eMarketing: How to Convince a Customer to Purchase Your Product

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Are you interested in emarketing tips?

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Today’s guest author has many emarketing tips for you.

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7 effective eMarketing tips

Have you heard of eMarketing?

Electronic marketing, or eMarketing, refers to selling your products and services on the internet.

Are you wondering how to get more sales online?

Today’s guest author will offer a 7-part eMarketing strategy. His action plan effectively explains how to get more sales online.

How to Get More Sales Online, 7 eMarketing Hacks

How Do You Convince Your Customer

to Purchase a Product?

What do fashion brands, food brands, and furniture brands have in common – they all want to convince as many people as possible to buy their products.

Selling a product online vs offline is very different.

In the case of the former, you don’t have the chance to interact with your customer and hence must be very smart about how your product is portrayed.

So, how do you convince someone to buy your product? Are your online sales dependent on the product description or is it the pictures that speak louder?

Here are a few tips that could help.

Know your Customer

Before you start listing products in a store, you must know who your target customer is. Gender, age groups, occupation etc. are the basics. To really be able to convince a customer to buy your product, you must recognize and understand their needs. Only then will you be able to position the product correctly.

For example, a T-shirt can be projected as a fashion statement or sportswear. If your customer is an athlete, positioning the T-shirt as a fashion statement won’t result in a sale. On the other hand, if you were to market it as a running T-shirt, you’d have a much higher chance of conversion.

7 effective eMarketing Tips

Focus on What the Product Can Do

Every product has a purpose. A pen is used to write, a drill is used to make home improvements, etc. Understand that the client is more interested in investing in what the product can do than what it is. Hence, put stress on the purpose of your product.

In terms of images, it is always best to show the product in use. In terms of product description, give aesthetics a lower priority than the product’s intended use.

With respect to the above example, which one do you think has a higher chance of being sold, a ‘Red T-shirt’ or a ‘Running T-shirt’?

Focus on differentiating the product from the competition

In an age where it is easy to compare products from different brands, it becomes necessary for your product to prove that it is different from others. Study the competition to see what your competitors lack.

In some cases, the product may be similar but your competitor may not have mentioned a few aspects of the product. This is something you can take advantage of.

When your product is listed, ensure that it covers the way your product is different from others and the points your competitor have missed out on.

For example, wash-n-wear T-shirts do not typically need to be ironed. Your competitor may have taken that for granted and simply listed his T-shirt as a “Wash-n-wear T-shirt.” By adding a product’s line saying ‘No ironing required,’ you can instantly make your product look different and increase its value perception

Use Data

Statistics add to a product’s credibility. If you have 12 years of experience manufacturing clothes, include it in your product listing page. This proves that you know what you’re doing and that you manufacture quality products.

If you’re selling weight loss pills, mentioning the number of people your pills have helped will make your product more trustworthy.

Incentivize Customers

A brand isn’t built on a single purchase. It is built on repeat purchases. To attract new customers, you must give them an incentive to leave their current brand of choice for yours.

Loyalty programs and bundling similar products together are easy ways to do this. For example, running a loyalty program where the customer gets a jar of coffee free after making regular purchases for 6 months can help ensure a sale for each of those 6 months.

Similarly, when it comes to fashion, you could bundle 2 similarly styled T-shirts together instead of selling them separately.

Don’t Miss Out on the Basics

If you’re selling a beautiful coffee table, it doesn’t matter how you differentiate it from others and stress its purpose if you forget to mention the dimensions.

Don’t assume that your customer will understand what you are talking about. Instead, spell it out.

For example, it isn’t enough to market a bed sheet as a double bed sheet. There are many sizes of double bed sheets. Hence, put down the exact dimensions.

Be Honest

Most E-commerce websites allow customers to leave reviews. In many instances, the reviews are more powerful than the product description. This is because they are considered ‘honest feedback’.

If you lied in your product description and the product did not live up to the claims, the customer may not only return the product, he may even leave a bad review that calls you “dishonest.”

This can make many more customers choose another product over your product. Hence, be honest and clear in your product descriptions. Commit only to what you can deliver.

Author bio:

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Author: by Shaju Devessy


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  1. Naseem Ansari

    E-marketing is a provided the very good service. If any user purchases the product then you provide the good services to the customer.

  2. Deepali

    This is a fantastic article providing valuable info about emarketing. One of the places where you mentioned that it is so essential to differentiate yourself from the competition is so crucial. Thanks for an awesome piece!

  3. Praveen Verma

    In this crowded online world, it is very hard to convince someone’s to buy your products. If you have to sell your products then you have to come with unique techniques.

    To make a sell it is very necessary to know about the targeted customer. It will give you clarity about their needs. Here, I like the tip about “differentiate the product from the competitor” and yes, it will make your product look different from other’s and it increase your product value perception.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen Verma

  4. anand

    thanks for sharing , Could you just tell me the defference between emarketing and Affilated Marketing

  5. Tarique Amir

    Hi Janice,

    I completely agree with you, honesty is very important. We should try to give value to our visitors purchase, only then they will come back for more. It is important to give them quality product or service within minimum budget.

    Thank you for sharing this post. Have a good day. 🙂

  6. Sajid Akhter

    Hello Janice,

    Trust is the most important aspect of any business. once you provide quality products and you are able to gain your visitors trust. They will revisit you over and over again. Targeting the right kind of audience with the right product is very important. The chances of conversion will be much higher if we target our audience well.

    Thanks for sharing, Have a great day.

  7. Kathie Miller

    1st of all a very good quote by Noah Kagan. The tips you have mention above are really helpful especially the last one – Author Bio. It increase the trust factor for the customer. Thanks for such an informative article Janice.

  8. Agent Schoen

    Nice, Actually sometime we have products that people want but don’t know the way of publicity means how to engage with the related customer. Main reason sometime we don’t have enough budget for marketing campaigns sometime we don’t have resources etc. Your mentions are really impressive and informative. Thanks for the information.

  9. raj singh

    Its a useful post, and being a content writer its important, because it is also one of the way to attract a customer towards purchasing any product from the site

  10. Gaurav Kumar

    The easiest way to convince the customer is to offer the same thing what he wants to buy.

    But, how do you know what your customer wants?

    The easiest way is to analyze customer behavior. Also the quality of your product matters a lot when making sales.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gaurav,
      Thanks so much for commenting on my article.
      You discussed making money selling a product and asked, “How do you know what your customer wants?”
      One way to find out is through surveying your readers and social media followers.
      I have a post on polls and surveys planned. If I use your ideas, I’ll link to you.

  11. Bishnu

    Really awesome tips…
    Now a days online business or emarketing growing rapidly and there was chance for every offline business owner to market their products online and get lots more customers worldwide.
    In online marketing we have to serve product what customers want then we can able to sell more product’s…
    Thanks for your article ?

    • Janice Wald

      I agree with you. Sadly, it often takes creativity to figure out how to do it. Case in point: I have a friend who is a humor blogger. She doesn’t know what product to make that consumers want.
      Thanks for writing.

  12. Alice V

    I never thought to use stats to help me sell my online preschool printables. Thanks for this tidbit of info because now I have something new to work with.

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