These Are the 9 Pages You Need to Earn Money Online

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Earn Money Online

Do you want to earn money online without paying for ads?

There are many legitimate ways to earn money online without investing in advertisements.

One of the ways to make money online is with static pages.

Static pages get indexed just like your blog posts.

This post describes 9 pages you can make.

After they get indexed by search engines, your website stands a greater chance of being found online.

An increase in visitors leads to an increase in sales.

Let’s take a look at all the pages you can make.

What is a Page?

Rena McDaniel has a great definition of a page: “A page is a static piece of content. It’s like a web page. It isn’t dated, nor does it show up in any sort of RSS feed.” She also has many helpful tips for making sure your page settings are the way you want them.

Making pages in WordPress is easy. Go to your dashboard, click “Pages/Add new.”

How to Earn Money Online with These 9 Pages

Update: May 2020

Due to the effects of Coronavirus, many industries in the world are experiencing inflation. Are you affected? Read on to learn how you can earn money online. 

1. About Page 

Your About page is critical to your blog’s success. Check out your all-time stats and see where your About page falls. I’m guessing pretty high.

Here is the reason: Suppose visitors find an article on your site they like and want to consider following your blog. They might check your About page to see if they want to subscribe. Without an About page, they won’t know enough about you to make an informed decision.

If you know how to write a killer About page, you can build a mass email list. If you build a mass email list, you stand a better chance to earn money online.

2. Contact Page

Bloggers should be ever-present. Your presence should be all over the internet.

People need to know how to find you away from your blog. Your Contact page tells them where on the internet they can find you.

Provide your social media links and your email on this page.

Blogger Laura Hill offers great tips for making a quality Contact page.

3. Landing Page

There are many ways to make money with a landing page. Many people erroneously believe your landing page is your homepage, but they are different.

Your landing page is where you want visitors to “land” when they arrive at your site. This has a different URL than your home page.

This is necessary for the following reason: What if whatever appears on your blog on any given day isn’t your best effort?

You can ensure visitors will see you put your best foot forward if you have a designated landing page for when they arrive.

I have three landing pages. Note: two of my landing pages provide links to my optin: a PDF of 123 free blogging tools.

The DrumUp blog agrees your landing page should offer benefits of signing up for your newsletter.

Landing Page 1: I often participate in interviews and write guest posts. This is the link I give people who feature me. This is where I want their readers to “land” when they visit my site.

Landing Page 2: Sometimes, people tell me they want to sign up for my blog and ask how. Also, surprisingly, from time to time, people end up at the blog I left in 2014, Reflections. In both cases, I offer them this link. This link is for new subscribers.

Landing pages are so key to the success of your blog, some email services offer free landing page makers. For example, MailChimp enables you to make a free Landing Page.

Would you like to see mine? Here is Landing Page 3.

Blogger Anil Agarwal wrote, “Landing pages are golden.” If you want to earn money online, they certainly are.

2020 UPDATE 

Aweber now offers landing page tools that will help you earn money online. Make the landing page directly at Aweber. 

You can make beautiful landing pages without coding knowledge. A pretty landing page will increase the odds of conversions.

The drag and drop functionality is a breeze. 

You can use Aweber’s landing pages to sell your books, grow your email list by offering a blog subscriber form, and more.

Your ability to build landing pages in order to earn money online is an added reason I’m a huge fan of Aweber

4. Books Page

The purpose of your Books page should be to sell your books.

I get a thrill when I see the click away from my site to on my dashboard.

I figure people are interested in buying my ebook AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG.

Reviews from readers are also on my book page. Naturally, these are to entice people to purchase and read my ebook.

I also have a link to the book on GoodReads since this site is for authors.

People interested in your content might want to read more from you and purchase your ebooks. This is the place to advertise your books without seeming spammy.

However, the link to my ebook isn’t all that’s on my book page.

I’ve written two ebooks that I give away for free. They are for people who optin to receive my blog posts in their email.

I wrote a 119 term blogging dictionary. Since it’s free, I still advertise it on my book page since it’s a virtual book, a glossary.

The other link to a complimentary ebook is my popular post 18 Facebook Groups You Should Join Today.

