Crazy Text Generator: 12 Ways to Improve Your Fonts (and Why You Should in 2024)

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crazy text generator

Do you need a crazy text generator?

This post answers these questions:

  • “How do I know which crazy fonts to pick?”
  • “How do I get crazy fonts in my writing?”
  • “Why should I use a crazy text generator?”

This post reviews these crazy text generator tools:

  • LingoJam
  • Cool Symbol
  • Instagram Fonts
  • Unicode
  • Thumb Tube
  • Spell Backwards
  • Copy and Paste Fonts for Instagram
  • Weird Text Generator
  • Animated Fonts
  • BigBangRam
  • Edit Pad

Why do you need a crazy text generator?

  • Using fonts that are easy to read improves your writing’s readability.
  • Fonts add value to your text. Readers perceive meaning from text since fonts have personality.
  • The choice of font and text size can help attract your target audience.
  • The font helps determine how your brand is perceived.
  • Unique fonts help you get attention on social media.
  • Update: Merchants might need the Unicode crazy text generator to communicate with people speaking different languages.

This post is an update to my weird text generator guide which explained how to avoid using third-party apps when you need a crazy text generator.

This guide explains how to use free third-party apps as your crazy text generator.

By the time you are done reading this guide, you will have these options for which crazy text to make with your crazy text generator and more:

  • Cursed Text
  • Vaporwave Text
  • Cute Text
  • Box Text
  • Fancy Text
  • Unicode
  • Flip or Mirror Text
  • Backward Text
  • Weird Text
  • Animated Fonts
  • Fortnite Font
  • Generator Fonts

UPDATE: By reading this post, you also receive an italics generator.

With social media engagement down, you need whatever tricks you have at your disposal to generate interest on crowded social media sites.

Diane Wong, an essay writer, agrees that there are many other advantages as well to generating unusual fonts with a crazy font generator.

Let’s get started putting free tools in your arsenal for when you need a crazy text generator. Be sure to stay until the end to discover how to use your crazy text generator to make Fortnite Font.

A demonstration of how you can use LingoJam as a crazy text generator. Watch how to use LingoJam to make cursed text.

What is a Crazy Text Generator?

Before we start the crazy text generator reviews, you should know what is meant by crazy text.

A Quora search for “crazy text” revealed people call inappropriate texting “crazy text.”

For the purposes of this guide, crazy fonts are unusual fonts. Therefore, this crazy font generator guide shows you how to make unusual fonts.

What is crazy text?

To some people, a crazy text is a crazy text message. For the purpose of this post, crazy text means unusual text.

For those of you who prefer to get information by viewing a picture, here are the main ideas of this article which provides information and choices for a crazy text generator.

crazy text generator

Does this resemble a cloud?

Why You Need a Crazy Font Generator

Strange Font Benefits

There are advantages to using strange font styles:

  • Teachers engage students.
  • Bloggers engage visitors.
  • Writers engage readers.
  • Social media marketers engage followers.

Fonts Help Develop Theme

Updated Information:

Fonts have themes as well as personalities.

For instance, you can use your crazy text generator to develop a Halloween theme:

  • cursed text
  • creepy text
  • demonic text
  • satanic text
  • scary font
  • insane text

For bloggers planning their Halloween posts and teachers planning their Halloween lessons, consider using your crazy text generator to make these fonts.

Fonts Improve Readability

Teachers: Use fonts to engage your students.

I am a teacher as well as a blogger. As a teacher, I know the importance of engaging students.

According to a Gallup poll, students are not just engaged (47%) or disengaged (29%). A third group is actively disengaged (24%).

There are many ways you can use a crazy text generator to engage students. For instance, if you are a Yearbook teacher, you could cover the eyes of the students in the Yearbook and ask readers to guess the student. Type the identity upside down to make the guesswork more challenging and fun.

Next, you want to make sure your writing is clear. Google emphasizes the User Experience. If your writing isn’t clear, you won’t rank well in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) if you are a blogger. If you are a teacher, you won’t improve student achievement with illegible text.

Related Reading: You can use Fry’s Readability Calculator to find out if your writing is readable.

Not all crazy text generators make illegible texts.


Bryan G uses Double Struck to write his name. Even against the white background, you see in the screenshot, his name is legible.

Fonts Add Personality

According to a study published by,

“Previous research suggests that different typefaces can be perceived as having distinct personality characteristics (such as strength, elegance, friendliness, romance, and humor) and that these ‘print personalities’ elicit information in the reader that is in addition to the meaning conveyed linguistically by words.”

Fonts Can Attract Your Target Audience

Bloggers: Understand the importance of visual blogging. 65% of all readers are visual learners. Help them understand the information better with whatever techniques are at your disposal. published a connection between the font and the audience you are trying to generate. The article actually called fonts “seductive.”

