Examples of Blogs for Students: Top 9 Student Blogs For Millennial Life

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examples of blogs for students

What are the nine best examples of blogs for students?

From college tips to life hacks, here’s everything you need to navigate your way as a millennial.

Sit back and explore the examples of blogs for students we chose for you.

You’re a millennial at college who needs some advice, right? The internet offers conflicting information, and it might be challenging to sift out what’s useful. We’ve done the hard work for you and given you our list of the nine best examples of blogs for students.

The chosen sites feature advice about life on campus, how to study better, and how to manage your finances. There are even cannabis-related blogs dedicated to the cultivation and getting the most from your fast version seeds.

There are three categories: How to navigate your way as a millennial student, helpful life hacks, and blogs for the future entrepreneur.

Here we go!

Examples of Blogs for Students in College

For some, the first year of college is the most difficult. It’s no longer high school, and you have many more responsibilities. Navigating through all the changes while maintaining an average or above GPA isn’t easy. 

Here are four blogs to help make this adjustment period easier.

College Cures

College is a whole new world. It’s hard to know where to begin. Enter College Cures! The blogs cover various aspects, including the application process and dealing with a dorm mate who parties too hard and too much. 

Relationships, finance, and health all have their own easy-to-navigate categories. The study section even has sample blog examples for students majoring in communications.

Dorm Delicious

Living away from home for the first time can be a daunting experience. Dorm Delicious has blogs dedicated to surviving your first year living on campus. From tips on how to decorate your room to easy recipes for students on a budget, it’s all there.

There are loads of campus-life tips, like how to find the cheapest textbooks and advice on how to stop procrastinating and get studying.

Everything for Med Students

If you’re looking for a medical student blog, this is the one for you. Beginning with the MCAT and pre-med, right up to how to perform in a hospital ER, this site has it all.

Everything for Med Students has categories on medical school study approaches, residency and finance tips, and an entire section on self-care.

Examples of Blogs for Students with College Life Hacks

Do you have a problem that needs a solution? Here are some answers, including a 420 blog site, plus other life hacks like transferring photos between phones.

College Life Made Easy

For millennial students who like to focus on the fun side of college life, this site is for you. Blogs offer gift ideas, hosting events, and tips for attending graduation.

There’s also a serious side to College Life Made Easy. There are sections on health, budgeting, and everything to do with scholarships.

i49 Genetics

Is marijuana finally legal in your state? Maybe you’re considering growing your own plants from seeds. The i49 Genetics site is a cannabis education blog written by experts in weed cultivation. 

From step-by-step guides to how to fix issues, there’s everything you need to know delivered in a fun and informative way. After reading, order seeds to be delivered right to your door.

College Info Geek

Thomas Frank’s team has created a series of blogs to improve life at college and in the future. The site has four categories. The first two focus on how to study and be more productive.

The blogs for the future sections are about how to start your career and live a better life. College Info Geek is easily one of the most helpful sites for millennial students.

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Examples of Blogs for Students for the Future

What does the future look like once you graduate? Here are some blogs that offer tips and solutions like how to be happier at work and manage your finances. Options include:

The College Investor

There’s nothing worse than graduating college only to be drowning in student loans. The College Investor offers helpful advice, from getting out of debt to setting up a passive income.

Create a free account with your email or Google to access all the blogs.

The Savvy Couple

Do you have a college sweetheart? There’s no better advice than from those who’ve been there already. The Savvy Couple helps you learn about living in a partnership, what to expect, and how to have a successful life together.

What’s one of the top things couples fight about? Money! This site has a dedicated segment on this topic alone. The Savvy Couple is one of the most popular blogs for young adults.

The Confused Millennial

Adulting is hard, right? Rachel agrees! She created The Confused Millennial to help you find your way in the daunting world of being a grown-up. Her site covers everything to do with personal growth, home, finance, career dreams, and parenthood.

If you’re considering a career in the blogosphere, this site can help point you in the right direction.

Wrapping Up: Examples of Blogs for Millennial Students

Your college years are some of the most formative of your life. Fortunately, navigating it may be easier, thanks to helpful online content.

Our examples of blogs for students cover everything from college admissions right through to graduation, business ideas, and parenthood. Why not look at a few and decide which option offers the best tips?

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know more examples of blogs for students you would recommend?

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