Eye Beauty: The 6 Latest Trends for a Popular Look [2022]

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Do you know the latest trends in eye beauty?

Beauty and makeup have evolved tremendously over the years and we will continue to see new styles every single day. Take a day to go through your old folk’s picture album and you will understand what I am talking about.

In the past, makeup was simple, compact powder and lipstick, and they were good to go. 

Eye makeup also did not involve so many steps as we see in the present. Eye makeup is one of the most evolved areas in beauty. Many people have discovered the power of the eyes and the different ways in which we can make our eyes speak for us.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the latest trends in eye beauty.

The Latest Trends in Eye Beauty

Eyelash Extensions


Instead of struggling to add volume to your lashes every single morning, many are now opting for lash extensions. A lash technician uses a special type of glue to attach several faux lashes to your natural ones to add fullness to your eyelashes and make them appear thicker. 

There are different eyelash extension patterns and your lash artist will determine the best one for you before proceeding with the procedure. You can either get a lash fill or a full set procedure depending on your preference and the condition of your natural lashes. You can also opt for cat eyelashes extensions.

Ombre Brows


This part of eye beauty can be challenging. You have probably had those mornings where no matter how hard you try, your brows just won’t match. Many people struggle with the art of shaping the eyebrows and that is why this technique was invented. During this procedure, a machine is used to create thin pigments on your natural brows creating a pencil brow appearance. 

The artist usually shapes the eyebrows to give them a more natural look. With ombre brows, you will never be late to dinner because you were struggling to shape your eyebrows. Ombre brows last up to five years and they are very low maintenance.

Smoky Eyes

eye beauty


This is a style that involves the use of more than one shade of eyeshadow to create a dramatic look on the eyes. You will start by using one shade and smoke it out at the edges of the lash line. Then you can go ahead and blend in other colors with a makeup brush

Smokey eyes are perfect for a night out in the city; they are most commonly referred to as rebellious eyes and only the daring can pull them off. This doesn’t mean that you should overdo this trend; use no more than three shades of eyeshadow and make sure you blend the hell out of them. This technique was invented in the 60s by Linda Cantello, a famous makeup artist.

Metallic Eyeshadow


Metallic eyeshadow has become a standard in eye makeup, whether you’ve tried it before or not. Whether you use a single shadow or many for a smokey appearance, shimmery metallic colors make for effortlessly sexy eye looks. While the look is bold and adventurous, it may also be extremely flattering to your eyes for an ultra-feminine appearance. 

However, you should be careful not to cause any damage to your eyes since it involves the use of glitters. This look is also ideal for the nightlife but can also be rocked during the day if done in moderation.

Colored Mascara


Instead of the plain old black mascara, why not spice things up with a colored mascara for your girls’ night out? This look adds a dramatic twist to your basic eye makeup routine and makes your eyes appear brighter and more lively.

Choose a shade that best suits your eye color, for instance, a purple shade looks better on those with brown eyes, and pink is recommended for green eyes. This trend is one of the most common and can be seen on various Tiktok celebrities. 

Sunset Eyes


This trend involves the use of bright-colored eyeshadow combined to create a stunning and glowy look. You basically begin by dividing your eyes into sections to accommodate each shade of eyeshadow. Then apply a white base on your eyelid to enhance the brightness of the other colors that you will use.

Go ahead and color the first section all the way to the final section. Blend them in together for your final look and touch it up with mascara and eyeliner for a complete look. 

Sunset eyes can be worn for a summer afternoon meet-up with friends or for a fun night out with friends. If you are a fan of bright makeup and love to play around with colors then this is a trend that you should definitely try.

Conclusion: Eye Beauty

Eye makeup has become the center of the makeup world. This is because we spend the whole day wearing face masks that conceal the rest of our faces and only leave the eyes to be seen. So why not make your eyes speak for you when the rest of your face cannot?

Most people are toning down on their foundations and lipsticks to give the eyes the attention that they deserve. Sales in eye makeup have increased drastically since the beginning of the pandemic; major makeup brands have reported this. 

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