5 Useful Tips That Will Help You Create Timely Content

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How to create evergreen marketing content.

5 Useful Tips That Are Proven to Help You Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen marketing.

Why do you read a blog today, just to disappear in the next few days or weeks,- nowhere to be found?

That is because the material is not evergreen content. It might be seasonal, time-dependent content pieces that get a spike for only a short time. 

But evergreen marketing content is the opposite of time-sensitive posts.

Since marketers are using blogs to kickstart their businesses, what is evergreen content, and why is it so vital to your content marketing strategy? I expected those questions, so let us address them before going further down this article.

What Is Evergreen Marketing Content?

As the name suggests, evergreen content is a post that frequently adds value to the reader in spite of the passage of time. It remains relevant to your target audience and consistently draws in new readers and drives tons of traffic back to your website.

Also, evergreen materials generate more social media shares and attract quality backlinks because they’re always relevant, an evergreen synonym, and fresh. The concept of evergreen content is sustainable and intensely long-term. Users are geared to keep coming back to read the material and reference it because of its value.

This type of content relates to the following topics:

  • How-to posts (tutorials)
  • Reference guides
  • Product reviews
  • Encyclopedic information
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Understandably, evergreen content is in contrast to time-dependent materials such as trends and seasonal content since they have a shorter life span. Hence, creating evergreen content will make Google love you.

Why You Should Create Evergreen Marketing Content

Evergreen content is so relevant because it does not get outdated or irrelevant and holds a prominent position in search engines. So having evergreen content (posts and pages) on your blog will help you in many ways.

Some benefits include:

  • It helps to build your online reputation as an expert in your niche.
  • Evergreen posts collect organic backlinks and nurture leads.
  • Offers the user lasting value.
  • Evergreen content engages your ideal readers and keeps them longer on your site.
  • It is a cornerstone content that develops your blog in a unique pattern that Google loves.
  • Evergreen marketing content helps you beat the competition, boost your organic SEO, and rank higher Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

The beauty is that the more you update it, the more value it adds to your readers and drives additional traffic. Furthermore, it will help you analyze the ethical considerations in marketing.

Why is that so? 

Because having a deep understanding of the essence of marketing ethics allows you to enjoy the long-term benefits of your content marketing campaigns. You will know how to create content materials that can help you build customer loyalty and brand credibility.

And in the end, you will increase email sign-ups, boost sales, and make more money online. But how can you create evergreen marketing content? In this article, you will learn five actionable steps to develop evergreen posts that rank high on Google.

1: Choose Topics That Qualify for Evergreen Content

Choosing the best topic for evergreen content is essential because it helps to attract more clicks to the post and drives more website traffic. For instance, Hurricane Katrina – a category five hurricane struck on New Orleans, Florida, and Louisiana, and other surrounding cities in 2005, causing billions of dollars in damages. 

The articles and news stories about the catastrophe made incredible headlines and generated a lot of buzz with massive traffic. In other words, they are time-sensitive topics that are only helpful now and become irrelevant as soon as the disaster was over. 

So it makes sense to select topics that qualify for evergreen marketing content since such posts are valuable to the reader now and in the coming months and years to come.

With evergreen marketing content, you are sure of: 

  • Improving your brand awareness
  • Recurring web traffic
  • More email sign up (learn how to keep your emails away from spam)
  • Increase conversions
  • Make more sales
  • Etc.

However please, don’t get me wrong. Writing about time-dependent content materials is fantastic since those trending topics can also generate tons of web traffic and increase sales.

But since you want to retain your readership and attract more people to your blog, you should focus on the needs of your target market when selecting topics to develop. For example, I’m a blogger and freelance writer; an evergreen topic for my niche could be “How to Find Online Freelance Writing Jobs On LinkedIn.” 

This subject is an evergreen topic because every freelance writer is continuously searching for ways to find consistent online writing jobs, including newbie writers.

2: Research Your Keywords to Find Keyword Phrases Your Audience Is Searching

Selecting a topic is the starting point for creating evergreen content. With your list of themes, it is time to brainstorm keywords to find the ones that can drive high volumes of traffic to your blog. The keywords you choose must be less competitive but have a high search volume.

It should be keywords your target audience is frequently searching on Google. Performing keyword research is not difficult. Please, read this article to learn how to do keyword research. Many tools can help you find the right keywords to rank high on search engines.

