, This is How Facebook Can Always Help You Blog Better, I explained promoting in Facebooks groups is an effective way to grow your blog.

Today, I am posting all my Facebook groups that you can join that will allow you to leave a link and promote your blog posts.

This method is how I’ve grown my blog, and if you follow the strategies in this post, you can grow your blog this way as well.

The Value of Facebook Groups

  • You get an instant connection to like-minded bloggers. – Jen
  • Facebook groups have been a great help to me! Just about everyone wants to help promote others. – Vickie

Consider these comments posted in the Bloggers Mastermind Group:

I am really excited to say that I am officially launching my new lifestyle + design blog on January 2nd! Right now, I’m in the final stages of preparing for the launch, and I wanted to ask, what are your tips to having a really successful launch day, week, and month?

Thanks for any insights you bring.

Here is the answer the blogger was given by a member of the group:

I would get into all the blog promo groups. 

Facebook groups have been an enormous asset in growing my blog.

Look at this screenshot:

Facebook groups help bloggers

As you can see, I received 115 page views coming to my blog from Facebook. Look at the three posts that each received over 100 views that day. I promoted all of them in Facebook groups that allow self-promotion.

My experience is not isolated. The Gay Dad blog reports the same success with Facebook groups.

I once tried recommending a blogger for a Facebook group. Here is what I was told:

I can’t add her without her knowledge. I had one before this from someone else, and it was embarrassing when she came into the group and said she didn’t want to be a member. Sorry, Janice, I know you had good intentions, but without her consent, I won’t add her.

Clearly, my days of recommending bloggers for Facebook groups are behind me. Now my readers will have to request joining the groups without my intervention.

You do have to make a request to join. Getting in is easy. I have never been turned down for a group I was trying to enter.

[Note: All I ask is that you right-click and open a new window or tab when you check out these wonderfully supportive groups. If you don’t, my bounce rate is going to plummet.]

Facebook Groups that Allow Daily Self-Promotion

These Facebook groups allow self-promotion every day:

UPDATE: Did you note some of these groups were archived after the original publication of this post?

I received a question after the Blog Share group was archived:


“Hi Janice,

Have you ever heard of a group blog on Facebook being archived? I show archive on Blog Share and seen nowhere to post. I have contacted Admin in the meantime waiting for a response.”

Me: “An archived group means it’s no longer taking submissions. They saved the old content and archived it.

The group is closed. I tried going there to promote as well which is how I know.”

Additional Ways to Find Facebook Groups

  • You can also go to the Facebook search bar. Type in the name of your niche + groups. Groups in your niche will come up. See if they allow self-promotion. Even if they don’t, you’ll meet like-minded bloggers. Comment on their blogs. If they return the favor, they could become new readers.
  • Also, you can also go to the Facebook search bar, type your niche + group plus your location. I’m in a California group and a Southern California group since that’s where I live.

Facebook groups help #bloggers


  • Consider this comment from a blogger who discovered this is how I grew my readership:

Your FB method is amazing.

He then proceeded to interview me about my technique of growing my blog.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Do you target creating content for a certain number of groups or build a labyrinth of groups that are targeted to your niche?

My answer:

Regarding targeted content, I produce the content, then find a Facebook group that matches it and then I promote there.
The only two I change are the marketing groups. I don’t always blog about marketing. If I don’t, I won’t promote there.

The action is in groups. This is true in Google Plus and Linkedin, and on Group Boards on Pinterest. It’s true pretty much everywhere. Facebook has a very robust group culture. Find groups of interest or create a group.

  • The Essential Website blog goes as far as to call joining Facebook groups “a craze” and adds this craze has been going on for a long time.

Concerns About Facebook Groups

The tide has turned away from Facebook to such an extent that in recent years, articles offering Facebook group alternatives are on the rise.

There are disadvantages as well as advantages to using Facebook:

  • Promoting in Facebook groups can be time-consuming. In addition to posting your blog post link, you should write a short snippet of what your post is about to let other users of the Facebook groups know if your post is an article they’d want to read.
  • Also, you shouldn’t just “link drop,” even if there are no rules saying you can’t. The appeal of Facebook groups goes beyond the potential for blog traffic. Facebook’s fun lies in connecting with other bloggers. For example, you can comment on their posts and share their writing on your social media.

