How to Find Expired Domains with Great Backlinks for Free

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Domain Listings

Why would you need domain listings?

To boost your traffic, SEO, and income, of course.

In March of 2019, I published a post about the MozBar in which I reported the important Moz metric, the Domain Authority Ranking, was changing.

Many people saw their Domain Authority Ranks fall. This spelled catastrophe for many bloggers since the DA is considered the industry benchmark for blog quality.

In the months that passed and to this day, many bloggers feverishly try to get their Domain Authority Rankings back up through efforts such as link building from websites with dofollow links.

Today’s guest author, Tracy Gomez, offers a different way for you to boost your Domain Authority Ranking using domain listings.

Her methods have several advantages:

You save time and energy. Moz’s DA is based on many factors including building unique links as well as building high authority links to your site. Finding unique link building opportunities as well as high authority link building opportunities is time-consuming and draining.

What if there was a better way to have a website with a high DA or a higher DA than the one you already have?

By the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll know how to use Domain Listings to save time and energy and boost your SEO and income.

Tracy, take it away.

Finding Expired Domains with Great Backlinks

Tracy Gomez

A domain is an essential part of starting a website. It serves as your identity in the digital world, and there are different ways to be successful when it comes to domains, backlinks, and ranking on search engines. 

Expired domains have significant benefits, especially those with high backlinks built by previous owners, which have better rankings and ahead startups to success.

But choosing an expired domain is not that easy; luckily, there are tools like domain listings you can use to detect which area is a sure win and which one to avoid. 

With tons of auctioned or expired domains, it helps to use a seamless tool to provide guaranteed success to your investments.

There are factors to consider when building a website; you could go for a fresher and new domain and wait for it to grow organically. On the other hand, you could be wiser enough to check domain listings for potential expired domains with excellent backlinks, history, SEO metrics, authority links, and more. 

What Are The Benefits Of Finding Expired Domains?

Expired domains have tons of benefits that only a few truly understand. Use these to take advantage of the benefits you can get with a well-established expired domain with excellent backlinks. It expired due to negligence, payment issues, abandonment, or a closed business. 

If the expired domain is not renewed after 30 days, the website will be auctioned for seven days, and whoever wins the bidding will have the domain. It can be pricey but surely worth it with the previous SEO ranking power or the SEO value. 

Finding an authoritative domain and utilizing all its backlink juice will help you build authority links faster by enhancing its pre-existing SEO value. It’s conveniently easy to find using the right tools; for example, is one of the most reliable and user-friendly software that allows you to review essential details when purchasing expired domains with quality backlinks.

If you’re planning to start a website, purchasing an expired domain is a wiser move than going for a new one.

Here’s what you can get:

  • Leverage SEO Value Through Authority Links

Expired domains can rank faster on search engines by enhancing their previous SEO value. It’s suitable for new blogs when building authority and backlinks as these factors take time to develop.

  • Best For Backlinking 

It’s the quickest way to build backlinks redirecting to the main blog or website. With the PBN (Private Blog Network) method, you can set up plenty of mini-sites that redirect you to your blog. 

  • Redirecting Old Domain To Your Site

Redirecting an expired domain to your site transfers all the SEO value and ranking it accumulated over the years. With the SEO value from the site backlinks, this will significantly benefit your new website, which is one of the best practices to rank up from most search engines instantly.

Host blogger’s comments: When I moved from my previous blog, Reflections, I redirected the domain to Mostly Blogging, this site.

As a matter of fact, if you click the link, you will end up back here at since I have a redirect in place.

The redirect is vital to maintaining your traffic and SEO value when you change websites.

  • Domain Flipping

Some people purchased expired domains to sell them for a higher price after working on enhancing its SEO value. It’s a great way to earn more by investing in expired domains. After building backlinks and increasing its current value or ranking, you can sell it for a higher price. 

Host blogger’s comments:

Some people wonder if flipping domain names is legal or a scam. Flipping domain names is a perfectly legal practice that helps website owners monetize.

All you need are domain listings. They contain prices of available domains. Buy low, sell higher, and you’ve made money flipping domain names.

Essential Features To Consider When Using Domain Listings to Purchase Expired Domains

Not all expired domains have benefits; that is why you need to do some research or cut that part and use the right domain listings to optimize your time and help you filter good quality expired domains with excellent backlinks.

However, here are the things you need to consider when buying an expired domain.

When you search domain listings for a new website, consider these factors:

  • Domain Age

The age of an expired domain is measured by their authority established throughout the years. Google rewards blogs with longevity. Avoid fields that expired after a year.

