How to Get Links: 3 Powerful Ways to Earn Links for Your Content

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How to earn links

Three Ways to Earn Links for Your Content

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Every primer on search engine optimization will tell you content ranks higher when other sites link to it. This has made earning inbound links a key aspect of every SEO effort.

So much so, that a huge part of starting ebooks online stores—or any other digital storefront—is finding a way to accomplish this according to ecommerce platform provider Shopify.

Notice we said earning links. At its essence, earning links for your content is about generating work of significant value and promoting it in ways others find respectable.

The following three efforts will help you earn quality links for your site.

Craft Content Carefully

If you create something in which others find value they aren’t likely to find elsewhere, they will link to it. This means you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and do some good old-fashioned research.

In fact, the most reliable method of earning a link is providing solid original content backed by good research. Further, the more unique the article, the more links it will attract. This is true whether you’re developing content for ebooks online stores, cosmetics stores or electronics stores.

Therefore, you’re going to have to dig in and do what others in your sphere of interest can’t or won’t do. Basically, you want to come up with the best information possible on your topic of choice.

[Host blogger’s comments: When trying to create content that has the potential to earn links, consider the following: guides, tutorials, and case studies have the greatest chance of being linked to. For example, a check of Google Analytics tells me my best-performing post is a case study about keyword research written a week ago. Everyone loves those types of articles so much, people offer them as optins in exchange for email addresses.]

Inspire the interest of Influencers

As time-consuming as the suggestion above may be, the good news is there’s a faster way to get it disseminated once you’ve created it.

Working with an influencer will give you access to a much larger audience than you might be capable of commanding on your own, which in turn will get your piece seen by more people who will think to link to it and share it—in less time.

Of course, you’ll need to get this person’s attention. Your best plays here are writing a profile of them, collaborating with them on a piece, or simply asking them to run your carefully crafted piece.

Yes, this will take some time to accomplish. After all, you’ll have to find the right people and you’ll have to build trust with them. However, the return on the investment can be quite significant.

[Host blogger’s comment: I include influencers in my articles. Then, I share the article with them on Twitter and ask them to retweet. When they do, I get exposure to a vast audience. Influencers often have at least tens of thousands of followers. Although this post is about how to earn links, not followers, any one of the new social media followers might then link to your post.]

Drive Debate, Disagreement, and Dispute

Say what you will about the current President of the United States, but one thing he has demonstrated over and over again is the power of igniting controversy. From the time he announced his candidacy to this very day. he keeps his name in the news with controversial statements and stances.

As a result, he got hundreds of millions of dollars of free coverage in the media during the campaign, and he still keeps his name in front of the public this way. Some people love his ideas, others hate them, but everyone has to agree he’s a master at leveraging controversy.

Learn from him and incorporate this concept into your link earning strategy.

And yes, you can absolutely employ controversy without being mean-spirited, demeaning or offensive. This strategy isn’t about being insulting; it’s about taking a position and inciting others to express their opinions on it.

These three ways to earn links for your content are basically about content creation, building partnerships and raising your profile. Concerted efforts in each of these areas will find your content ranking higher over time.

Within that, it’s important to understand earning links is more of a marathon than a sprint. The process will gather momentum and sustain itself only as long as you continue to put forth the effort to keep it doing so.

Readers, please share so bloggers and marketers discover how their content can earn links.

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  1. Gaurav Kumar

    Hi Janice,

    Creating link worthy content is a way to attract links to your articles. When you write something that will attract the influencers to follow your words then you can easily attract links to your content. Infographics, case studies and innovative ideas are the way to boost backlinks.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Gaurav,
      I used to use Canva and Piktograph to make my infographics. I don’t recall getting backlinks. I wasn’t self-hosted then. Do you get backlinks when you make an infographic? I agree with what you wrote about influencer outreach.

  2. Alice V

    Janice, another great post! I never thought to add influencer quotes to my posts and then let them know so they can tweet it out. That’s a great idea I’ll have to try soon. I also totally agree with you on President Trump, when Obama was president, I was excited for him but I quickly stopped listening to anything he had to say and didn’t care to read headlines about him but with Trump, it’s like a juicy tabloid piece every day. He truly knows how to stay relevant in American minds.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Alice,
      Great to see you. Thanks for writing. I add influencer quotes in my posts all the time. Most retweet. This leads to wider exposure for you.
      Regarding your comments about the controversy: They say controversy breeds page views. That’s why.

  3. Eki Ayemenre

    Hi, Janice! Writing an epic blog post is indeed a great way to earn a backlink because somebody would like to link to it. Examples of these kinds of posts are well research posts that are original. In most cases, these posts are filled with statistical results that are relevant to other bloggers. Hence the need to link to it.

    • Janice Wald

      Hmmm. Stats, huh? Do you find when you put stats in your posts, people are more likely to link to you? Great to see you.