The solution: You don’t have to post in all of them. Try promoting your posts in a few and see if they give you enough return on your time invested. Then, you can try others.

Also, if you join and post to the largest Facebook groups, you’ll get a higher return on your time invested (ROI) in promotion.

  • Another concern stems from the rules some Facebook groups might have. Be aware of them before you apply to join the group or post there. These groups may have rules you must follow. For example, about half ask you to leave your link in a thread for that day. If you don’t, your post link could be deleted, and you might risk expulsion from the group. The Blogging Anarchy group actually boasts that it has no rules since so many Facebook groups do.

 Wrapping Up: Facebook Groups

In closing, I have achieved great results following this method.

Promoting your posts in Facebook groups might be time-consuming, and there might be rules you have to follow. However, the potential for blog traffic is high. When it comes to engagement, Facebook can’t be beaten. You might go in looking for traffic, but, if you don’t just “link drop” and run, you will wind up making friends.

Note: If any of these 18+ Facebook groups have folded since this publication and subsequent updates, please let me know in the comments section, so I can remove them from the list.

Readers, please share, so other bloggers know how to increase blog traffic by promoting in Facebook groups.

Bloggers, what Facebook groups that allow self-promotion can you recommend? I look forward to your links to groups you use for promotion in the comments section.

Facebook Groups: FAQ

How do you find a group on Facebook?

Go to https://www.facebook.com/.
Type in the name of the group as it appears below.
Click Groups.
Click Join.
If the group admin has questions for you to answer, answer them. Your membership will be pending in most cases. In other cases, you’ll be admitted right away.

What are groups on Facebook?

Facebook groups are started by an administrator. The administrator sets the rules and admits the members. Groups may have more than on administrator. The groups are made up of people with a common interest. The interest can be as broad as mid-life or a geographical location or extremely specific.

Can a Facebook page create a group?

The person who set up the Facebook page can start a group. That person is called an admin or an administrator.

How many Facebook groups exist?

Social Media Examiner reported that in 2019, tens of millions of Facebook groups exist. You can join up to 6,000.

Facebook Groups Hack

Facebook Groups 18+ hack

You can pin your Facebook groups to your shortcuts. They appear on the left of the screen.

This is a timesaving tip. All you need do is click instead of typing the group’s name in the search bar.

Click the 3 dots at the top of the screen under More.

Click Pin to Shortcuts.

  1. John Doe | at 7:08 am

    Thank you for the Facebook list. I’m sure it’s very very time-consuming but good things happen when you use your time wisely

  2. Stephanie Lewis | at 7:47 am

    Janice, this was stupendous! I didn’t know about any of these Facebooks except for the Midlife one! Also did I know you live in So Cal too? Maybe I did and forgot, hence why I hang out on Midlife Facebook page. 😉 I am in Carlsbad, where are you? Really loved this post. Ps. Everyone should ask to be added to Beyond Your Bloggers on Facebook. You can promote there but beyond that, it’s a game changer for getting your work published on other sites. It’s how I got my start being paid to blog! Susan Macarelli is amazing, just like you Janice! Have a great weekend.

    • Janice Wald | at 7:55 am

      Hi Stephanie,
      I’m south of you. I’m just north of the San Fernando Valley in Santa Clarita. I’ve been to Carlsbad!
      Thanks for the suggestion. I checked out the group just to find I’m already a member! I promoted there after reading your comment.
      Great to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Yolanda | at 9:37 am

    Great post Janice! Joining FB Groups was a game changer for me as most of my subscribers came from groups, when I first started out. Quite a few FB Groups you listed I had not heard of until now so thank you for this. I would also like to recommend my own group as I allow self-promotion, https://www.facebook.com/groups/752741734903215/. PS. It is very new but steadily growing.

    • Janice Wald | at 10:40 am

      Hi Yolanda,
      Thank you for the compliments on my article. Thank you as well for suggesting your Facebook group. I requested entry, and I am excited about joining.

    • Janice Wald | at 11:23 am

      Hi Robbie,
      Thank you so much for sharing my article. Definitely do what you have time to do. I generally try to see how active the group is. If they are active, I know I am getting exposure to more people. Let me know how it goes.

  4. Jen Monks | at 4:43 pm

    Thanks for the recommendations. Some of the FB groups I am in now are not a great fit for me. It’s nice to have a few alternatives.

