How to Create the Best CPA Website in 2022 100%, 3 Ways

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CPA website tips.

Why would you need methods that belong at a CPA website designed to help accountants?

These strategies are helpful for all bloggers even if you don’t write accountant blogs.

By reading this post, you will discover how to create a great website for CPAs.

Mostly Blogging has published articles for lifestyle bloggers, gambling bloggers, mom bloggers, and nursing bloggers among many other niches.

Today’s guest author offers powerful generic tips for a CPA website that help every type of blogger.

How to Create a CPA Website (That People Will Rush To Read!) 100%

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There is no doubt that accounting and money management are critical subjects and worthy of blogs dedicated to them.

However, compare them to celebrity or lifestyle blogs, and they can look a little grey and boring.

The good news is that this need not be the case! In fact, you can easily create an accounting blog that will drive as much traffic as any other, with the advice discussed below. 

How to create an interesting CPA website, 3 strategies

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3 Powerful Tips for a CPA Website (That Will Help Every Website)

Think like a creative 

First off, just because your blog is about accounting doesn’t mean that it can’t be aesthetically pleasing.

In fact, if you are currently running a site with walls of tiny, hard-to-read text, then time to stop. 

Instead, be sure that everything from the wireframe design to the font and images choices are visually pleasing.

Yes, you may wish to use a more serious color and image theme, especially if you are blogging about corporate accounting and money management. However, there really is no excuse for a poorly designed site. In fact, it will just drive readers away rather than having them rushing towards your blog.

Become an expert 

Expertise is essential in the blogging game, as no one wants to take advice from someone that hasn’t been through it themselves. Of course, it’s doubly important in the accounting and money management field. After all, folks don’t want to put their hard-earned wages on the line for someone that has no evidence they know what they are doing. 

Happily, there are several ways that you can establish your credibility and expertise in this accounting area. The first is to complete a higher qualification like this online accounting master’s degree in your spare time. Something that will show you have advanced skills and knowledge in the money management area. 

Another is to use specific social media platforms such as LinkedIn to establish yourself as an expert. Create original LinkedIn posts that can be of particular use to those that are or have worked in the field. The reason being that it will have professional endorsements, and contacts, demonstrating your legitimacy. 

Finally, when it comes to setting yourself up as an expert, following your own advice and documenting it on your blog can be very effective indeed.

For example, zero debt bloggers should write about their own personal journey, including what did and didn’t work for them. Thus show their audience both authenticity and that they have the experience to back up what they are saying in their blog. 

Write relatably 

One way to attract readers and keep them coming back for more is to work on your writing. You can do this by establishing a unique writing style and voice. Preferably something that the demographic you are aiming for can relate to. The benefit of this being that the readers will feel more at home. Also, you will be able to explain accounting and money management issues in a way that is the most relevant to their needs. 

In fact, writing in a particular style can act as a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for your blog. Your writing voice can set you apart from all the others out there.

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Follow these three tips when you create your content. People will be rushing to read your blog posts as soon as you publish them. 

Wrapping Up: How to Create Interesting Content at a CPA Website or Any Website

Host blogger’s comments:

Even though this post is written with accountants in mind, these generic blogging tips are applicable to every niche.


  • Your blog’s appearance matters.
  • Your reputation matters.
  • Your writing style matters.

Readers, please share so bloggers learn these tips for creating an interesting CPA website and can apply them to their own blog content.

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    Developing a unique writing style is an added advantage and will definitely act as a unique selling point for an accounting blogger and most importantly, LinkedIn work best for an accounting type of niche.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Janice Wald

      Hi Emmanuel,
      Thanks for writing by adding your suggestions. I agree. I believe LinkedIn is valuable for all business-related niches. Also, as you wrote, an interesting writing style would definitely add to the interest of what could be otherwise boring content.

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    This a great article. Thank you for sharing your insights about creating an interesting CPA website. I’m sure this will be liked by many readers.

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