  4. Hostgre

    Sometimes I think that what a blogger needs is just to continue to create content, I have some sites with thousands of backlinks and 50-60 Domain Authority, and some others that simply don’t “attract” recommendations by another bloggers. Being long-tail in my opinion can help, but sometimes you just have the luck of receive a big flow of backlinks and traffic to your site.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Hostgre,
      Thanks for writing. Luck, hmmm.
      I spend hours researching SEO keywords and the probability of ranking for them.
      Maybe a little luck, but a lot of brains, (knowledge) in my opinion will win the day.

  5. Haris Setiawan

    Hey Janice,
    I want you to know that I’ve been searching information about how to get backlinks because I’m a new blogger, and your post is really great, but I think the hardest part to get backlinks is from the influencers but it’s worth to try! Thanks for sharing it.

    Your sincerely,
    Haris Setiawan

    • Janice Wald

      I was surprised just tonight to find I received a few. Do your best content writing, promote, put influencers in your articles and share it with them on Twitter. The links will come.

  6. Michael Davison

    Hi Janice, thanks for the article, I think it is very pertinent that you have to develop skills in each of these areas, it’s not enough to just be a brilliant writer if you don’t know how to promote your content and get it picked up by influencers. It’s also not enough to be good at distributing content and getting it in front of influencers if the content itself is weak.

    I also agree with your idea of employing a bit of controversy. Nobody is likely to share your content if it is bland.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Michael,
      Well, I have a “non-bland” article coming out in a few hours, so we’ll see if you’re right, LOL!
      I agree with what you wrote– the skills are connected. Sometimes people find me before my promotion and I wonder where– Google, perhaps?
      Thanks for writing.

  7. Shweta

    Hi Janice
    Indeed you have come up with the good topic. Earning link for the content is most necessary to increase the traffic and popularity of the article or blog. Content is the King, we know that therefore good content will earn us great links. Thanks for writing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Shweta,
      I agreed with what you wrote: a nice testimonial to the power of link building. Thanks for writing to tell me you like the post and the topic.

      • Shweta

        Thanks Janice for replying back. I like this gesture of yours to engage the audience to your blog and appreciate too. A lot more things are there to learn from you in the future. Keep up the spirits high.

        • Janice Wald

          Hi Shweta,
          You keep your spirits high too. Thanks for the compliment. I am glad you liked my tips. Thanks for writing.

  8. Sarah

    I need to try the Twitter idea. As a new blogger, trying to figure out social media, I have been focusing on one platform. Usually I contact people via e-mail and let them know I have linked but I imagine people are more likely to get my note via Twitter.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Sarah,
      It’s easier for people to share on Twitter while on Twitter than to share on Twitter from an email. When I go to Twitter, I look the person up using the search bar to find their Twitter handle.
      It’s often in the article I’ve linked to and I can find their Twitter handle that way too. This technique helped me explode and then monetize my Twitter following.

  9. Backlinks sites

    Wonderful post. You have talking about very important issue to get high quality links from a content. Here you have provided excellent information on content earning links. This techniques should help us make huge traffic for our website. Thanks for sharing great information for bloggers.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Backlinks,
      It’s always my pleasure to help. I agree my guest author wrote excellent techniques for getting, not just any backlinks, but high-quality backlinks. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Hello Janice,

    Creating backlinks is definitely a hard work for bloggers especially the newbie. They try hard to make backlinks and sometimes get caught in spam backlink methods. You have to create quality content that attracts natural backlinks. If your content is relevant and of high-quality bloggers will link them, share them on their social network as well.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Vishwajeet,
      You make an interesting point about the mindset of new bloggers:
      They are so desperate for traffic initially and lacking the skill set to generate it initially, they are vulnerable to schemes like paid traffic that turns out to be bots, etc. Black hat methods are possibilities as well.
      Hopefully, articles like this convince new bloggers they can generate quality links to their articles by publishing quality articles. Thanks for writing.

  11. Vijay

    Organic traffic likes all the people who love their blogs and websites. I’m one the guy who are searching the write platform to publish my blog posts. This is good platform for passionate bloggers, who can share their experiences and thought on organic traffic.
    You can say me a new blogger because I’m trying to find highest traffic website, who can publish my blog posts to read publicly.

  12. Toyin

    Powerful insight you have on Driving debate, disagreement and dispute, just that most of us need to learn how to drive them without being insulting just like you state.

    Great one

  13. Lesly Federici

    Nice organic discussion on generating links. Tried and true – being authentic, creating posts with purpose will attract. Good suggestions!

  14. Ashutosh Singh

    Thank you so much for sharing this information, it is easy to learn while reading such articles. As, the information you provide is easy to understand and also, gives a detail explanation of the topic. I would love to read more of your articles because they provide great knowledge that no one else provides.

  15. Marry Ann

    Hi Janice,

    That’s awesome points you include in your article. I agree with you completely. Keep up good work.

  16. Mark Stephen

    This guide is really amazing as it has simplified a lot of queries for me. You present your research openly for everyone to read and understand, that too without any cost.

  17. Bubbie Gunter

    This was my first time to stop by. And, I am glad I did!
    Great tips, Janice. I have to admit. Number “Two” gave me pause.
    I have used “influencer” quotes in my articles in the past. And, had exactly the response you shared with us. The problem is, I never thought of it as a “strategy” and employed it. This is a weapon to defiantly weld!

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