According to the blog, “You CAN attract the right audience with seductive typography.”

This table shows the connections between the font style and the characteristics of the audience you want to attract.

Font Style

Characteristics of Target Audience


Professional, traditional, dignified, classical

San Serif

Clear, approachable, relaxed, personable


Fanciful, opulent, classy, unique


Plain, unassuming, technical, functional

The wrong choice of fonts can also convince your target audience not to follow you.

Fonts Boost Branding

According to the,

“It’s the subtle reasoning behind a font choice that plays a big part. A typeface can create emotion (happy or sad?), enhance a theme (past or present?), spark interest (shout or whisper?), add personality (silly or serious?) and even convey trust – all of which is crucial to the launch of a successful project.”

“A typeface can convey trust.”

Fonts Boost Engagement

This opinion is controversial. People disagree on the effectiveness of using a crazy font generator to build social media engagement.

A Redditor in a Twitter subreddit strongly disagrees about whether using fonts is effective.

Look at what he wrote:

I disagree with the commenter.

It’s true: Social media sites are crowded. Instagram, for example, has one billion people.

Will using a crazy text generator help you stand out on social media?

I asked social media users from Instagram and Reddit. To my surprise, most respondents answered, “No!”

Here are the results of a poll I conducted in the Instagram subreddit.

crazy text generator

One of the Redditors explained why he felt interesting fonts do not result in increased Instagram engagement:

“Why would they?

Fonts? Really? People aren’t little kids amazed by a change in font I’m sure.”

I beg to differ. I maintain using a crazy font generator can boost interest.


crazy text generator

Instagram’s RJ Kaur uses unusual fonts in her YouTube videos. I scrolled through her Instagram posts looking for unusual fonts. This caught my eye.

Why? The post has an unusual font.

Should you still use these crazy text generator methods on social media sites?

Yes! Fonts convey personality. Use these methods and tools on social media sites to boost your brand whether or not using a crazy text generator to boost engagement is subject to opinion. Of the 27 people polled (including me), 8 responded “yes,” while 19 responded “no.”

Updated Information:

Fonts Boost Tone.

When you type, expressing tone is impossible. At times, people need to hear your intonation to understand your emphasis. For instance, you can boost tone with an italics generator.

Updated Information:

Use crazy text generator methods on Reddit.

crazy text generator

When you type on Reddit using your desktop, you have access to an editor. If you don’t see the editor, click “formatting help.” On a smartphone, type a carat (ʌ) before each word you want to elevate.

Crazy Text Generator Choices

Which strange font maker will you select?


When you use LingoJam, you can create your own crazy text generator.

weird text generator

This screenshot reveals Lingo Jam users created a crazy text generator to translate English into the “Language of Pittsburghers” called “Pittsburghese.”

LingoJam is a unique crazy font generator since each generator is found at a different URL. For instance, if you want to make cursed text, you will find the LingoJam Cursed Text Generator on this website: LingoJam Cursed Text.

In fact, using cursed text on social media sites like Instagram can really make your fonts grab attention since cursed text looks so different from the usual text that Instagram offers.

The number of LingoJam fonts you can generate seems endless.

These are the LingoJam fonts you can generate:

  • LingoJam Cursed Text
  • Language of Pittsburghers
  • LingoJam Weird Text Generator
  • LingoJam Demon Text
  • LingoJam Demonic Text
  • LingoJam Satanic Text
  • LingoJam Vaporwave
  • LingoJam Fancy Text
  • LingoJam Old English Text Generator

Note: These are the LingoJam fonts I am aware of. I’m confident there are many more.

LingoJam Fancy Text

To use LingoJam’s Fancy Text Generator, go to

crazy text generator

On the left side of the pane, type your text. On the right side of the pane, choose the LingoJam fancy text you want and copy. Paste the text where desired.

Cool Symbol

If you want to use Cool Symbol for free indefinitely, you need to install the Cool Symbol keyboard onto your smartphone.

crazy text generator
crazy text generator

Other than the Swipe Up sticker, the fonts used in this Instagram Story were made with the Cool Symbol keyboard.

Look at the dominant image for this post. The fonts in the image were also made with Cool Symbol. Do you agree the Fraftur looks Old English? This means you can use Cool Symbol as your Old English font generator.

Are you wondering about the results of the poll shown in the dominant image? Two people chose Bold Italics and two people picked Fraftur.

Instagram Fonts

Use the Instagram Fonts Generator tool as your Instagram font generator.

crazy text generator


You might see what looks to you like weird text or like weird letters, but your eyes are deceived. What you are seeing is actually Unicode.

What is Unicode?

Unicode consists of universal characters. Instagram Fonts is a universal text converter.

Why do you need Unicode?

You might be communicating with people who speak a variety of languages. Unicode is universal.

