Epic Content Marketing: 4 Content Tips to Improve Your SEO

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epic content marketing

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Are you looking for epic content marketing tips?

These content tips will improve how you rank.

The content on your website is going to be the single thing that you rely on to boost your page up the search rankings, which is what we’re all aiming for.

Nobody creates a website that they don’t want people to visit, so it follows naturally that if you want people to read it then you’ll need them to know it’s there.

Thankfully, search engines want great content to be read too and they’re constantly evolving ways to make sure that the right content meets the right audience. This means that search engine optimization is more intuitive than ever now, which is why some of these tips will seem so very logical. 

Remember that more than 90% of pages get absolutely no organic traffic, so by optimizing your content, you’ll be able to easily stand out from the crowd.

We can’t state enough the importance of content marketing, it’s your best chance to clearly communicate exactly what your brand is all about and it’s the best tool that you have to get your website seen.

Optimizing your content is a must and this is how to do it, with these epic content marketing tips.

What is Epic Content Marketing?

Epic Content Marketing is a network marketing book by author Joe Pulizzi.

In his book, Pulizzi helps marketers cut through the clutter to market smarter and not harder.

That is what this guide provides. The epic content marketing strategies in this post are powerful strategies that work.

Epic Content Marketing Strategies

Think Of Your Audience

epic content marketing

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Knowing your audience will help you write worthwhile content.

The reasons for thinking of your audience are two-fold. Firstly, thinking about who you are writing for will help you to develop a voice.

You need to be someone that they can relate to or look to for guidance, someone they can trust.

You also need to think about the needs of your audience, what questions they want to be answered and what problems they want to be solved.

Then, it’s up to you to give these answers and solve these problems for them. Once you can do all of this in the correct tone, you’ll be well on your way to epic content marketing.

Content that answers people’s questions encourages users to spend more time on your site. They’ll click through looking for more information and read your posts more thoroughly.

This increases your click through rate (the percentage of people who click on something else on your site after landing there) as well as reduces your bounce rate (how many people click on your site and then leave straight away).

Both of these factors are super beneficial for improving your SEO, so always keep the audience in mind. Cut the waffle, write in the right tone and solve their problems for them.

Stick to The Script

Now that you’ve got your audience all worked out, it’s time to think of the format that your content is going to take.

There are tons of different content formats but the most SEO friendly are as follows.

Epic Content Marketing Techniques

  • Lists
  • Guides
  • Articles
  • Videos/Blog Posts
  • Product Pages
  • Images
  • Infographics

Lists come in at the number one spot, people love to read a list and you can cram lots of information in there, as well as plenty of well-researched headings.

Guides are up next as you’re able to provide plenty of in-depth content on a topic and usually spread them out over at least a couple of pages. Articles are next and include things like news, editorials, and interviews which are the sorts of things that you might see published by an online newspaper or magazine.

Videos and blog posts tie for the next spot but remember that YouTube has its own SEO structure, so we won’t be focusing on video tips in this guide.

After this, you’ll find things like product pages, images, infographics, and more. They’re much lower down the list because there’s less room for actual content, so we’ll dodge these today too.

Let’s examine more epic content marketing strategies.

Keyword Research

Next on the list is some keyword research. This is one of the most important tools in your SEO arsenal, so you ought to be dedicating a good chunk of your time to this. Your main keywords are going to be very obvious.

For example, if you’re a florist, then you might use ‘florist’ as well as your location, and perhaps if you specialize in flowers for weddings, or similar you can use the event as another keyword. For shop owners in Norfolk, “Norfolk florist” would be the best keyword to go with. 

From here, your keywords can get a little trickier to determine, so it pays to have a little help. There are a plethora of keyword tools that you can use, so find one that suits you.

Then, start sifting through the words that your business will be able to stand out. Try not to go head to head with the big brands, in the instance of our example, Interflora has got a much bigger SEO budget, so ‘flower delivery’ would be words to avoid, unless you use them as part of a long tail.

So you could use ‘wedding flower delivery in Ontario’ and you’d have a smaller pool to battle. Narrowing down keywords and search terms like this will help you rank first or second in the more niche requests, which are the places that you should be chasing.

Let’s explore the last epic content marketing technique.

Building Those Links

Finally, getting your content linked to is one of the best ways of climbing those rankings. In order to get links there are two main ways to go about it, the first is to write content that is unique and informative so that anyone else writing about similar subjects will link to your website as the authority on it.

We’ve covered this already, so you should be feeling pretty confident about it. The other way is to guest blog or get reviewed, inserting backlinks as you go.

Review sites are a good place to start as they’ll be optimized already and if you can find a specialized site, even better.

An example of a site that reviews well is Vegas Slots Online which specializes in expert unbiased assessments on the best UK online casinos. They include all kinds of information on bonuses, a variety of games, and most importantly provide links to each of the sites individually.

If you don’t think a review site is a good fit for you, then do your own search for sites linking to information that you’ve written about. It might be that you find a site linking out to a piece of content that isn’t as great as yours.

Let them know! Reach out and suggest that they link to your content instead and that’s one link built for just a short email.

Wrapping Up: Epic Content Marketing Tips

By reading this guide, you discovered four epic content marketing strategies that will make a difference in your rankings. Strong rankings lead to greater visibility in the SERPs which leads to a boost in sales.

Readers, please share so marketers discover these epic content marketing strategies.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Are there more epic content marketing tips you can suggest to add to the conversation?

This post was contributed and made possible by the support of our readers.

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