How to Monitor and Increase Email Traffic, 10 Smart Ways

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Email marketing is still one of the most profitable and popular marketing methods despite the emergence of trendier and higher-tech marketing trends. 

This power comes from its remarkable efficiency —it’s used by almost everyone and launching a campaign doesn’t take too much effort, money, or time.

Using the right email marketing strategy is an excellent way to ensure a high return on investment even when you are sending unsolicited emails. An unsolicited email is also called a “cold email.” A cold email is an email that is not requested in advance.

In this article, we help you understand how to monitor and increase email traffic. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll discover five ways of monitoring your email traffic and five ways of boosting your email traffic.

Understanding Email Traffic

Email Traffic Meaning

Email traffic, in the marketing sense, refers to the number of individuals who visit your website by clicking on the link that you mentioned in your email.

You might link to an article that you want more people to read or a product that you want people to buy. 

In fact, it can even be a feedback form or a contact form. What remains crucial is increasing traffic to increase your revenue.

To generate email traffic, there are several things that you need to take care of. 

For instance, you need to ensure that your emails are being delivered, your emails are optimized for all devices, they’re aesthetically pleasing, people are opening them and clicking on the link.

All of this becomes possible if you know how to monitor email traffic, find ways to increase it to generate a bigger, more relevant stream of traffic to your website via emails.

How to Monitor and Increase Email Traffic

Monitoring Email Traffic

Email marketing tools offer features that help you design, distribute, and measure several metrics associated with your campaign. 

For instance, you’ll know how many people are opening your emails, how many are clicking and more.

But, for a detailed view of your traffic, we recommend using Google Analytics. 

It’ll help you measure and analyze your inbound traffic and track septic cohorts within a particular category.

Go one step further and set up Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) tracking codes for your URL, you’ll be able to track your email traffic even more accurately.

Once you’ve decided which tool(s) you’re going to use to monitor your email traffic, you can use these simple strategies to make the most of your monitoring:

#1. Measure Directly

The simplest way is to track your total email traffic per list or demographic segment. Make positive changes to your campaign to increase this metric.

#2.  Analyze your Click-to-Open Ratio

This ratio allows you to analyse how many people are clicking on the link compared to how many people are opening the email. 

If people are opening your emails but not clicking on the link, it simply means your content isn’t compelling.

On the other hand, if people are not opening your emails, it could be because of your subject line or deliverability issues. 

#3. Evaluate Your Bounce Rate

Check the bounce rate of your landing page. How many people leave it after visiting it via your email?

If the bounce rate is high, that means you’re unable to retain the traffic you’re attracting.

This could be because you may have targeted the incorrect demographic or your landing page and email have differences in terms of content or your landing page is of poor quality.

#4. Analyze Behavioral Patterns

With the help of Google Analytics, you can understand the behavioral patterns of your target audience. 

Use this information to your advantage and track how your visitors behave.

For instance, do they tend to open another page? If yes, which one? How many pages do they visit? 

#5. Evaluate your Email Traffic Conversion Rate

Checking email traffic conversation rate is essential. 

You may be getting a ton of email traffic and your campaign may be fully optimised but is your target audience doing what you want them to?

Do they take meaningful actions after opening your site?

If not, you’re likely to struggle with ROI. 

The trick to fix this is simple. Attract relevant traffic and optimize your website for conversions.

Increasing Email Traffic

You’ve learned how to track and monitor email traffic. What’s next? Taking measures that’ll help you gradually increase your email traffic.

Here are a few of our favorite strategies:

#1. Quality vs Quantity

The number one step is to optimize your subscriber list for quality and relevance. 

Ideally, every person on your list should be interested in your brand and has subscribed voluntarily.

The best way to do this is to attract all subscribers naturally by using manual invitations and signups. 

The most common mistake people make is buying subscriber lists. Please refrain from doing so and let people sign up on their own. 

The more interested your subscribers are, the more likely they’re to open and click on your links. 

A smaller, high-quality list is better than a big list of uninterested subscribers.

#2. Fix or Sort Out Inaccurate Data

Periodically scrub your subscribers’ list for obsolete or inaccurate data. 

Email management tools generally have automated features that flag inactive email addresses or highlight missing fields. 

#3. Segment + Target your Lists

You’re likely to see improvements in your email traffic if you deliver high-quality relevant content to your audience.

This can be achieved by segmenting and then targeting your audience.

Segment your list into different demographic sections. 

For instance, break down the list by demographic segment or location and then end different types of content to each type of segment.

#4. Personalize your Emails

In today’s day and age, everyone wants personalized products and services. The same applies to emails. 

People hate reading emails that have been sent to millions of people. 

Dig deeper personalize drip campaigns tailored to individual circumstances.

#5. Invest in Content

To begin with, work on your subject line because that’s the first thing a person notices when they receive an email. 

And first impressions are last impressions. If your subject line isn’t compelling, your email is likely to be ignored or worse, land up straight in the bin.

The body of your email is equally important. 

Ensure that your content loads properly, is error-free and doesn’t have any spelling mistakes, and provides readers with informative content. 

Remember to keep your content informative, persuasive and appealing.

#6. Include Visuals

People love visuals more than they love content.

Use it to your advantage by including photos, videos, GIFs to make your email appealing and more compelling. 

Free graphic design tools like PosterMyWall can help you design your images. Here is more information about the PosterMyWall app and a tutorial.

Fotor is also a free graphic design tool at your disposal. Here is more detailed information and a Fotor tutorial.

Use strong, bold colors to drive your subscribers to your Call-to-Action buttons. 

The key is to not go overboard as it may leave your readers annoyed or overwhelmed.

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Email Traffic: FAQ

How Can I Track Email Traffic?

You can use Google Analytics to track all traffic including email traffic.

The Takeaway: How to Boost Email Traffic

Monitoring and increasing email traffic take time and effort. 

Even though a lot of email marketing software and tools come with a plethora of features, it can be a while before you get the hang of email marketing.

Track different email marketing metrics to understand what kind of content your users are interested in, the best time to get email responses and more. 

Once you begin to understand this information, you can make optimize your campaigns accordingly. 

Run regular experiments to learn more about how your users respond. 

Readers, please share so email marketers discover these effective strategies for analyzing and boosting email traffic.

Which was your favorite strategy? What strategy do you use to minor and increase email traffic? Let us know in the comments section below!

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      Hi Bella,
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