This crazy text generator is a Unicode text converter.

When you go into Instagram Fonts, you are given information about the site.

What I found a turn-off was the multitude of ads that appeared all over the site.

Often, when you use free tools, the price you pay is being subjected to ads.

To access Instagram Fonts, go to

Thumb Tube

With Thumb Tube, you can flip or mirror text. You can even make a backwards 3 text.

crazy text generator

Spell Backwards

Go to

Crazy Text Generator

You could use your backward text anywhere, even on Twitter in a tweet.

Leonardo da Vinci wrote backwards in a notebook so no one could steal his ideas. This is known as “mirror text” since you need to hold the text up to the mirror to read what the writing says.

Many people want to make a backward 3. Making a backward 3 is easy with this tool.

You could put upside down text in your Facebook status.

For instance, you can show Facebook upside down text.

Copy and Paste Fonts for Instagram

This free tool can be found at

Weird Text Generator

Look at the examples in the screenshot of the kind of text this crazy text generator produces.

You can tell by eyeing these examples of what you can make with the Weird Text Generator that fonts do indeed have personality. You can also tell that fonts can affect your brand perception.

Do you agree the first and third look creepy? This means you can use Weird Text Generator as your creepy text generator.

Animated Fonts

Instagram now enables you to have words jump on your Instagram Story. Due to this innovation, your story viewer appears animated.

crazy text generator animation

At Instagram, if you want to make your text animated, click the “A” that looks like it’s in motion, to the left of the word “Done.” The result: Your text will jump up and down.

I used the crazy text generator provided by Instagram stories to promote my post about dream blogs on Instagram.

Crazy Text Generator Bonus Tips

Italics Generator

Use an italics generator to express emphasis.

Use these free tools as your italics generator:

  • LingoJam
  • YayText
  • Italic Text Generator

Italics Generator Method:

Type the words you want to italicize and highlight them. On the keyboard, type CTRL I.


I used that method to italicize these words.

Cursed Text Generator

These free crazy text generator tools enable you to generate cursed text:

  • Big Bang Ram
  • Ingramer (now Inflact)
  • Fonts Rack
  • My Weird Text
  • Fontalic
  • Zalgo
  • Exotic Fonts
  • LingoJam

How to generate cursed fonts:

Big Bang Ram

If you need a cursed text generator, you can use the Big Bang Ram Cursed Text Generator.

Here’s how to use Big Ban Ram as your cursed text generator:

Go to

Type what you want your cursed text to say on the left side of the pane.

Since Zalgo font is the same as Cursed font, I would copy the Cursed font from the Zalgo box. Click the icon of the two pages to copy. The word “copied” appears to indicate your Cursed font is on the clipboard.


Hͥ̽ͣ̃̔ā̤̓̍͘p̞̈͑̚͞p̞̈͑̚͞y҉̃̀̋̑ Hͥ̽ͣ̃̔ā̤̓̍͘l̙͖̑̾ͣl̙͖̑̾ͣo̯̱̊͊͢w̦̺̐̐͟ẹ̿͋̒̕ẹ̿͋̒̕ṇ̤͛̒̍!

Since a cursed text generator makes the text look glitchy, this cursed font is also called “text glitchify” or “glitch text effect generator.”

Inflact (formerly Ingramer)

crazy text generator

The instructions are simple: Click the cursed text. On the right, type your message. It appears in cursed text. Copy and paste where you want the crazy text.

Here is another example of cursed text:

crazy text generator

Do you see the code over the words “cursed text generator?” This is called Unicode. It forms what looks like glitches over the writing and makes the text look taller.


crazy text generator

As you see, the Jamfoo Crazy Text Generator generates Chat Emoticon Lists, Facebook Chat Codes, and Fancy Text Symbols.

Chat Emoticon Lists show you Facebook Emoticons, Aim Emoticons, Skype Emoticons, and MSN Emoticons.

When I clicked Fancy Text Symbols, I received a pleasant surprise: Smilies.

crazy text generator

As someone who can’t recall how to type smilies. This is helpful for me.

Can you remember when to type colons and parentheses? I forget about the colon and the forward slash altogether. Can you see yourself using the smilies this crazy text generator provides? I can.

Vaporwave Text Generator

Have you heard of Vaporwave text? The Vaporwave crazy text generator uses aesthetics in addition to letters.

I wrote, “I am Janice. The Vaporwave Text Generator Translated to:

ℑ 𝔞𝔪 𝔍𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔠𝔢. 𝕴 𝖆𝖒 𝕵𝖆𝖓𝖎𝖈𝖊. 🍭𝐼 𝒶𝓂 𝒥𝒶𝓃𝒾𝒸𝑒.🍭 🐤🎀I am Janice.🎀🐤 ★👑𝓘 𝓪𝓶 𝓙𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓬𝓮.👑★ 

Just choose your favorite, copy, and paste the crazy text.

