4 Things to Do to Recover Lost Files in the Computer

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4 Things to Do to Recover Lost Files in the Computer

Ali Dino

There are many cases of data or files lost from computers.

Well, if you no longer need the files, it should not be a big problem. But if those files are actually still important, sure, you may need to put some effort into bringing them back.

Actually, there are some ways to recover the data including using data-recovery software. You may wonder how the permanently deleted data can just be back.

The deleted data doesn’t mean that the data is 100% deleted from your computer. It is just the system that deletes it but the remaining is still there. That’s why; it is still possible to recover data from a computer and any storages devices. Before talking about using the iSkysoft data recovery, there are actually some other methods you can try. Check them out.

Check the Recycle Bin or Trash Folder

The first thing to do to recover data from a computer and any other storages devices is checking the Recycle Bin for Windows or Trash Folder for Mac. All the computers must have it and this system has been installed in default. In this folder, the data that has been deleted are collected and accumulated before being permanently deleted. Sure, you can also restore them in the places you previously saved them.

Although there are many kinds of recovery apps including the iSkysoft data recovery software, it is still recommended to load the unused files in the Recycle Bin. After several times, it is probably not a big deal if you want to completely delete them. To restore the data, right-click them and then click the option Restore. Automatically, the data is saved and you can use it as usual.

Use the Feature of “Restore Previous Versions”

There is also special data recovery software originally from Windows. It is namely the feature of Restore Previous Versions. Well, it is particularly useful if you have been to the Recycle Bin and you cannot find what you want there. To use it, you need to go to the folder where the files were previously saved. Right-click on the folder and choose the option Restore Previous Versions.

The way this feature works is just like a time machine. The OS simply does the data restoration by going back to the date where the files have not yet deleted. If the files have been found, save it immediately by moving it to a new folder you have prepared before.

Check the Backups

No matter how beneficial the iSkysoft data recovery is, you must backup your data to the other locations. Let’s say you have saved your data in the internal hard drive of your computer. It is still necessary to have the data saved in the other locations including the flash drive, memory cards, and the like. Sure, these are mainly if you think that the data is really important. Later, it will be much easier for you to find them.

Use iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

Well, this is probably the method that you are waiting for. It is by using the software to recover the data from iSkysoft. This software is indeed really beneficial to bring lost or damaged data caused by purposive deletion or corruption. Interestingly, it also solves the data problems caused by the virus and malware.

To have the iSkysoft data recovery, make sure to download and install it first from the official website. You should not worry since some of the versions can be enjoyed for free. After downloading the iSkysoft toolbox, find the main app to do the installation. It is by double-clicking the app and clicking the Next buttons several times until it is finished.

Recover the files based on the causes of why you think you lost them. Besides, there are also some options to choose specifically regarding the types of files and where they were previously saved. Make sure to submit the right answers so that the recovery process can be done faster and easier.


There are many ways to recover the data or files from the hard drives. One of them is surely by using the data recovery software from iSkysoft. But before utilizing the app, it is not bad to do some other actions including checking the recycle bin, using the default restoration feature, and providing the backups.

Readers, please share so people who lost data learn about the data recovery software and these other methods of retrieving lost data.


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  1. Rohit Rawat


    Recently I lost brand new laptop and the worst thing I lost all my projects work and everything, but now I decided to backup my all work for safety. Your article is really helpful to take backup and secure my data.

    Thanks a ton!

  2. raghu vamshi

    wow its done for my old laptop but the back up and restore needs lot of time

    • Janice Wald

      Yes, restoring would take lots of time. Did you lose data? If so, maybe try the software the author recommended.

  3. Albert

    Nice article. Yes it is really good to learn the methods to retrieve lost files because it happens to anyone accidentally.

    By the way want to know tagging with multiple keywords for a post doesn’t mean keyword stuffing?

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Albert,
      You have an SEO question for me?
      When you say “multiple keywords,” do you mean the same keyword used in the post repeatedly? That’s stuffing.
      Do you mean synonyms for the word? That’s not stuffing.

  4. Vivienne Sang

    I lost all but the first three chapters of the novel I’m working on. I managed to find some of it, but there’s still a chunk missing. I had it saved to an external drive and 2 cloud spaces, too. No idea how that happened, but I’ll be trying your ideas. it’ll save me a lot of work if I can find them.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Vivienne,
      How stressful! I’m sorry you had that experience. Thanks for sharing with me. It sure will be great if you can find them. Try my guest author’s suggestions.

  5. david

    hey janice, nice writing!
    only one point I want to offer, keep the data safe is the most import thing I believe. like using good habit of delete files without using shift, setting up windows backup and previous versions right, using all the free/paid cloud backup apps. recovery should always be the last step you had to try.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi David,
      Thank you for writing. I appreciate you adding to the discussion with these suggestions.

  6. Farwah Hassan

    Thanks Bro
    I recovered almost 40gb pics
    16 gb movies
    6gb music
    Note:I recovered them after restoring my pc.
    This software can recover.

  7. Digital Marketing Course in calicut

    only one purpose I need to supply, keep the information safe is that the most import issue I think. like victimization smart habit of delete files while not victimization shift, putting in windows backup and former versions right, victimization all the free/paid cloud backup apps. recovery must always be the last step you had to do.

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