Profitable Blogging

The One Thing People Get Wrong About Blogging

Lesson 1 Chapter 1

Many bloggers operate under the false idea that blogging consists of publishing articles and getting people to read these by manipulating Google’s algorithm.

  • Some play a “Chase the traffic” game.
  • Some play the “Let’s spam others” game, contacting others through mass emails or social media messages.
  • Others are in the link selling/buying/exchanging game.
  • Or hunting for magic keywords.
  • Some charge top dollars for info products.  

But there is a different route:

  1. Create valuable assets, not just blog posts.
  2. Build an engaged community around these.
  3. Produce results day after day. Both for yourself and your readers.
  4. Build a stable business.

Let’s Make Your Blog Profitable

I challenge you to build your own profitable blog.

  • If you have questions, want feedback, visit our Facebook group and ask others for their input.

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