You have options when choosing a Vaporwave Text Generator For instance, you can use LingoJam’s Vaporwave Text Generator or the Best Vaporwave Text Generator.

crazy text generator

As you see from the screenshot, you can select your Vaporwave Text. You can also access the Vaporwave Text Generator from your Chrome browser or with an Android app.

Cute Text Generator

crazy text generator
Photo by Lum3n on

Everyone loves cute.

The beauty of the cute text generator is that the focus is on the text. Normally, the focus is on the image.

For teachers needing a crazy text generator, children find cute text engaging.

There are several free tools you can use for your cute text generator:


Pexels was my cute text generator for the cute text in the image.

Box Text Generator

My favorite box text generator is Cool Symbol.

I have a special keyboard installed on my phone that allows me to generate box text.

Cool Symbol doesn’t charge for the Box Text Font. The keyboard is free as well.


crazy text generator box text

This is an example of a Box Text I used in an Instagram Story.

Fortnite Font

Let me give you some data: According to Statista, 350 million people played Fortnite in 2020. Certainly, your crazy text would engage many people of all demographics if you generated the Fortnite Font.

How? Easy!

The Fortnite Font is Burbank Big Condensed Black.

crazy text generator

Go to Find My Font to convert your text to Fortnite Font.

UPDATE: Bonus Tips

Update March 2022

Generator Fonts

You can also use Generator Fonts as your crazy text generator.

Here is a testimonial from a user:

“It’s the best font generator I’ve ever used. It’s so easy to use – you just type in the text you want to use and it gives you a ton of different fonts to choose from. I’ve used it for all my projects and it’s really helped me stand out from the crowd. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to create unique and stylish fonts.”

If you are interested, here you will find Generator Fonts.

Edit Pad

You can also use the Edit Pad Weird Text Generator as your crazy text generator.

Go to

Type your crazy text on the left side of the pane.

Choose your crazy text, copy, and paste where desired.

Which Crazy Text Generator Should You Pick?

As you see in the video, which crazy text generator you pick is an important decision. As the film clip shows, people have strong emotional reactions to fonts.

Remember, fonts have personality. Which mood are you going for? Fonts provide ambiance. Consider the crazy font generator you pick as your aesthetic text generator. published a guide sharing the personalities of various fonts.

This table displays the results of their research: The connection between font style and the target audience you want to attract.

Font Style

Characteristics of Target Audience


Professional, traditional, dignified, classical

San Serif

Clear, approachable, relaxed, personable


Fanciful, opulent, classy, unique


Plain, unassuming, technical, functional

What Should You Do With Your Crazy Text Generator?

Put your writing on social media sites. These are the places to convey your brand essence. Use a crazy text generator to generate unusual fonts to help you.

Find a crazy text generator you like, and use it to promote on social media. You can even use a variety of fonts as seen in these screenshots.

Crazy Text Generator: FAQ

How do you type weird letters?

There are many free tools that help you type weird letters such as LingoJam and Cool Symbol.

How do you get Cursed Text?

I use LingoJam to get Cursed Text. You can too. You can translate Normal Text to Cursed Text here:

What is the weird text generator?

There are many free tools and methods to help you generate free text. For instance, LingoJam, CoolSymbol, and FontVilla will help you generate weird text. CoolSymbol gives you a free keyboard right inside your phone to help you generate weird text.

How do you write a demon in text?

LingoJam makes a free tool called “Satanic Text Generator.” LingoJam is a free website. All you do is type, copy the demon text, and paste where you want the demon text to appear.

What is the glitch font called?

The glitch font is called Mokoto and gives an appearance of a glitching effect that looks like the letters are shaking.

How do you type in strange letters?

You need a third-party tool. Fontvilla, Jamfoo, Cool Symbol, and LingoJam are all examples of free third-party tools that will help you type in strange letters. Use them as your crazy text generator. Cool Symbol even gives you a free keyword to use right inside your smartphone, so you always have a crazy text generator with you on the go.

How can an AI text generator be dangerous?

AI can generate misleading information such as text out of context.

Wrapping Up: Crazy Text Generator


This guide showed fonts have personalities. There are many benefits to using a crazy text generator that have little to do with social media engagement.

This post sought to answer the question, “Are there advantages to using a crazy text generator?” The answer seems to be there are four definite advantages and one possible advantage.

Using a crazy text generator may not boost your social media engagement. However, there are benefits to having a crazy font generator like boosting your branding and improving your content’s readability.

Readers, please share so social media marketers and businesses seeking to promote online, learn the benefits of using a crazy text generator.

I look forward to your views in the comments section. Do you know of another crazy text generator or an additional advantage of using a crazy text generator?

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