EMP Attack: What Type of Protection Do I Need?

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EMP Attack

What Type Of EMP Protection Should I Have For An EMP Attack?

Vanessa de la Luz

You may have heard of an EMP attack before. If you are unsure, an EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. This can be man-made or a natural occurrence that wipes out electronics and signature through a blast.

It can be hard to prepare for one because we don´t know when it will occur and how large it will be. In fact, they still happen regularly, but not large enough for humans to be affected. Items like the TechProtectBag may end up becoming your best friend.

Keep reading to learn more about protecting yourself and your devices from an EMP attack.

So, what exactly is an EMP? Let us explain more.

As we said, it can be man-made or a natural event. It creates a huge pulse that can be huge or very small and unnoticeable. In 1859, an EMP attack took place that was natural. This event was called Carrington and caused a lot of damage on electronics and caused fires. Since there are so many more electronics today, the event would be very bad.

It has been shown that if a terrible attack occurred,  it could take out almost all the United States. This is because it could cause diseases and lead to hunger. Although this has not happened, since the scare is there, it’s an even better reason to ensure you are protecting yourself and your family from an attack.

Reading this is a reality check that many people need. They put things off. If an EMP attack occurred there would not be time to order a Faraday cage. There would not be time to ensure all your electronics are protected so they work after the attack. An attack means more than just the electricity just goes out. This also means your water systems won´t work correctly or should at least not drink.

Other ideas are also to ensure you understand how to build a fire and know all basic and advanced survival skills. Try and keep in mind you won’t have any of the essentials. This means that if you needed medical attention, there’s a chance you will not be able to receive any because medical equipment is not available. These are things to keep in mind when preparing an EMP attack bag, especially extra water and tablets to purify your water so you stay healthy.

The next question you may have is exactly how you and your family can prepare and protect yourself from this event. The most important thing to do is to figure out how to keep you and your family safe. You can do that by having a bag that has the essentials in it for survival. Since you never know exactly how long one will last, it’s important to have enough for a long period. It’s also important to try to think if you have to start over, what will you need. What will help you start over?

The next thing you will do is to get a Faraday cage. This will help to protect your electronics and keep them safe during an attack. If you have ever been in an elevator, you may have noticed your signal cuts out. No internet connection works and you do not get any signal. This is similar to a Faraday cage in what it can do. When the pulse hits, if your electronics are in a Faraday cage, the shock will not hit them and they will not be affected. If they were outside a Faraday cage, they will be affected and break immediately. The pulse causes the circuits to go on overload.

Many people are unsure about what will be affected and what will not be. For example, since Jetta stated that their cars will survive an EMP attack people thought cars would be under attack and break if an attack occurs. The truth is though is that a car is never an issue. Cars are not sensitive to the electromagnetic pulse. Your car, in fact, is similar to a large Faraday cage that travels along with you. With this said, anything that can go 30 KM per hour creates an electromagnetic pulse.

During an EMP attack, it can be hard to know what to do. With that said, it’s too late to do anything that will help to create less harm to you and your belongings. The best thing you can do is to prepare. Prepare by purchasing the necessary equipment and having the best survival equipment with you. It’s also a great idea to brush up on items that can help you understand survival such as how to build a fire. Anything you can do to prepare yourself ahead of time will help and help to save your electronics.

We hope you understand more about an EMP attack and you can prevent yourself from becoming affected and harmed by one. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Grab the necessary equipment so that you can be protected from even the very worst. For more information on EMP attacks and how to protect yourself, contact us today.

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