Customer Service Industry: How to Build Trust With Your Website, 6 Easy Ways

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customer service industry

Are you new to the customer service industry?

Branding is important right from the start.

The expression, “There is no such thing as bad publicity,” is a myth.

This guide will tell you how to impress your new customers now that you are in the customer service industry.

When you impress your customers, the following important effects occur:

  • You build trust.
  • Customers leave positive reviews.
  • Customers recommend your service.
  • Your business grows.

Make sure you stay until the end when we go over the six ways to build trust in any customer service industry.

Whatever customer service industry your business is in, this post gives you effective actionable strategies.

By reading this guide, you learn what documentation is required and how to boost your reputation by building trust.

Let’s dive in to the tips for succeeding in the customer service industry.

What is the Customer Service Industry?

Does this post apply to you? What is the customer service industry?

People who work in the customer service industry are vendors. They provide products or services in a business setting.

Today, successful businesses have websites. This guide shares how to boost trust with your business website so your client base and your income grow.

Essentials for Building Trust with Your Website in the Customer Service Industry

As a new customer service provider, you must take building trust in your company’s website as seriously as you take building your potential customer’s trust in your work.

Build Your Website

A basic internet search will show you that there are many web-building services like Bay Area web design firms out there. If you’re starting in the customer service industry as a web designer or other internet expert, you’ll probably be designing your own website as a way to showcase your talents and abilities.

If your skills are not in the computer field, you’re most likely going to want to have a professional design your website for you. This is where a web design and development agency can come in handy, as they have the expertise to create a visually appealing and functional website tailored to your needs, ensuring a professional online presence that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

There are services that facilitate building your own website for little to no cost, but you’ll want to factor in the cost of having to build the site yourself, in addition to the time you’re already spending establishing your business. 

Your other option is to hire a developer to build your website for you. (A designer mainly customizes the appearance of your website with buttons, images, etc.)

Developers can work as freelancers or within what’s called a full-cycle agency, which is another customer service industry that builds, maintains, and promotes your site for you. This type of service is more expensive than building your own site but relieves you of having to spend your time and energy on developing your site. 

Keep in mind that if there are problems with the website, or you need to add or remove content, a build-it-yourself site will require that you do the maintenance on it, while an agency will take care of these things for you.

People will quickly lose trust in a website that’s hard to navigate or constantly crashing… visitors will leave your site if this happens. In either case, you need to factor in the time you’ll have to spend promoting your website. It’s not enough to just plop it on the internet and leave it. 

Keep in Mind User Experience

Your website is going to be a reflection of you and your company. To succeed in the customer service industry, you need your website to be appealing.

You need your website to have a professional appearance as well as being easy for a potential customer to navigate. 

For instance, there are many companies in the customer service industry. Prospective customers won’t wait around for your website to load if another company’s website loads faster.

Also, if the writing on the site is hard to read, customers will find a business website that is easy to read.

These blog examples for business are all in the customer service industry. They have fast loading times and are visually appealing. They are among the most successful websites on the internet in the customer service industry.

What to Include on Your Site

customer service industry
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Consider various options to include on your site such as client logos. These show potential customers who you’ve worked for in the past. See if you can get testimonials from these people about your work. Don’t take shortcuts here. Consumers are more sophisticated now and can easily spot a fake testimonial.

You’ll also want to include what’s called social proof, which is showing the counts of how many times people clicked on your site from various social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Another valuable option to have is a page giving your experience. This is not just the how and when of establishing your business.

This is where you talk about your history in the industry: your past experience, some problems you solved, perhaps a list of companies or other contractors you worked for. It’s also an opportunity for you to show off how you measure up on your entrepreneurial skills

Many customer service industries require you to obtain a license before starting your business. For instance, let’s say you run a construction service. Once you obtain your contractor’s license in construction, you can then promote yourself as a licensed contractor to instill even more trust in potential clients that you know what you’re doing. 

Don’t be afraid to have pictures of yourself or any employees you might have. Stock scenery photos are nice, but potential customers ultimately want to see the real people behind the fancy logos. And don’t limit yourself to posed photos of faces.

Show your business in action. Show that backhoe digging in the ground, or you walking over the land with a client and mapping out the job site, etc. People want to see real photos of you, not some static stock photo you got off the internet. 

Learn What People Are Looking For

Do a review of what traits are involved in being considered to be a trustworthy service provider. Potential customers will likely place a lot of value on your ability to be flexible and optimistic. Constantly pointing out the negatives in a proposed project is not going to go over well.

Work on your communication skills, or bring along a trustworthy associate who is a skilled communicator. Jargon is fine but not everyone is going to understand your terminology. 

Keep in mind the difference between confidence and arrogance. No one likes to feel as though you think their project is too small or insignificant for you to take it seriously. 

Customer Service Industry: People Also Ask

Is Customer Service an Industry?

There are different types of customer service industries. For instance, there are businesses that sell products to customers and there are businesses that provide services to customers.

What Is Considered a Customer Service Industry?

When businesses market their products or services to consumers, generate customers, and then provide those services or sell those products to customers, those businesses are in the customer service industry.

Wrapping Up: How to Succeed in Any Customer Service Industry

To recap:

This post shared these strategies for succeeding in any customer service industry:

  • Make your business website visually appealing.
  • Include testimonials.
  • Include social proof.
  • Include your experience.
  • Include your license to practice in the customer service industry.
  • Images of you in action in the customer service industry helping others.

These six strategies provide an action plan so you can help potential customers build trust in your website.

This will lead to them remaining on your site for more than a few seconds and generate future business clients. Take time to research the best method for you to build, maintain, and promote your website. 

Readers, please share so service providers in the customer service industry discover these ways to boost trust and build a successful brand.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you have additional suggestions for succeeding in the customer service industry?

Authors: Janice Wald and Wahab Ullah Amjad

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