How to Cross-Promote Social Media and Blog Content For Free, 9 Ways

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cross-promote social media

Are you in a crowded niche? If so, you need these cross-promote social media tips.

This post tells you how to cross-promote social media sites with your website content and other social media sites.

If you are in a crowded niche, that means your niche is popular. Odds are you have strong monetization potential.

However, you need to work harder than you used to due to the amount of competition. According to data, there are 600 million blogs on the internet. While they may not all be in your content niche, if you are in a crowded niche, you need exceptionally strong strategies.

By reading this post, you discover how to extend your reach without creating more website content or social media content.

These are time-saving tips for you. Who wouldn’t want a chance to boost their ROI?

Let’s explore ideas to cross-promote social media with your blog content and other social media sites.

What is Cross Marketing?

Cross marketing is the equivalent of cross-promoting.

Cross promoting: Share your content on other social media sites.

Content Repurposing vs Cross Promotion

What is content repurposing?

Repurposing: Break down the content into different parts. Put the parts on various social media sites.

Disadvantages of cross-promotion with social media:

Social media sites don’t want users to leave the platform. Repurposing content also creates more work since different platforms have different video length and format requirements.

You shouldn’t want people to leave your website either.

Make sure when you send people to social media sites when you cross-promote social media with your content, you tell WordPress to keep the tab open, so people stay on your site.

Look what happens when I put the link to my YouTube channel in this post so I can cross-promote social media from YouTube with my blog content: Janice Wald’s YouTube Channel

Make sure when you put the link in so people can open your social media account, you set the link to Open in New Tab; otherwise, people will leave your website. This tells Google your website is disappointing, and your SEO will suffer.

Cross-promote social media for an easier strategy. Cross-promoting is easier than repurposing. For instance, breaking down a YouTube video into parts can be time-consuming.

For instance, breaking down a long YouTube video into many YouTube Shorts is an example of repurposing your content. However, this takes time.

However, your cross-promote social media strategies have disadvantages as well. For instance, what if social media sites fold? Then, the time you spent cross-promoting onto those different channels was a time-waster.

Also, organic reach is decreasing on social media. Many social media marketers are resigned to paying for a boost in visibility.

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If you still decide you want to pursue investigating cross-promote social media strategies, read on.

How to Cross Promote Social Media Content with Blog Content

One important note: In a day and age where marketers are paying to play, the strategies below are free. Therefore, you extend your reach and save time without investing more money in your blog.

Blog Content and Twitter

Many bloggers use Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule their promotional content on Twitter. Buffer is my go-to scheduler. I schedule up to 10 tweets using Buffer for free.

Blog Content and Instagram

I use Buffer for the same purpose with my Instagram content.

Canva has recently integrated with Buffer so that I can make a Canva graphic without leaving Buffer. More information on this integration can be found below.

Blog Content and Pinterest

The pin’s link takes Pinterest users to your blog earning you traffic with each click.

Cross Promote Social Media Video Ideas

Blog Content and YouTube

Link to your post in the YouTube video description. This is a live link that can bring you traffic.

When you want to include a video in your website content, you can embed the YouTube code or just paste the link to the YouTube video.

You get the embed code to embed the video on your site. Including a video helps your SEO since it improves your bounce rate and shows Google you have a variety of media.

These are my strategies for cross-promoting YouTube with my blog content and my YouTube content with Twitter:

Step 1: I make a YouTube video.

I turn off likes. My goal is to cross-promote social media with my blog and not generate traction on YouTube. My goal is to generate traffic back to my blog.

Step 2. I share the YouTube link on Twitter.

I copy the code and put it into my WordPress blog post. Google likes a variety of media. This update will help me boost my keyword rankings.

One important note:

With one action, making the YouTube video, I received three benefits: promotion on YouTube, promotion on Twitter, and boosting my blog content SEO.

Do you see how these cross-promote social media strategies are time-saving tips for you?

Cross-Promote Social Media Hacks

Make sure the bottom box is unchecked so your focus is not interrupted by the number of likes.

After you publish to YouTube, you’ll have a chance to share on other social media sites. Share on Twitter.

Did you know Quora now has cross-promote social media potential?

cross promote social media

Cross Promote Social Media with Other Social Media

Instagram and YouTube

I spliced together the Instagram Live video I did with my logo at the end. Also, using Splice, I took off the beginning and the end which were ideal for Instagram Live but not YouTube.

One important note, though…

After the draft of this post was composed, Instagram stopped IGTV.

Repurpose YouTube Shorts as Instagram stories. Since these are both vertical, this is a good pairing.

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Reddit and Twitter

Once you click to connect Reddit with Twitter, look what your Twitter followers see:

A click on the link brings you traffic.

TikTok and Instagram

Promote your video on other sites. For instance, share your TikTok on Instagram Reels and vice versa.

More Ways to Cross Promote Social Media

Buffer and Canva

Your social media content is easier to cross-promote.

You can now make social media content right inside of Buffer using the interface between Canva and Buffer. This is a new feature.

Step 1: Go to Buffer and decide when to post.

Step 2: Click Drag and Drop or Select a File and choose Canva. This opens Canva’s platform.

Using the search bar, find the graphic you want and modify it as desired.

When finished, click Add to Buffer. Finish your promotional text and click Schedule.

Not having to switch tabs to go from Canva to Buffer felt much quicker.


No post on strategies that teach you to cross-promote social media would be complete without a mention of IFTTT (If This, Then That).

IFTTT is a free tool that connects your blog content with social media sites. The connections are called “applets.” In fact, you can make any connection you can imagine with IFTTT.

More information about how to use IFTTT to cross-promote social media can be found here.

Cross Promote Social Media FAQ

What is an example of cross-promotion?

When you have one piece of content on one website and then you promote it on another site, you are cross-promoting.

Wrapping Up: Cross Promote Social Media Strategies

This guide explained how to share your content, as widely and efficiently as possible, across multiple social networks.

By reading this post, you learned how to cross-promote social media content with blog content and other social media sites.

Readers, please share so bloggers discover these time-saving tips, how to cross-promote social media with other platforms.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you suggest additional cross-promote social media methods to save content creators time?

This post was made possible by the support of our readers.

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