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10 Blogging Ideas For Students and Teachers

Olha Porterm

The only possible thing that’s more popular to do today then blogging is vlogging! Yes, everyone now lives in a world where everyone has some kind of log, whether it be by video or written.

Teachers and students don’t always know what to blog about, although there is an essay help service or two that can help with that. Here are several blog post ideas for both students and teachers.

Blogging Ideas for Teachers

A teacher might ask themselves if they should write about teaching and education if they are education experts or if they have other options. A blog isn’t something, however, that is defined by one’s work. This is more about blogging about one’s own interests rather than having the best teacher blogs!

This could mean that a teacher blogs about cooking or gardening. Yes, it also means that they could be blogging about education since they are education experts. It’s entirely up to the blogger. It’s the topic that also defines the audience. A teacher who blogs about teaching is likely to attract teachers, and a teacher who blogs about cooking is likely to attract those interested in cooking!

They can post about teaching though. If they want to do a teacher fashion blog or do special education teacher blogs, that’s fine, too. Here are some ideas for teachers who are education experts and are more oriented towards blogging about education:

Collaborations with other teachers. There is nothing like getting a blog going by talking about collaborations with teachers. This attracts other education experts to the topic and gets them discussing. This can soon turn into actual online collaborations and boost those views on that blog!

Dollar Store ideas for classroom supplies. It’s no secret that a lot of teachers are usually dealing with budget cutbacks or budgets that were slim, to begin with. As a result, many teachers have to find creative ways to educate their students and end up putting their own money into those supplies.

The best thing to do is to take that past experience of going to dollar stores and buying a few bucks’ worth of supplies to give an entire classroom a great lesson. Other teachers are just as cash strapped and appreciate it when someone else shares their great ideas. This will get kudos from other educators really fast!

The best education websites. The addition of Smartboards to classrooms has changed the way a lot of teachers teach. Because of this, there are a lot of senior teachers and others just starting out, who don’t know which websites run by education experts are the most informative, the most educational, and the most engaging for kids.

Sharing a blog about which educational sites are the ones to go for is incredibly helpful and will attract a great deal of excitement and attention to the blog.

Classroom decorating ideas. Many elementary teachers love to treat their students to the pure delight of celebrating major holidays, but doing this has to involve a certain sensitivity to other cultures.

Sharing great decoration ideas for Halloween and Thanksgiving allows other teachers to deck out their class in style, especially if that blog shows them how to do it on the cheap! A few tips about how to decorate for other holidays without offending anyone is also gold for people who are unsure as to how to approach it.

Best approaches for exams and tests. This is where a teacher can truly shine to an audience of teachers. Making up exams, tests, and quizzes is a way of life and very unique to the gregarious order of educators.

Because of this, every teacher is always looking for a way to make up an exam that is efficient, effective, and most of all, easy to mark! One may not have all of the answers, but posting tips that a teacher does know engages others to share theirs.

Education experts: This is an incredibly helpful and great way to build up a following.


Blog Examples for Students

The same question is often asked by students who want to start up a blog. Should they blog just as a student? The answer that’s applied to teachers is the same here for students: it’s really up to the person. Everyone can blog about whatever they want. If they are looking for blog topics related to being a student, then here are a few ideas:

Do an interview – This is one of the best ways to start a blog. There are many blogs out there and attracting people to it by way of an interview is always a great start. This can be an interview of educators or even other students who have accomplished something good recently. 

What’s important is to make sure that it is well planned and well executed with relevant questions posed to the subject.

Do a book review – This is something that students frequently have to do at different points of their careers. Being able to do one well is what can give a student the change to share that wisdom.

Doing a blog book review will give practical information to other students and make that blog one that is mentioned at school.

Do a short story chain – What is a short story chain? It’s kind of like those old chain letters that had to be passed on, lest bad luck curses someone! This involves the blogger putting up a post where they give the start of a short story.

They then invite others to post the continuation. This results in other students replying with the next part of the story. One by one, the story grows until it’s eventually finished.

One does have to establish ground rules to avoid confusion, but this blogger trick can be a lot of fun and engage a blogger’s audience.

Share study tips – Everyone who has ever been to school knows that one has to study, but it isn’t easy. Sharing what works for getting those good grades for school can really help other students who are struggling. This can also work for sharing tips on writing a good essay.

This also encourages other people to post their own tips on effective studying or writing, which engages people and gets them really discussing the topic in detail. This is a great way to attract people to a blog.

Let other students conduct an interview – This can be done in person, but it can also be done through a blog. In-person, the interview can be conducted, transcribed, and then posted on the blog.

Another approach is to open oneself up to questions. People posting on the blog can then ask questions and get answers. This is a great way to engage the audience, but again, make up some ground rules to avoid embarrassing questions!

Wrapping Up: Bloggers Who Are Education Experts

In closing, this post offered strategies for teachers. Teachers are educators. Bloggers are educators. For teachers to become bloggers is a natural evolution. I should know. I’ve been a teacher and blogger for half a decade.

Readers, please share so other education experts discover these strategies for helping other teachers and their students through their blogs.

Author: Olha Porterm

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  1. Melinda J Mitchell

    What a great post! BBFFJ, you know how to pick the best guest posters, and topics!

  2. Gaurav Kumar

    HI Janice,

    Blogging make the bloggers develop the habit of deep research and explore the world of knowledge. The same help a teacher to open his/her heart and mind to grab more information and filter that information based on facts.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gaurav,
      Did you know I majored in sociology in college? That’s where I developed a love of the deep research required for bloggers that you mentioned.
      Thanks for writing. Great to hear from you.

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