Creative Strategy in Advertising: 5 Powerful Ways To Make Your Ads Great

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Are you looking to level up your marketing game by implementing creative strategy in advertising techniques?

Let’s face it, selling a product to customers is hard; no matter how wonderful and unique your product is, if it does not appeal to the masses, there won’t be any buyers. 

With the cut-throat competition that all brands have to deal with, standing out from their competitors has become all the more important.  

But what makes a brand stand out depends on how well they advertise the product that they are selling.

Brands need a powerful creative strategy in advertising. This article gives you those strategies.

Ads that are creative also equate to ads that are good. Ads that have that quirky element in them stay in our memory longer and we find ourselves talking about them more. 

Creative advertising is one of the best ways via which brands can connect with their audience. It helps brands get their own loyal following of customers, and so it helps convert the exposure that the brand receives into sales. 

By reading this post, you explore the answer to, “What does creative mean?”

You also discover three benefits of creative strategy in advertising, a five-part action plan for creative strategy in advertising, and an example of creative strategy in advertising at its best.

Let’s get started discovering effective creative strategy in advertising techniques.

What is Creative Advertising?

Unlike in the past, the attention span of consumers now is short-lived. And so, brands have to work harder to hold the attention of their target audience longer. Creative advertising works on the principles of persuasion. Ads that are innovative, different, and able to shock or surprise people tend to do a better job at increasing the desire to buy.

With people spending more and more time on their phones and computers, although it might seem like an easy task to grab their attention via ads. However, in reality, unless a brand is creative and unique in its approach, it is tough to compel buyers to hang around for long.

Creative strategy in advertising is a way of advertising in which a unique campaign or an advertisement is created for a product that creatively tells the different attributes of the product to the audience. Traditional advertising like wild posting involves solely showcasing or talking about the benefits of the product to the audience. Creativity helps people identify and bond with the brand thereby influencing them to buy its products. 

Creative advertising is generally the forte of the brand’s creative team or an advertising agency that takes the brand’s whole identity and creatively presents it to its customers. And Brands are experimenting more and more, even using AI Art to generate visually striking content that is different.

What Defines Creativity?

Before we can share creative strategy in advertising techniques, we need to define “creativity.”

What does it mean to be creative?

In the sphere of advertising, creativity means the use of creative ideas and concepts to map out an advertising campaign in order to sell a product.

Online advertising vs traditional advertising

Traditional advertising involves solely showcasing or talking about the benefits of the product to the audience. Both traditional and creative ads have the same goal, which is to compel people to buy their products. 

The main difference lies in how they approach their campaign strategies. Creativity in advertising allows for inspiring, engaging, and surprising consumers thereby non-consciously persuading them to purchase the product. 

Creative Strategy in Advertising

creative strategy in advertising

Let’s dive in and examine creative strategy in advertising methods.

How to make creative advertising more effective

In the marketing sphere, creative strategy in advertising is no doubt a sure-shot way to increase the brand’s fan following and drive more sales. However, just being creative does not necessarily translate into more reachability and popularity. In addition, you can also outsource relative ideas to grow your business for an effective outcome.

Along with creativity, many other factors play an equal part in making a brand’s creative advertising campaign a roaring success. 

  • Originality 

Along with being creative, your ad campaign also needs to be original. Being original effectively helps pique your target audience’s interest, allowing them to recall the ad better. If an ad is intriguing that means there is a greater chance that people will remember the ad better. 

With the examples of digital programmatic ads, you can create a perfect amalgamation of creative ideas with an original and authentic concept is what makes the ad stand out from the rest. 

  • Flexibility

An ad is said to be flexible when the advertised product is connected to many different ideas and uses. Therefore, such an ad is bound to appeal to the audience more effectively than those that are not flexible. 

  • Elaboration

Elaborating simple concepts in ads to make them more detailed and intricate is another way that makes the product memorable to the customers. For instance, if your ad is about a fruit drink adding specific details, such as fruits bouncing into the bottle to make the drink, can help intrigue the potential audiences’ interest in the product.

  • Synthesis

This involves connecting contrasting ideas and concepts and presenting them in a single storyline. For instance, Wrigley’s ad featuring rabbits being fed fruits that then cause their buck teeth to swell and turn into gum is a perfect example of linking divergent concepts and elements.

  • Aesthetic value

Creatively made ads are also aesthetically pleasing with great visual, sound, and production quality. As a result, such ads are more likely to be regarded by the audience as reliable and true works of art. 

Example of Creative Strategy in Advertising

Editor’s Note: I couldn’t find the Wrigley’s ad the contributing author referenced in the above section.

However, the Geico Insurance ad is memorable and serves the same purpose, to show creative strategy in advertising.

In the above section, the contributing author discussed Synthesis, the combination of two unlike objects in order to create a memorable impression.

The author discusses rabbits and gum, two unlike objects.

In the above video, strategist Julian Cole also uses synthesis. In the video, he combines a camel and insurance, also two unlike objects.

The result: A memorable Geico ad.

The video reminds us people may only make an insurance purchase once a year. You need the advertising to be memorable so that when purchase time rolls around, consumers remember you.

Benefits of Creative Strategy in Advertising

To reap the benefits of a successful business venture, just creating quality products is not enough; the next big step is to creatively advertise the products so they can reach more potential buyers. Creative advertising is a reliable method of increasing engagement and promotion that brands can adopt. 

  • Drive sales

Compared to non-creative methods, creative advertising has been shown to drive sales by having a better chance of influencing buyers. 

  • Promotion of products

Creative strategy in advertising helps brands quickly gain followers, which means better recognition for the brand and an effective way to promote their products to potential buyers.

  • Cost-effective

Creative strategy in advertising requires significantly less investment and so are super cost-effective.

The reason?

An innovative and unique ad automatically intrigues people, which leads to more likes and shares on social media. This way, brands need not invest big as creativity does the required job.

Creative Strategy in Advertising: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a creative strategy example?

Geico’s use of the camel, an animal unrelated to car insurance, is an example of a memorable ad. The commercial uses a creative strategy called “synthesis.”

What are the types of creative strategies?

Originality, flexibility, elaboration, synthesis, and aesthetic value

Wrapping Up: Creative Strategy in Advertising

What describes a great ad? Is it something that is short or something that is detailed? Should it be quirky or simple?

The main goal of creative advertising is to create ads that people want to watch and are willing to talk about continuously. Creatively created ads are able to affect people both in a conscious and non-conscious manner which helps them develop an emotional connection with the brand’s narrative. 

For a product to be memorable to the audience, brands need to strategize their advertising campaigns creatively. An ad that is original and creative has a far better chance of being recognized and remembered by customers than an ad that lacks both. 

Readers, please share this creative strategy in advertising action plan.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Can you suggest more creative strategy in advertising methods?

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