How Do I Start Dropshipping in Korea in 2023?

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Are you interested in a dropshipping Korea business?

Korea’s economy is one of the ten largest in the world, and the country has long been a leader in innovation. Korea supports startups, constantly introduces tax incentives for businesses, and encourages the development of collaboration between large companies and small businesses. 

You may have heard of such a concept as the Human Development Index (HDI). It is a composite indicator that compares the living standards of people in different countries according to three indicators: education, health care, and income.

Well, little Korea ranks third in Asia for HDI (after Singapore and Japan) and 20th in the global ranking

Global manufacturers of construction and agricultural equipment, suppliers of raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, importers of innovative computer and household appliances, and wholesalers of textile products and smart home products have long been active in the Korean market.

For example, the geography of partners of the famous Korean company HLTS ltd (Seoul) is impressive: USA, China, Turkey, Sweden, Turkey, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and EU countries.  

Dropshipping Korea can be a complex process. Let’s get stated learning more information about dropshipping in Korea.

What is dropshipping? 

Korea is a major player in the global e-commerce industry.

82.7% of the population has long been “living” online: shopping, ordering food, making friends, having fun, and learning. It is no longer possible to run a profitable business without the tools of the online format. 

Calculating how much it would cost to buy goods and deliver them from one country or another directly to the seller’s store, and then from there to the buyer, you come to the conclusion that organizing such a process will be difficult and expensive. Especially if we are talking about small batches of goods. If all the suppliers are checked, and their products suit the contractors, there is a way out – dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is becoming an increasingly popular business model in many countries, and dropping Korea is no exception. Dropshipping allows entrepreneurs to start an online retail business with minimal investment. There is no need to repurchase goods and store them. 

The dropshipper receives the order and contacts the supplier, who sends the purchased goods to the buyer himself, bypassing the seller’s store. To run a successful business, a dropshipper does not need to rent a warehouse and office. His tools are a laptop, Internet access and his own online store, a small website or even a lending website.

Dropshipping earnings are the difference between the supplier’s price and the price at which the dropshipper’s online store sells the goods.

How to start your own successful dropshipping Korea business?

1. Research potential dropshipping suppliers

Before you start your business in Korea, you need to analyze the demands of consumers, potential customers. Study the target audience, find out what goods are missing in the market, what is most demanded and popular.

It is possible to look for dropshipping goods suppliers on various e-commerce platforms, websites of suppliers and manufacturers. They work in different countries, it is important to choose those who guarantee fast and traceable delivery. 

You need to compare and consider factors such as: 

– The price for a particular product offered by each supplier 

– Availability of shipping (including international shipping)

– payment methods

– return policy requirements

– quality control

Famous dropshipping company HLTS helps to find reliable and trustworthy suppliers of construction equipment and machinery, raw materials for pharmaceutics and agriculture, electronics and textiles. On its online trading platform, you can find the necessary goods, make the deal, get quality guarantees, check the certification.

2. Develop a strategy 

After determining who you would like to work with and whose products will be in demand in Korean markets, write a clear plan and strategy for your dropshipping online store.

Think about: 

– The design of the landing page (product description, images, videos)

– Marketing channels used (search engine optimization, social media promotion, pay-per-click campaigns)

– policy and rules of customer service 

– what budget to start the business

– What will be the total and overhead costs

All this should be done in advance, without getting ahead of the curve. Without preparation and skills, it is quite difficult to do this without missing the details.

HLTS ltd helps its clients not only in finding suppliers and dropshippers. Its experts will quickly and professionally analyze your business idea, make a clear marketing plan and calculate the costs.

3. Create a corporate identity and website

You can create your own website on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or builders Tilda, Wix. It’s convenient. 

The term “corporate identity” may sound a little pathetic, but it is worth thinking through what will visually distinguish your resource from your competitors: logo, colors, fonts, unusual photos.

4. Choose the right payment system

dropshipping Korea

Electronic payments are common all over the world today. Explore options such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, UnionPay MasterPass, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and Samsung Pay web wallets. Don’t forget to find out: what form of service your business needs, how much it will cost to install the software, what security features the payment system provides, reviews and user experience, and transaction processing time.

5. Make a promotion plan 

It is impossible to predict in advance which particular promotion channel will attract traffic to the site. You will need to try, to analyze, to correct deficiencies. Unfortunately, on your own, without additional training is difficult to correctly configure advertising campaigns, to develop advertising layouts.

HLTS ltd company prepares and supervises advertising campaigns in Google, Facebook and Instagram, Snap and TikTok for its clients. Conducts e-mail newsletters on its own databases and client bases. Calls potential customers, analyzes responses. 

HLTS: The best offers aggregator.

Dropshipping in Korea is a great option for entrepreneurs who have decided to start an e-commerce business, for large businesses, their dealers and wholesale suppliers.

HLTS considers the following factors when selecting products and suppliers: 

– product popularity: previous sales volume on marketplaces

– profitability: taxes, fees for processing online payments from buyers’ cards

– Profitability: wholesale value of each item and offered prices 

– Quality of goods: sample analysis, rating of suppliers on the market, number of sales

– Geography: cost and speed of delivery are decisive factors in a buyer’s purchasing decision

– supplier reliability and return policy: supplier rating, customer reviews, honesty and integrity analysis (HLTS’ own methodologies)

Dropshipping Korea: FAQ

How to dropship Korean products?

Research, strategize, create a brand identity, choose a payment system, make a promotion plan,

Wrapping Up: Dropshipping Korea

Start dropshipping in Korea with a reliable partner – HLTS ltd!

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