4 Quintessential Customer Portraits And How To Reach Them

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Do you know what your potential customer portraits look like?

How are you going to market your goods and services if you don’t know the customer portraits of your target audience?

Today’s contributing author shares 4 common customer portraits.

It gets better: She then tells you how to market your goods and services to each of them.

Quintessential Customer Portraits And How To Reach Them

Marketing – there isn’t a one-size-fits-all-policy. The reason why is simple, and it’s down to individual customers. People don’t react to stimuli the same way, so it’s wrong to assume that you can reach a broad target audience without diversification.

Of course, diversifying brings problems because there are many types of consumer and varying ways to grab their attention. 

If it feels as if you’re going around in circles, the chances are that you are, which means your marketing campaign isn’t working. To change up, you must begin to understand the types of customers and the best conversion tactics.

Continue reading to find about the most quintessential profiles.

What are Customer Portraits?

Customer portraits are customer profiles. They include predicted behaviors of your potential consumers.

Once you know the profiles and the way the consumers make buying decisions, you can adjust your marketing strategies. The way you market your products and services may vary depending on the customer portrait you’re trying to market to. This post offers you those customer portraits.

4 Typical Customer Portraits

Potential Buyer

A potential buyer isn’t technically a customer, but you want to get him or her to take the final step. Therefore, you’ve got to throw everything at these people to impress them.

It’s a simple theory, yet your business needs to have a wow factor if it’s going to grab customer’s attention. Encourage potential customers to join you by showing them value. What will they get from the product or service, and how will it impact their lives?

Host blogger’s comments:

One of the advantages of social media is your ability to use them to market to potential customers.

I utilize various social media platforms to try and impress. By doing so, I generate interest in my blogging academy, my ebooks, and my blog coaching services.

According to research trends, marketers will use social media to market more than ever. Save time producing content with the help of your customers. Let them generate testimonials for you using video or text.

When you do this, you prove that you are better than the competition.

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Fickle Consumer

Most consumers are fickle. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same, from beginners to industry experts. The R6 Digital social media webpage explicitly says that the sector is fickle. This is one of the most insightful thoughts that you can take from professionals who make it their business to know shoppers. The reality is that, even if they want to make a purchase, little things will stop them. Then, when you have their customer loyalty, nothing will prevent customers from jumping ship.

Marketing is like a relationship.

It’s not about money, though. Marketing is like a relationship in the sense that you need to commit before you expect a commitment.

customer portraits

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You need to commit before you expect a commitment.

Impulsive Shopper

A customer with an impulsive shopping profile sounds as if he or she will be less problematic. Consumers who act on impulse can indeed decide in seconds. As a result, there’s no reason to worry about the red tape and small details – they don’t see them, or if they do, they don’t care. On the flip side, however, is their emotional connection to the product.

Impulsiveness isn’t something these customers fake. They feel it and act straight away. So, you’ve got to use emotional marketing to make them laugh, cry, or relate to the brand in some form.

Discount Dan

Every shopper has an element of Discount Dan about them because bargains are powerful incentives. Still, the desire to land a great deal is what makes them suspicious. Selling to shoppers that love discounts involves breaking down the sale into chunks. You need to guide them through each feature and explain in thorough-yet-plan detail to ease their suspicions. Once Discount Dan is happy that there are no traps, they’ll happily open up the coffers.

Wrapping Up: Customer Portraits

Today’s guest author presented four typical customer portraits. Each market profile comes with its own action plan.

Readers, please share so marketers discover these 4 quintessential customer portraits and these actionable strategies for marketing to them.

I look forward to your views in the comments section: How do you market to the various types of customers? Are you successful at appealing to every individual?

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