Digital Marketing Landscape: 11 Powerful Digital Marketing B2C Trends That Are Exploding in 2024

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digital marketing landscape

Do you want to know how the digital marketing landscape will change in 2023?

By reading this post, you get actionable strategies to boost the success of your 2023 marketing campaigns.

Discover the results of digital marketing B2C (Business to Consumer) research and learn effective strategies to include in your 2023 marketing campaigns.

Let’s dive in and discover 2023 marketing trends by looking at the results of the latest digital market research.

Get ready to discover how the digital marketing landscape will change in 2023.

How the Digital Marketing Landscape Will Change: Effective Marketing Strategies in 2023

Podcasters Eric Sui and Neil Patel share digital market research about consumer trends in 2023.

Here are the strategies the digital marketing landscape shows will be most effective in 2023:

Social Media Marketing

Two social media platforms are predicted to do better than others in 2023: Instagram and TikTok.

Did you believe Instagram had reached its peak and that its overwhelming popularity had come and gone?

After all, when Instagram Reels threatened to make Instagram look like TikTok, users expressed resentment.

According to Exploding Topics, Instagram will actually experience growth higher than before the pandemic.

The blog shares the advantages of Instagram that explain its continued rise:

“In many ways, Instagram has become a one-stop-shop for digital marketing.

Businesses can gain followers, build their brand, and sell their products right on the app.”

According to reports, businesses are also taking advantage of TikTok. For instance, marketers build their brands and conduct campaigns to be shared only on TikTok.

Video Marketing

Recent trends involve marketers making their advertising memorable. That way, when the purchase time comes, consumers remember the ad.

One way to make a memorable ad is by using synthesis. Synthesis involves combining two unrelated items to make your ad stand out. For instance, a Geico commercial shows a camel walking around an insurance office. A camel and car insurance are unrelated. Using synthesis to combine them in the ad is funny and memorable.

Although this commercial goes back nine years, the unlikely combination of the camel and an insurance office is the perfect example of using synthesis in marketing.

The 2023 digital marketing landscape shows synthesis to be an effective marketing strategy.

A successful Wrigley’s gum ad used a bunny in a gum commercial that also combines two unrelated items. This use of synthesis was funny and creative.

Creative ads are likely to be remembered at purchase time. Video marketing needs to be both funny and memorable in order to beat the competition.

Next, during the pandemic, consumers became used to watching videos, and that habit became ingrained. However, consumers don’t want to watch lengthy videos. The attention span is short. Hence: The start of Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and the mega rise of TikTok.

One solution is to use YouTube chapters with YouTube timestamps in your lengthy videos. That way consumers can just watch the parts that interest them.

Facebook also has Reels. The option to make a Reel sits at the top of the home screen on the desktop.

Video marketing has always been challenging. Now, video marketers must master the art of short video to give the most important information.

Finally, as marketing evolves, video marketing is taking on greater importance. To keep up with the trend, we are making a stronger effort to master video editors.

At Mostly Blogging, we use Splice, Lumen5, InShot, iMovie, Filmora Wondershare, and our next project is to tackle DaVinci Resolve. We then put our videos in our web content which boosts our SEO.

We also try to maintain consistent posting on YouTube. Through video, we extend our brand on both YouTube and our website.

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Influencer Marketing

Although this method of marketing has a questionable ROI, there are advantages to influencer marketing. First, influencers have an audience so you are able to use that audience to get your products in front of eyeballs.

Also, influencers can negotiate their fees making this marketing strategy cost-effective.


Using Virtual Reality, 2023 marketing trends include being able to see products in your own home.

Although this ability to virtually view how products will look in your home was already in existence, this marketing method will become even more prevalent in 2023.


digital marketing landscape

By looking at the bottom of the screenshot, you see a “View in Your Room” option.

This gives consumers the opportunity to see how the item, in this case, a Keurig, would look in their room before purchase.

Artificial Intelligence

Sui and Patel predict AI art and AI chatbots will take off in 2023.

For example, Sui explains that AI will write captions that speed up productivity.

Also, AI can provide the analytic data needed to make business decisions.

According to Sui, chatbots tell you how to provide the most value for consumers based on the data the AI tools collect.

Streaming Platforms

Patel reports that advertisers will use streaming platforms like Disney+ and Netflix. Apparently, advertisers can tell if advertising on streaming channels leads to conversions. They can see if the IP address used for communication on the internet went to the consumer’s website.

Also, the popularity of streaming channels makes them appealing as places to advertise to consumers in 2023.


In addition to advertising on streaming platforms, companies will advertise in the Metaverse.

Image Source

As you see from the screenshot, many brands already advertise in the Metaverse. More are predicted to follow in 2023.

Media Companies

Sui reports that marketing is getting harder due to privacy regulations. Therefore, marketers need to get more creative in 2023. For instance, you need a creative hook to get people’s attention.

The Exploding Topics blog agrees that increased privacy concerns will give birth to new forms of marketing in 2023.

By repurposing your marketing content, you branch out, diversify, and create a media empire.


Changes in podcasting make the list of Consumer Trends 2023.

Blogging is a crowded field. There are over one billion blogs. In contrast to bloggers, podcasters have far less competition.

According to Patel, companies will take advantage of this to make their own ads to share on their company podcasts.

This opens an effective channel for conversions to businesses marketing to consumers in 2023.

In Person

Businesses return to the office more in 2023 now that we coming out of the pandemic.

This provides networking and brainstorming opportunities that remote work doesn’t provide.

Even hybrid work, spending part of the workweek at home and part on-site, can provide these experiences.

App Development

A small business should have an app. Apps are easy to create and affordable. You don’t need to know coding to create an app.

Many services will give you a trial before asking you for money.

You have options when creating an app using an AI app maker. For instance, depending on the service you use to make your app, you might make your app for free and not sell it on the App Store or Google Play. I researched app-making services.

There were some good services that didn’t charge until you were ready to offer the apps at the App Store or Google Play. Having an app for your small business is definitely a SaaS trend you should hop on.

Here are app services that I personally reviewed so you know your choices.

Digital Marketing Landscape Reveals Consumer Trends for 2023: FAQ

What is an example of a consumer trend for 2023?

According to the digital marketing landscape, consumer trends include influencer marketing app development. Social media marketing and video marketing continue. TikTok and Instagram look like brands and consumers will turn to those platforms as one-stop for their online needs.

Wrapping Up: Changes in the Digital Marketing Landscape for 2023

In conclusion, by reading this post, you received 11 actionable strategies the digital marketing landscape shows will be effective in 2023.

Readers, please share so marketers discover this action plan.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. What else have you heard the digital marketing landscape predicts will be successful marketing methods in 2023?

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