Profitable Blogging

What About High Traffic Subjects?

Lesson 4

​I know that the data I wrote in the previous lessons of the course may be surprising. The question you probably have is, ​do you ​have a chance with subjects that have higher search volume?

The short answer: Yes, ​but you need to be ​able to recognize opportunities. 

How do you find such opportunities?

​The secret is in looking at search relevance, thinking and ​acting like a smart entrepreneur about monetization. Thinking like a blogger is not enough. 

​Let's take the example of free web hosting:

free hosting keywords

​Obviously, that's a lot of high volume keywords and even the competition isn't that high. I accidentally bumped into this subject when I was trying to find free hosting for a test site that I didn't want to host on the same IP as my other ​sites. 

I tried free hosting a couple of years ago, but boy, was I surprised with my recent experience... You used to be able to host your site somewhat decently with a free web host and they were trying to get you to upgrade. ​This is not the case any more.

I set up a new WordPress blog with 3 pages and 2 blog posts on one of them, JetPack and a Google Analytics plugin. All that with zero external traffic used up my CPU quota and my site was turned off for 24 hours...

free hosting godaddy

Take a look at how many people search for "free hosting GoDaddy". Of course this doesn't exist and ​if you manually check the search results, you will see that NONE of these actually answer the searcher's question, i.e. they are not optimized for search intent.

You could easily build a review site where you test the different free hosting companies and write a 1,500-word review on them.

You would need to be smart about the monetization, but you could easily promote ​budget hosts and ​online courses.

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