The downloadable PDFs of both books are optins to my email list, so while advertising this on my book page may not help me earn money online, it will help me get new subscribers to my email list. This, in turn, could help me earn money online if the people on my email list hire me as a blog coach or buy my ebook.

5. Resources Page

Your Resources page and your Books page could be the same page.

For example, if you wrote a resource for people, and your resource is an ebook that you’re selling, the ebook is both a book and a resource.

My Resources page is on my sidebar. Often, posts which you labeled “guides” or “tutorials” can be considered as resources.

I also have a Resources magazine at Flipboard.

So, my resources can be found in two places. You might have a Resources Pinterest board.

Don’t feel you have to limit yourself to only advertising your resources on your blog especially if you’re selling them or they are your email optins.

Many people give away guides as a free optin in exchange for an email address.

6. Sales Page

Gavin McDonald recommends having a sales page to help you with affiliate marketing. Your Sales page could explain the products that you are trying to make affiliate sales for.

My Sales Page is my Hire Me page. On my Hire Me page, I explain my monetization goals, and I have testimonials from previous happy clients.

I primarily use my Sales page to get sponsored post opportunities and blog coaching clients.

I mentioned earlier static pages get indexed by search engines. At the time of this writing, my Hire Me page ranks on Google.

7. Testimonials Page

This page is also called “Reviews.”

The DrumUp blog discusses the importance of testimonials. I have a separate page for testimonials; the blog admins put their testimonials on their landing page.

8. Top Posts Page

You worked hard for the page views your top posts generated.

Having a Top Posts Page is a way to repurpose those successful articles.

Newer readers didn’t have a chance to see them when they were published. If you have a Top Posts page, they can see your previous top-performing posts.

I keep my best-performing posts from last year in my sidebar and from previous years on my Top Posts page.

This page could also include your best posts in each category.

9. Facebook Page

The purpose of this post is to explain you need pages to earn money online. However, those pages don’t necessarily need to be on your blog. For example, you can and should have a Facebook page. Naturally, this would be on Facebook’s website and not your own.

Why you should have a Facebook page:

Facebook pages are used by blogs and businesses.

It’s like getting a free ad in a directory. It’s free promotion for your blog and your blog posts.

Having a Facebook page for your blog is another place you can avoid looking spammy. If you advertise your posts on your Facebook wall, your friends, families, and coworkers may feel you are spamming for a page view.

There is no need for you to feel like a sleazy spammer. Advertise your posts, products, and offers on your Facebook page.

how to earn money online with Facebook pages

Look at the screenshot and see the ways you can earn money online with your Facebook page.

Also, if people like your Facebook page, Facebook will consider it a quality page and show it to interested people.

For example, I get shown pages by blogging groups and marketers all the time. Facebook can tell I’m interested in those topics.

How to Make a Facebook Page: 

Making a Facebook page for your blog or business is simple.

Click Create/Page.

Facebook’s Algorithm Change

Since Facebook turned over Russian-bought advertising, Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team have made some changes. They no longer want Facebook to be so much about business spamming. For this reason, your Facebook pages won’t be given as much visibility anymore to users possibly interested in your business.

However, there are ways to get people to interact with your page. If you can make your page interactive, your page won’t be affected as much.

Interviews about the Value of a Facebook Page

I had the opportunity to interview someone who works for Facebook. According to a Facebook consultant, Marcus Padulchick,

“What will shift is to strip out any business pages that post dozens of times a day, are linked to a blog that doesn’t engage, and those that have zero live streaming and video. This will be great for a business that already engages… has two-way communication already going with its audience like discussion…

Those that have a Facebook “business page” or multiple pages with poor community building will badly be hit or totally dead in the water. If you have been using your personal profile for pushing out your business against Facebook TOS (Terms of Service), you have an 80% chance of being shut down.”

My immediate thought was to start posting my Lumen 5 videos onto my Facebook page, but the Facebook consultant continued:

You will be impacted if you have not been engaging with your audience. This will not happen overnight for all “Pages;” unfortunately, you can not push out a group of videos and have your page stabilize. The videos need to have engagement as well. The changes are about weeding out the noise along with a few other factors.

