Ecommerce Opportunities: 7 BigCommerce Business Strategies to Boost Sales In 2023

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ecommerce opportunities

Are you looking for ecommerce opportunities in 2023?

By reading this post, you receive seven ways to take advantage of ecommerce opportunities and three actions you must take before diving into to ecommerce marketing.

What this article isn’t: These strategies will enable you to capitalize on the ecommerce opportunities presented here in order to boost sales. This post will not present you with new ideas for products to sell.

If you already have products or services you want to market online, keep reading.

According to, BigCommerce is ecommerce for a new era.

Why does BigCommerce provide ecommerce opportunities?

Let’s look at some important data.

BigCommerce is the largest and most popular platform for e-commerce in the world. You can estimate the size of BigCommerce from the fact that it has around 90,000 online stores located in more than 120 countries across the globe which is giving ecommerce opportunities to many people.

The platform’s popularity is backed by its user-friendly interface, 24/7 customer support, and superb e-commerce tool kit, which made the platform retailer’s favorite. If you are planning to integrate BigCommerce into your business, we will help you understand the bits and bobs of the platform.

Before we examine ecommerce opportunities, let’s understand what BigCommerce is.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an eCommerce solutions software platform that provides the foundation for brands and retailers to build an online store and sell their products. You can create e-commerce platforms and sell any product you want, from self-care items to books and hardware parts, with the help of a computer and basic internet connectivity.

BigCommerce runs on its own system which means new entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about purchasing web-hosting servers and backend management like we used to purchase a shared web hosting from a Siteground alternative or by any other company for creating an e-commerce website. 

If you don’t know how to code or design, and are looking for a platform that is easy to use and comes with pre-made templates, you will commend BigCommerce’s simplicity and the features that it offers.

You shouldn’t miss out on ecommerce opportunities since BigCommerce has made it so easy to sell online and many of the best ecommerce agencies prefer BigCommerce over other platforms due to its robust nature. Before adding BigCommerce to your portfolio, let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind.

Strategies checklist before jumping to BigCommerce

Before getting started with BigCommerce, let’s have a look at the short checklist of essentials that are needed for ecommerce opportunities that a fruitful e-commerce store brings.

  • Market Research: It is a good idea to do market research to understand the latest trends for growth in 2023. This will help you spot voids and ecommerce opportunities as well as understand what customers are looking for.
  • Strengths and flaws: Analyze your ongoing performance and look after the areas that need work. Capitalize on the strong parts.
  • Theme and performance: A professional theme that is attractive, fast, mobile-friendly, customizable, and custom tailored as per need is essential for a successful e-commerce store. 

With these basic preparations done, let’s have a look at BigCommerce integration and its features. 

Integrate Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools can be integrated with the BigCommerce platform which saves time and manual effort and can be utilized on mundane deeds. There are several automation techniques that can be used to boost productivity. Apart from that you can consider using AI-powered tools like Sellesta, Which help to rapidly scale your e-commerce sales.

Depending on goals and needs, here are some techniques that are necessary to be integrated with the store.

  • Abandoned cart recovery: Customers often add items to the cart and don’t complete the purchase. Automated emails, push notifications, SMS or a combination of all can be implemented to recapture them.
  • Welcome emails: Keeping the customers informed with your brand story and tempting deals, engaged is crucial for building trust in the brand, which results in a long-term relationship.
  • Omnichannel communication: Omnichannel communication gives customers a personalized and integrated feel and allows them to reach you in a comfortable way. They can reach you and you can reach them on a comfortable and engaging channel. Promotional and time-sensing discount messages can be sent.
  • Occasional emails: You can make your customers feel special and valued on their special days like birthdays by giving them special discounts and deals. 

Marketing Automation can increase accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. Prone to human errors and repetitive tasks can be leveraged to automation and saved time and effort can be put into focusing on strategies and other big picture. Don’t miss out on money-making ecommerce opportunities by getting stuck in daily repetitive tasks, so delegate those tasks to automation.

Email Marketing for BigCommerce Store

Emails are far better and more effective marketing channels than any other available out there. Emails deliver the highest return on investment and are trusted more by customers. Consider using these email marketing tactics in your e-commerce store.

  • Promotional emails: Consider sending emails to your customers regarding offers and discounts on holidays and other occasions.
  • Re-engagement emails: Send emails to your customers who haven’t made a purchase in the last few times. Re-engage them, and offer them discounts, that will boost your customer loyalty.
  • Newsletter emails: These emails will keep your subscribers in the loop with you, consider sending them emails regarding updates, news, and motivational blogs.
  • Segregated emails: Leverage the capability of email list segmentation tools which keeps updating the data of customers. Split the subscribers into several small segments and target them with personalized and more relevant emails.
  • Confirmation emails: An order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails have the highest engagement rates. Consider sending personalized recommendations with post-purchase emails.

Take Advantage of BigCommerce SEO

More than half of shopping journeys are initiated with a Google search. As such, BigCommerce SEO efforts become an important aspect of the overall marketing strategy. You should do Search Engine Optimization according to the user search intent.

Your product pages and other pages should be SEO-friendly and optimized. Integrate GA4 eCommerce capability to your BigCommerce store which will bring all of your sales data into Google analytics. 

Leverage Referral Marketing

Word-of-mouth has been an old and powerful way of marketing. Buyers trust more on their friends, family, and relatives more than other marketing schemes. Consider integrating referral marketing into your BigCommerce marketing strategy. Provide the kind of experience that makes people recommend your services and products to others.

Use Loyalty Programs

Selling to customers who have purchased from you and are comfortable with the brand is far easier. Customer loyalty programs should be an integral part of your BigCommerce marketing strategy, which will boost the repetitive revenue and save on the lead campaigns. More than 90% of brands are now offering some form of the customer loyalty program. The best customer loyalty programs are cash discounts and points that they earn from purchases, reviews, and other forms.

Integrate User-Generated Content

User-generated content aka social proof such as interactive social media posts, reviews, and product unboxing builds trust among new users.

Keep in mind the benefits of using social media platforms. For instances, there are advantages of Instagram. Tools exist that allow you to schedule Instagram posts like Inssist which stands for Instagram Assistant.

There are also advantages of using Twitter and other social media sites. For instance, you can schedule Tweets & much more about your product customers reviews on social media 

Customers are turned off by direct advertisements and turn to advice. According to research, buyers find reviews and other types of user-generated content 35% more memorable and 50% more trustable. 

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been a great way of marketing ever since social media sites like TikTok have risen. Social media influencers are the best way to boost brand awareness in your targeted demographic. As we discussed earlier, people trust more suggestions from whom they trust.

Ecommerce Opportunities: FAQ

What are the opportunities of Ecommerce?

Use automation tools, email marketing, SEO, referral marketing, influencer marketing, and social media marketing to successfully sell online.

Wrap Up: Ecommerce Opportunities

In closing, this post gave you ecommerce opportunities that you can capitalize on by following these online marketing techniques.

Every retailer has their own unique marketing strategies depending on the needs but these are some of the basic needs that every seller must consider integrating with their marketing strategies. BigCommerce has given ecommerce opportunities to many, but only those have been successful who have understood the market well and made all marketing strategies a part of their portfolio.

Readers, please share so online marketers discover these online ecommerce marketing opportunities.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you suggest more ways to take advantage of ecommerce opportunities?


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