  5. Jen Dodrill | at 7:28 am

    Awesome “non” article! 😉 Thanks for linking to my blog post too. I appreciate it! I’m excited about exploring the groups you have listed!

  6. Marsha Ingrao | at 3:04 pm

    Great post, Janice. Thanks for including our group, Networking Bloggers. Groups are a great way to make friends, get advice and promote your work. You are an amazing promoter, and do provide a great service to bloggers. Thanks for your work and your friendship. Marsha 🙂

  7. Edward Thorpe | at 7:58 am

    Hi Janice,

    For a blogger looking for connections and exposure, this informative post is G-O-L-D! Thank you for the list. I’ve already asked to join a few (don’t wanna over-extend my abilities).

    I already belong to one FB group that’s very supportive, as well. You’d be a natural fit. (I’ve shared this post to one of the group’s sharing pages)
    Edward Thorpe recently posted…How To Prevent Charlie Horses And Other Muscle CrampsMy Profile

  8. Anonymous | at 10:36 am

    As always very useful advice. I will bookmark this. At present I am very much involved in groups on G+. I mostly use FB to see what my friends are up to and to like their pages. However once I can crop some groups I will think about perhaps joining one group at first.

  9. Tanishq Aarya | at 8:34 am

    Hey Janice i really appreciate this article, i use facebook to promote my blog and websites thank you for adding some more groups i have joined some of this and started to promote and boom!!! it helped me. :))

  10. Amrita Basu (Misra) | at 8:56 pm

    My absolutely favourite list ever .These Facebook groups look perfect.I joined all if them except 3.Those 3 links are broken.The second one I am sure is showing an error code. Thank you for your help.Visiting from my favourite linky At Bloggers Pit stop

  11. Sara | at 10:16 pm

    Hi, Janice. Last year when I did a “which traffic methods work” experiment, I was in a number of groups, some listed above.

    They are time-consuming, YES, but there are V.A.s who will do your “social chore threads” for you. Many of the larger bloggers have a few V.A.s doing it for them.

    So, if your blog is dependent on page views for ads, I suggest investing in a V.A. to help you out or buddy up with a few bloggers who can support you.

    I believe it was in a FB group that I found YOU and your lovely Blogger’s Pitstop. ^_^
    Sara recently posted…A Story ‘Bout How I Became a MomWebs GalMy Profile

  12. Michelle Williams | at 2:25 pm

    Hi, Janice,

    First, congrats on your numerous page views for your article, “18 Facebook Groups You Need to Join Today”. Great info. 🙂 I would like to know:

    1. I only have a personal FB page. Will I need to create a FB business page in order to post on the FB blog links that were mentioned?

    2. Does it matter whether you have a few blog posts (two – four) in order to promote your blog? Or would a blogger need more?

    Thank you for your time. Again, congrats! 🙂

    Michelle Williams

  13. Totom | at 2:01 am

    Thank you for the tips. It’s save our time to search by our self group for promoting our blog post to public.

    • Janice Wald | at 12:56 pm

      Hi Yasar,
      Thanks for writing me.
      I am addicted to Facebook also. I am surprised I have not seen you over there in any of the groups. I’m glad you like my article. Hopefully I gave you ideas for new groups to join.

  14. joo | at 6:09 am

    Do you use Facebook?

    If you have experience of using Facebook, then you will want to know all about this. I have just come across a company that is actively hiring experienced Facebook users. You can get paid great money doing this, too.

    Check out all the details here…it’s well worth a look:


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  15. Thabo Nkomo | at 6:20 pm

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks for writing such a helpful article. I have began learning how to use Facebook groups to drive traffic to my sight. This post will be very helpful as it will give me more options.

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  17. Qasim | at 12:49 pm

    Hi Janice,

    I reach here from the interview on PAC. And I am glad to reach here. As you have mentioned Facebook groups is a great way to meet like-minded bloggers and increase traffic to your blog. Through Facebook Groups I was able to meet you. So I always looking for more groups to join.

    Thanks for sharing this list.

    One side note is that when I clicked on crazy4blogging and Writer’s Accountability Group I received an error that link has expired or not visible to me. I am not sure if this is end error on my end.

    Also if you can add the Stumble and Pin group to your list that will be helpful to grow the group and get more traffic.

    By the way, I have linked to this article from my blog post.

    Thanks Again for sharing.

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