Digital Marketing Coaching: 3 Important Things Romeo and Juliet Can Teach Marketers

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Are you in need of digital marketing coaching?

The digital marketing coaching provided in this guide shares content writing training provided by two famous literary characters.

Why not let Romeo and Juliet provide your content writing tutorial?

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most popular plays by Shakespeare. It is the most adapted text in the world and continues to rule the screen with newer and innovative versions. It is more than just a play for it teaches important lessons to the content marketer.

If revisiting the Shakespearean classic is not for you, don’t panic. This post offers digital marketing coaching for content marketers.

In fact, by the time you are done reading, you will know how to generate blog traffic, how to boost your Google rankings, and how to make your digital content go viral.

Let’s dive in and begin our digital marketing coaching hacks.

Although it is primarily considered a love story (which it truly is) there are several aspects of the play that often deceives a casual reader. A thorough reading of the play will tell you Romeo and Juliet teaches several lessons to digital marketing students studying it.

Precisely because of the lessons it imparts, we can introduce Romeo and Juliet to the new content marketers if the motive is to impart some valuable marketing lessons they can learn from. 

Whether you are a digital marketing student or an experienced digital marketer, you can always benefit from reading essays and materials about the play.

Now let us go through the digital marketing coaching lessons that we learn from Romeo and Juliet.

The Forbidden Is Always Desirable 

Since Romeo and Juliet belonged to families that had a history of hatred, their love strengthened. They decided to elope and get married and the opposing forces only flamed their passion. Human psychology works in a mysterious way. An acclaimed academic essay on the play by a psychoanalyst tries to dissect the play from a different angle. It views the young couple as deliberate rebels who find love only in defying laws. They act on a pure ‘pleasure principle’.

Essays like this can open up an entirely different trajectory for students to contemplate and work on different topics if they wish to pursue research. Check “Romeo and Juliet” examples to inspire your own essay and strengthen your knowledge with different free essay examples. Getting new ideas is one of the benefits for students who read essays on their respective topics.

How is this relevant to digital marketing coaching?

Digital content that defies expectations stands a greater chance of virality.

In fact, a relatively new blogger with less than two years of experience was ready to quit.

He published the following post that went viral: I Tried to Get Rich Off DogeCoin and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt.”

Look at his headline. Do you see how he offers the unexpected? Google News and many finance blogs picked up the post and the blogger received many links from high authority blogs to his article.

Related Reading: More information about high authority blogs can be found in this post about an SEO tool by Moz.

It’s true: Give people the unexpected and you have a greater chance of generating interest in your digital content.

Let me give you some statistics.

According to Backlinko,

A study published in the Journal of Marketing Research found content that elicits the emotions “awe”, “surprise” or “anger” was 28% more likely to go viral. This applies to text content (like a blog post). But also works if your goal is to create a viral video.

The format isn’t super important.

The important thing is that your content elicits an emotional response. That’s one of the keys to creating shareable content.

It is important to note that the authors cite their statistic from a research paper explaining what makes online content go viral.

The point: Whether you are posting a YouTube video, publishing a blog post, or generating a meme, you need to produce awe, surprise, or anger in your audience.

The Price One Must Pay

The Montagues and Capulets are enemies for life. The violence and hatred in both families have been so grained that they have forgotten the reason why it all began and yet they must always be at each other’s throats. In the end, we see how terribly both the families had to pay for the age-old hatred. They lose their dear children. And all for nothing. 

It is a very important lesson for young people as they may sometimes lose their heads. The play will make them realize the importance of forgetting and forgiving. Romeo and Juliet is a very valuable text that covers the subject of the futility of conflicts. 

Although the lovers met with a dark destiny, they could finally bring two families to a mutual understanding. But they had to pay a heavy price for it. This is a great example for students to learn the value of peace in their practical life.

How is this relevant to digital marketing coaching?

Can content marketers sometimes go too far in their quest for viral content?


For instance, in 2018, famed YouTuber Logan Paul filmed a suicide victim. Today, when people remember Paul, they think of his social media blunder.

While Romeo and Juliet certainly went too far by taking their own lives especially considering their option– being honest with their parents, Logan Paul went too far in his attempts to stay on top of the YouTube charts.

Impulsiveness Can Be Dangerous 

Impulsiveness has been a very pressing theme of the play since the first scene. We find the servants of the two houses fighting among themselves for no apparent reason. Later on, we find Tybalt picking up a fight with Romeo. Although Romeo refuses, Mercutio is enraged and accepts the duel. After Tybalt wounds Mercutio, Romeo slays Tybalt and loses all hope for a truce. 

The two lovers were merely in their adolescence. Thus, they are not old enough to act maturely. They take several impulsive decisions and do not wait out. When Romeo learns of Juliet’s apparent death, he kills himself without trying to find another way. This romanticism for passion is very much characteristic of the age of lyricism when people find it hard to resist sentimentality. This gives rise to impulsiveness. 

It is only too late when Juliet wakes up from her death-like coma and finds her lover dead. As a reader, a student can himself point out the hubris that leads to Romeo’s tragedy. This error of judgment brings the audience face to face with the faults of a grand character. “These violent delights have violent ends”- and this is when the cathartic effect is complete. The pity and fear that students take away from the play will help them be less impulsive and more investigative in matters of importance. 

How is this relevant to digital marketing coaching?

There are several takeaways:

Content marketers must resist impulsiveness.

Being impulsive leads content marketers to make the following mistakes:

First, content marketers rush. If you want Google to send their users to your website content, you must convince Google your post that answers the user’s query is the best on the internet. You deserve the Number 1 spot in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.

Rushing might get you finished sooner but that’s all you will have accomplished.

You won’t convince Google (or anyone else) that your post is worth spending time on when there are better articles that answer users’ queries on the internet.

Next, content marketers quit.

Romeo and Juliet quit trying to solve their problems and took their lives.

Content marketers quit trying to boost website traffic and abandon their blogs. In fact, most abandon their websites within nine months of starting.

The truth: Google gives blog traffic to websites that stand the test of time, to bloggers that prove their worth, not quit and write short blog posts that don’t even give a shallow answer to a problem the reader has.

Digital Marketing Coaching FAQ

What are types of digital marketing?

This post addressed content marketing and video marketing. Other types of digital marketing include email marketing and social media marketing.

Wrapping Up: Digital Marketing Coaching

Thanks to Romeo and Juliet, this article explained how to solve the concerns of the content marketing community:

  • how to rank on Google
  • how to generate blog traffic
  • how to make your content go viral

Romeo and Juliet is a great play for digital marketing coaching, education in other areas, and entertainment purposes. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet will always be relevant when it comes to digital marketing coaching. 

Not all works can teach you digital marketing coaching lessons but thankfully, Romeo and Juliet can. It is a great opportunity to learn valuable lessons about marketing and life. If you prefer more modern works that provide digital marketing coaching, check out these network marketing books.

If you’d like to have a more modern approach to content marketing, digital marketing coaching can also be found at the Mostly Blogging Academy.

Authors: Janice Wald and a Contributing Author

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  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    Hi Janice,

    Now this is cool. Definitely up my alley. Impulsiveness is the great digital marketing campaign killer. Good things take time and generous service but most bloggers and marketers have no vision, meaning they have a tough time seeing beyond today. Developing a vision lets you see past impulsive fears leading to marketing ruin. I find it far easier to do the mental work first, because the physical aka blogging work gets easier and easier.


    • Janice Wald

      Hi Ryan,
      Great to see you! Yes! Impulsiveness killed Romeo and Juliet, and impulsiveness kills network marketing campaigns. An unusual but true comparison! =)
      Thanks for commenting.

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