How to Effectively Boost Your Brand [With Instagram Stickers in 2020], 5 Ways

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custom Instagram sticker

Do you want to know how to create a custom Instagram sticker?

Have you heard of custom Instagram stickers?

This post will tell you how to easily make custom Instagram stickers and GIFs.

These are free tips.

Follow these tutorials and making custom Instagram stickers will cost you nothing.

Certainly, Instagram’s collection of stickers and GIFs is sufficient.

Why would you want to make a custom Instagram sticker?

You need to stand out on Instagram especially if you’re trying to monetize. There are one billion people on the site.

You need to extend your brand.

You need to enable others to extend your brand.

Visual learners consume information by looking at pictures. Let me offer you some data. 65% of learners get your point by looking at the pictures Instagram stickers provide.

Finally, considering the many benefits on Instagram, it is worth your time to learn how to make custom Instagram stickers and GIFs.

One of the advantages of using social media is being able to boost your brand.

This post will teach you five methods to boost your brand’s reach on Instagram using custom Instagram stickers, Instagram stickers already available on Instagram, and custom Instagram GIFs.

Your social media action plan needs to include methods that make your brand unique so you stand out and capture attention.

Before you are done reading this guide, you will know how to make custom Instagram stickers.

Are you ready to create Instagram stickers? Bring on the tutorials.

How to Make Custom Instagram Stickers for Stories

This post teaches you how to make custom Instagram stickers for Stories and GIFs in 5 free, easy, and quick ways.

How to Make Personalized Custom Instagram GIFs

Method 1

Step 1: Make an account at

I waited and waited for an email that never came.

I went into my account and “Create” was there. Easy!

Step 2: Take a photo of yourself.

You can also upload a photo of yourself.

Step 3: Add a sticker.

Step 4: Add a filter.

I was torn between Rainbow and Dreamy. I chose Dreamy.

Step 5: Draw.

These last steps are optional.

When you’re done, click Start Over or Continue to Upload.

Your choices are to Favorite, Copy Link, Send to Media, or Embed.

You can also share your GIFs on social media sites.


BAM! You have a custom Instagram GIF.


A different look for me, perhaps?

Hover your mouse over the GIF, and the image should have a black background. This makes it easier to see the effectiveness of the GIF.

You might wonder if this is genuinely going to extend my brand or if I’m just being silly.

No, I’m not being silly.

Remember: You are the only one with these personalized GIFs.

You will engage by appearing unique and extend your brand.

There are other uses for my custom personalized GIFs too:

GIF 1: I can use this GIF to promote my Mostly Blogging Academy.

For example, I could start a social media promotion with the words, “Do you dream of having more traffic, sign-ups, and income? Since this is kind of a dreamy look, there is a connection I can capitalize on for marketing purposes.

GIF 2: I could use this GIF to promote my Keyword Sanity Course with the words, “The insanity ends today.”

Both GIFs: I can use to promote my Instagram Coaching Service since they show I’m knowledgeable about custom Instagram Stickers and GIFs.

You can save your GIFs to your camera roll or convert to live media.

After making my GIFs, I had trouble finding them again on various devices. Make sure you like them, and you can find your likes under Favorites.

How to Get Your GIFs on Instagram

Click the Share icon, and you’ll be presented with seven social media sites including Instagram.

How to Get More Custom GIFs

Method 2

The GIFs in this section are not personalized like the GIFs in the last section, but they are still unique, custom GIFs:

Instagram has custom GIFs collections already uploaded.

custom Instagram sticker Gladdest

For example, check out Gladdest. As you can see, Gladdest has many custom Instagram GIFs unique to their brand.

The difference between a GIF and a sticker is that GIFs move. Since these move, they are considered GIFs.

Instagram is not the only place you can get a custom Instagram sticker or GIF.

Pinterest has custom GIF collections.

The Google keyboard (GBoard) has custom GIFs and Custom Stickers. The keyboard is available for both iPhone and Android.

How to Make Custom Instagram Stickers

Method 3

This tutorial will explain how to make custom Instagram stickers using the Any Sticker app.

Before starting, close any Instagram Story you have open.

2 steps:

Step 1: Open the Any Sticker app.

Choose your Custom Instagram sticker topic.

custom Instagram sticker

As you can see from the screenshot, you can use the Any Sticker app on Instagram Stories or WhatsApp.

Your choices:

  • Mood
  • Price Tag
  • Love
  • Run
  • Eating
  • Listening
  • Battery
  • Gym
  • Trip
Custom Instagram Stickers

As you can see, you have an array of choices. Choose your icon based on your reason for making your custom Instagram sticker.

For instance, if you want to announce a reason you are celebrating with a custom Instagram sticker, you might put the icon of the martini glass on your sticker.

Choose your icon. Type what you want your Sticker to say. Click Return.

Click Create Sticker. Close any Instagram Stories that might be open.

While still in the Any Sticker app, select from the images or videos under the Select Image or Video Button.

Click Add to Instagram Story.

This will take you to Instagram where you can place your custom Instagram sticker where you want it.

You can modify the size, put your custom Instagram sticker at a slant, and so forth.

Modify your Story as needed. For example, you can add a Swipe Up link and other Instagram Stickers.

Decide what you want to do with your Story. I like to click Your Stories to place my video both on Instagram and Facebook.

Note: You can also use the Any Sticker app on WhatsApp. Here you will find a tutorial explaining how to use WhatsApp to boost blog traffic.

Step 2: Put the sticker on your Instagram Story.

The top example is from Instagram’s collection.

The bottom is an example of a custom Instagram sticker you can make with the Any Sticker app.

custom Instagram sticker
how to make custom Instagram stickers

“Coffee lover” with the heart was made with the Any Sticker app.