You can use any of the tools below:

  1. SEMrush
  2. Ahrefs
  3. KWFinder
  4. Ubersuggest

These are incredible SEO keyword tools you can use to find popular keywords with low competition. For example, I used Ubersuggest, a free tool, to search for “freelance writing jobs.” But you can see that both paid and SEO difficulty may not be in your favor.

How to create evergreen marketing content.

It means that if you decide to use “freelance writing jobs” as your target keyword, your chances of showing up on Google search will be slim. Why? Because your competitors are already ranking for the terms. 

Still On Keyword Research

So to increase your chances of ranking higher, I narrowed down my search to more specific keyword terms. 

In light of this, I searched for “online freelance writing jobs.” See that the search volume and keyword difficulty are okay. But there is still some problem with the paid search. So I’m going to go down further. 

How to create evergreen marketing content.

So I narrowed down further and searched for “remote freelance writing jobs.” The search volume is 1,000 monthly searches. But have in mind that the 1,000 searches per month are not all coming to you. 

Your competitors will share it with you. However, you can use the keyword phrase and back it up with related keywords to boost your chances. Nevertheless, I decided to do more keyword research. So I went for “writing jobs.” See what I found below:

Have a look at the search volume, keyword, and paid search difficulties. Also, the related keyword terms are fantastic as well. You may not rank for the seed keyword, but you can rank higher with associated keywords.

The idea is to help you find keywords that will improve your search visibility. You can choose your target keyword from here. Moreover, you can use any of these 63 marketing tools to promote your content for additional exposure.

3: Optimize Your Content for Search Engines

Google is the primary search engine people are using to perform search queries.

But there are several other search engines like:

  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Ask.com
  • Baidu
  • Yandex
  • DuckDuckGo

These search engine platforms work incredibly well. So when now that you have found your target keyword, what’s next? It is time to use the focus keywords to optimize your posts for Google and other search engines. 

Organically add your keywords terms and related keywords in strategic areas within your content to increase your search visibility across channels.

Also, use the keywords in the following areas: 

  1. Headline
  2. Subheadings
  3. URL
  4. Images
  5. Title /Meta tags

For further optimization, create relevant inbound links that’ll improve dwell time, and link to external sources as well. If you’re using WordPress CMS, I guess you’ve already installed the Yoast SEO plugin. The tool will help you with the necessary content optimization processes.

Therefore, with proper content optimization, you can scale your SEO business quickly.

4: Update Your Evergreen Content Once In a While

Although your blog content is evergreen, some insights may become outdated while the key points remain relevant. That is why it is crucial to evaluate your content and make updates now and then to keep it fresh. Google loves new content!

The more current they are, the higher they will rank on searches, and continue to drive targeted traffic to your site. However, to maintain the quality of content and relevance, it is best to set a scheduled date on occasion to update your posts.

Since the goal of your content is to drive consistent web traffic, updating the post occasionally will help your target readers to keep on interacting with the material.

5: Allow Your Evergreen Content to Thrive

How can you allow your content to thrive? You may have created some evergreen content already. But as you keep producing new blogs, you unknowingly bury them in your blog among other posts. 

You may have optimized them well for increased search visibility. But you also need to help site visitors to find the articles on the website quickly. How? The easiest way is to create a “top posts” section where visitors can always find your most popular blog content. 

Also, setting up a “start here” page is another fantastic way to make your evergreen content thrive. The start here pages will appear at the top menu like the other pages and become visible to everyone. From there, visitors and site users can quickly access the content.

Wrapping Up: Evergreen Marketing Content

We have provided profound insight on evergreen marketing content; what it is, why it is essential to your business, and how to create it. It may seem challenging to develop, but it is not. Apply the tips above to create the best that will rack up social shares, get quality backlinks, and ranks higher SERPs.

What tips are you using to create evergreen content? Please, tell us in the section below!

Readers, please share so content marketers discover these hacks for creating evergreen marketing content.

Author: Moss Clement

  1. David James

    Nice article but still a doubt that when to publish a new article and when to update old articles?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi David,
      Thanks for the compliment on the post.
      You asked when you should publish a new article. You need to have indepth content if you want to stand a chance of ranking on Google. Only you know how long it will take for you to compose indepth quality content that solves people’s concerns. At the very least, I’d advise publishing once a week.
      You also asked how often you should update your posts: You should update whenever you have updated information on your topic. You can even tell Google and search engine users in your meta: 2019 update or whatever year it is.
      Thanks for your comments and questions.

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