  • Backlinks Quality

The quality of backlinks determines the sites being linked to it. Check the condition of backlinks and avoid spammy ones.

  • Traffic

Check the digital footprints of the expired domain via its accumulated monthly traffic. 

  • Website Quality

There are tools you can use to view how the website looked before it got expired. Again avoid sites that are used for spamming. 

  • Moz Rankings

Its domain authority and page authority determine the quality of a website. Never settle for domains with low PA & DA scores.

Host Blogger’s Comments:

How to Find Domain Listings

Now that you know the benefits of using domain listings, only one question remains: Where do you find domain listings to use to search for a new blog?

Easy! Tracy suggested one: Use as one of your domain listings. Spamzilla has millions of available domains in the database.

Spamzilla Pricing

domain listings

When you sign up for Spamzilla and other domain listings for free, your number if searches is limited.

I know two bloggers who bought expired domains. They are both happy they did. By using domain listings to find your new domain, you can find a new affordable place to blog with SEO benefits already included.

Conclusion: Domain Listings

There are plenty of reasons why many people purchase expired domains. Finding an excellent backlink is essential to the growth of your website. With the said factors, benefits, and the use of domain listings, you can easily decide which domain is a win and which one to skip. 

Readers, please share so bloggers looking for a way to monetize learn of this monetization strategy, using domain listings to find a new website to boost your SEO and income.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences in the comments section. Would you ever consider domain flipping? Have you ever used domain listings to find a new blog?

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  1. Amit Garg


    Undoubtedly, domain flipping is one of the best ways to earn some extra income online.

    And you have shared a valuable post around domain listing that includes the benefits of expired domains and the essential features to consider while using domain listings to purchase expired domains.

    Thanks for sharing
    Amit Garg

    • Janice Wald

      Hey Amit,
      I’m glad you found my guest author’s post valuable. I agree. She wrote a great article that’s generating lots of interest.
      Congratulations on winning this week’s Inspire Me Monday Linky party.

  2. Bella X

    Yes acquiring old domain that comes with useful backlinks great idea as it is very tedious to do backlink building. And also one have to consider the DA for the links, follow or nofollow and the time taken to get actually get linked to the various sites.

  3. Hazlo Emma

    SEO is so easy, but the hurdles to jump to get there are primarily ‘hidden; in plain sight.
    Of course, you are miles ahead purchasing an expired domain than building a new one.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Hazlo,
      Maybe when I retire I’ll have time to run two blogs. Thanks for commenting. Great to see you.

  4. Solomon Unoke

    Wow, this seems like one of those secrets of wealth, but its actually true.
    Very neat trick. I’m happy stumbled on this one.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Solomon,
      I agree. I thought the guest author did a great job with these monetization suggestions.

  5. Rohan

    I read approx 5 6 articles on the website regarding SEO but everywhere it is mention to get an expired domain but not able to find where I can purchase whose I really need one if that expired domain is of eCommerce that is best for my website else okay with other just provide me the link.
    Thanks In advance 🙂

    • Janice Wald

      Didn’t the guest author provide the link to the directory in this post?

  6. Erlend

    Great article and very good advice.
    I have been doing domain flipping for several years now and find this very very easy and enjoyable job.
    I have a base of about 500+ domains for sale at any time.
    Some old with great traffic and high DA and some with many backlinks and good traffic.
    I use both Flippa and eBay for selling these domains.
    It gives me a great income each year.
    So this is very doable for both newbies and advanced domainers.
    Some times you must wait a bit for selling these domains due to low competition.
    Just wait a bit and the right buyer will come and take your domain.
    Very good article.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Erlend,
      I am fascinated by your comments. My husband and I often discuss buying another blog; as a matter of fact we discussed it as recently as today. I will share your comments with him to see if it inspires him to move forward. I always thought blog flipping might be something I’d try when I retire from my day job; I’m a full-time teacher.
      Thanks for the inspiration.


    Thank you so much for this information. It never would have dawned on me to look for expired domains with good backlinks. I’m going to try this for my SEO efforts. As we all know link building is laborious and gets harder and harder as time goes on.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ron,
      Thanks for writing to me. Why do you say link building is getting harder?
      These are the link building methods I use Don’t they still work? Sounds like it’s time to go answer a question at Quora ;). I tis true Google is cracking down on guest posting for links. Maybe when I retire from teaching I’ll try flipping domains.

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