How to make custom Imstagram stickers

The top example with the heart was made with the Any Sticker app.

The bottom example is from Instagram’s collection.

Any Sticker does not offer the hashtag symbol.

Method 4

Create your Instagram story like you normally would.

Download the GIPHY app.

Click your profile icon which will take you to your account.

Click Create a New GIF or Sticker.

Keep GIF highlighted. Click the image icons.

This takes you to your library. Click an image to upload you want to use as one of your custom Instagram stickers.

Modify your photo to turn it into a custom Instagram sticker.

You can add Text, Accessories, Effects, Bling, or Favorites. There is a seemingly endless amount of choices in each category.

Add tags to your creation so others can find it. This is how you extend your brand.

Keep hitting Return until you’re finished modifying. Click Upload to GIPHY. Make sure you agree to the Terms of Service.

Go to your profile. Find your GIF and click it. It should be in your profile. Click your GIF. A sign should appear saying your GIF was copied.

You will see your custom Instagram sticker is there! Click and move to place your sticker.

Go to your Instagram Story.

Look in the top right-hand corner of my Instagram Story above the red line.

Do you see the Mostly Blogging Academy logo?

I modified the logo by adding an image over it.

I clicked the green symbol in the middle. Then, I searched for “blogger.”

She showed up in the middle of my logo. I thought she looked a little like me and well placed, so I left her there.

This is saved for me and anyone who wants to use it at GIPHY. Make sure you opt for Public GIFs so your GIFs are available to others to use.

I used this Instagram Story to inspire people to sign up for my blog’s mailing list. The Swipe Up feature enabled me to add a link to my sign up form.

custom Instagram sticker

I used this Instagram Story to promote my Instagram ebook.

How to Add Stickers to Video

Method 5

Make your video. Save the video to your photo library.

Go to Instagram. Start a new Instagram Story.

On your smartphone, bring in your video. The bottom-left hand corner will take you to your photo library.

Click the Sticker icon at the top of your phone. Click the sticker you want to add to your Story.

I recommend using the hashtag sticker so people interested in your content can find you.

This can’t be custom Instagram stickers since the Any Sticker app doesn’t have hashtags.

This will take you to Instagram where you can add your Instagram sticker.

You can modify the size, put your custom Instagram sticker at a slant, and so forth.

Modify your video as needed. For example, you can add a Swipe Up link and other Instagram Stickers.

Decide what you want to do with your Story. I like to click Your Stories to place my video both on Instagram and Facebook.

This video showed my dog walking back and forth using the Boomerang effect. I used an Instagram hashtag sticker.


Sarah Kay offers you many collections of Instagram Stickers.

Update October 2020

If you are interested in Selfie Stickers, you’ll be delighted to know that you can know express yourself with Selfie Stickers. This month, Instagram released an update to Messaging that allows you to react with an animated Selfie Sticker when an emoji is not enough.

August 2020

As this tutorial explains, you need GIPHY to make your custom Instagram sticker. The Gizmodo blog published a review stating the GIPHY app is one of the best free apps you should know about.

“It makes the process (of making a custom Instagram sticker or GIF) ridiculously easy, and anything that’s running on your mac-OS desktop can be captured and converted. The web tool is less advanced, but you can still turn any local video file or online video clip into a classic GIF animation, with plenty of customization control included along the way.”

July 2020

Canva is advertising its interface with the GIPHY app. Therefore, you can now go through Canva to make a GIF using the GIPHY app.

Canva sings the praises of all a GIF can do for you.

According to Canva,

“GIFs are a common way to communicate online. Use them in your design to convey an emotion or a physical feeling; they can refocus your audience’s attention, and they almost always make people smile.”

May 2020

In a recent purchase, Facebook acquired GIPHY. People are dubious about whether people and brands will still use GIPHY considering the 2018 Facebook data breaches.

April 2020

How to make custom Instagram stickers using the PicsArt app:

custom instagram sticker

Do you see my custom Instagram sticker on the lower left? This was made using the PicsArt app.

Click the Plus + sign.

The PicsArt app has Instagram stickers as well as custom Instagram stickers.

Scroll down to Live Stickers. Click.

Click Let’s Go! Tap for Stickers.

You will be given choices of animated Custom Instagram stickers and GIFs. Click the Search bar to search.

Give PicsArt access to your camera to make a custom Instagram sticker. Follow the prompts.

You can use the PicsArt app for free. When presented with the choice to start a 7-day free trial, X out.

To use PicsArt online, click here.

Using PicsArt online or with the app is easy. I use the free plan which is fine for me. Here is a PicsArt layers tutorial.

How to Make Custom Instagram Stickers: FAQ

Can you make your own stickers on Instagram?

Yes! Use the Any Sticker app.

How do you put custom stickers on Instagram?

Using the Any Sticker app. Click Create Sticker. Modify your sticker with emojis and text. Click Return/Create Sticker. Choose a photo. Your Sticker will appear. Go to Instagram through the Any Sticker app. Modify your Story as desired and post!

Wrapping Up: How to Make a Custom Instagram Sticker and GIF


Now you know how to make your own stickers on Instagram.

However, if you still have questions, there are videos to help you.

This post offered tutorials explaining five methods of making a custom Instagram sticker and GIF as well as making Instagram stickers and GIFs that are not unique to your brand.

Hopefully, these various projects inspired you to start thinking of ideas about how you can use a custom Instagram sticker or GIF to boost your own brand.

Readers, please share so other marketers wishing to extend their brand discover these tutorials and learn how to make custom Instagram stickers and GIFs.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know any additional Instagram secrets you can share? What are your experiences using a custom Instagram sticker or GIF? Do you feel they effectively boost your brand?

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