This is not about being seen. That is irrelevant in the sense being seen without engagement is simply noise and takes up space on Facebook’s newsfeed. Don’t panic if you are a blogger, entrepreneur, coach, consultant etc. Think of it this way. Facebook is all about doing a dance. The only thing that is changing is the style of dance will be different. It’s still a dance.

I asked Marcus, the Facebook member, how we can interact so our Facebook pages aren’t just the “noise” Facebook is seeking to eliminate. He responded:

You are going to have to do Live Video and video. 80% of all posts on Facebook are expected to be these forms by 2020. For now, Like, comment, and share.

Having a Facebook Page is easy and takes no time! The IFTTT app will publish your posts on your Facebook page for you. You do nothing!

How to generate likes for your Facebook page:

  • Invite your Facebook followers to like your page. 
  • Read your Facebook sidebar. In the right sidebar of your Facebook account, Facebook tells you when your likes are increasing and gives you messages to motivate you to try to boost those like even further.
  • Participate in “Like for Like” threads on Facebook. I would never join a “like for like” thread when it comes to liking my blog post. However, if bloggers in my niche like my Facebook page, and I like their Facebook page, it’s win-win for both of us. I will be shown more pages in my niche which I may be interested in and so will they. Also, we stand a greater chance for more exposure to like-minded bloggers with the increased number of “Likes” on our page.

I asked the members of the Warrior Forum if having a Facebook business (fan) page is worth it. Here is how they responded:

1. “I have seen a lot of people use fan pages so successfully that drive ton of traffic to both their Facebook page and their website indicated on the Facebook Post. So I believe keep trying and you can make it.”

2. “The fan page I created took a few months to build up likes (that were mostly free) and a community where people like what I did and engaged. It will depend on your niche, but it’s worth a shot to try it.

The key is to be very direct with what you want your visitors to do on your page, i.e. comment on a post, share the post, like the post, etc. But in the shortest and simplest way possible.

And to make short, but interesting posts throughout the week. Seek out people in your niche to post on your page, giving them the direct link.

You’re able to put your website URL on your fan page. If you’re contemplating creating one or not, you should definitely do it.”

3. I am offering free and paid PLR ebooks and software on my Facebook Pages and it works fine for me.  My following is growing every day. And I effectively boost my organic traffic to my website without spending a dime.

Wrapping Up: How to Earn Money Online with Pages

In conclusion, pages are considered evergreen content that can be shared again and again on social media. Anyone who finds your page valuable might share it. You can reshare your pages if you haven’t published anything new to share recently.

Therefore, even if you aren’t interested in monetizing, having these pages on your website is a strategic idea. For example, if visitors to your blog click a page on your site, your SEO will increase since your bounce rate will improve.

As can be seen, many reasons exist for having these 9 pages in addition to ways to earn money online.

Readers, please share so other people know how they can earn money online and generate website traffic with pages.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know additional pages that will help you earn money online?

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      Hi Marcus,
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    We tend to put more focus on Resources pages and leave out pages like About us, Landing pages and many others you have mentioned. These are important reminders to enable us earn more online.

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    I learned a lot from reading this post about the 9 important pages. One thing I have been doing recently is building “About” and “Contact” pages on my Web 2.0 accounts as well. I find this has really helped give those accounts a lot of trust and legitimacy.

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    Do resource pages really make money? I asked some quite successful bloggers about their resource pages and they told me that their resource pages are not big money makers.

    • Janice Wald

      Interesting. I have to wonder how they make their money then. For example, sponsored post writing is lucrative. I heard it is the most lucrative way to make money as a blogger. When people write me about their new tool, I send them my sponsored post page so they can see testimonials and examples. Also, when people express interest in my blog coaching services, I send them my blog coaching services page so they can see the price structure and package options and testimonials from previous happy clients.

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    Great work. The page I love most is the about page. If you are a good storyteller you will be able to convert with your about page. You must tell your story and where you are coming from.

    The about page will inform your reader about the person behind your website. If you write a grippy about page it will not convert.

    You can also make your about page to rank. That is when it works most for your conversion.

    • Janice Wald

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      I appreciate your advice. I don’t think I work hard enough getting my About page to rank. Any tips for doing so?
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