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Red Ocean vs ​Blue Ocean

Lesson 10 Chapter 1

A Core Problem is a BIG and URGENT problem that people are actively trying to solve. It's not just a regular problem. It propels people to take action. Getting food when hungry, handling physical pain or illness are examples.

A Core Obsession is an urge from deep inside that propels people to take action. Gaming, smartphones, football, beauty or even SEO and site traffic are examples of such obsession.

The urge to take action, ability and willingness to pay are connected to both of these.

Red ocean is the known market space, where companies try to outperform their rivals to grab a greater share of the existing market. Cutthroat competition turns the ocean bloody red. Hence, the term ‘red’ ocean.

Blue ocean is the unknown market space, unexplored and untouched by competition. Just like the seas in the real world – vast, deep and powerful in terms of opportunity and profitable growth.

Big Idea: Any new campaign will need a theme or hook that you’ll want people to remember, share and act upon.  A campaign’s big idea is the overarching message that resonates with the target audience. It is built on Blue Ocean and it is a synonym to Unique Selling Position.

The big idea starts with defining the core problem and by the creation of a clear, unique solution. Some examples:

  • Paypal’s big idea is the ability to pay and send money safely, without giving out your credit card details.
  • Facebook Messenger’s big idea is the ability to easily chat with others without the expenses of SMS.
  • Keto diet’s big idea is to switch your body over from burning sugar to burning fat.
  • WalMart’s and Amazon’s big idea is to provide high quality but affordable products.

Identify The Urgent Need

When pulling prospects into a funnel, first we need to know the urgent need that propels them to take action, the one we want to solve for our prospect. If the product (offer) you promote is dead, no sales funnel will ever make it profitable.

Practical task:

Make a list of urgent needs (both problems and obsessions) related to your niche.

Warning: This is NOT an ivory tower thinking process and opinions don’t matter. In fact following your opinion will probably destroy profitability. The question is, what statistically presents an urgent need.

Example: You may have the opinion that no one will buy Coke at a gas station at triple the price of WalMart, because it is expensive. My friend who actually worked at a gas station told me that it doesn’t matter what kind of drinks you will stack up and doesn’t matter what the price is, people will always buy it.

You may think people wouldn’t use an an autoresponder WordPress plugin for fear it would slow down their site. Well, Newsletter plugin has 200k active installs, Mailpoet 2 has 100k and Mailpoet 3 has another 100k.

You may think no one is interested in ClickFunnels, because it is expensive? Clickfunnels is being used by 100k active paid subscribers and its affiliate FB group has 82k members.

People vote with their wallets and their daily actions, not with their words.

Remember the competitor email lists you signed up for? Those emails will give you a lot of data.

  • You will know what is selling. If you know what is selling, you can make money. If James Jones with 85k subscribers promotes it in an email, then the idea is tested and it probably sells.
  • You will know the pain your customers are having and the promises they are being made.
    You will know the types of promotions they use.

Go to FB groups, forums and see what people are asking questions about.

"If i manage 1000 visitors per day on my site how much i earn by adsense"
"a question with regards to activating adsense on my blog. Currently, I have 250-300 visitors per day for 27 posts on my blog. I would say that I publish maybe 2-3 times a month. My adsense application has been rejected and here's the message I am getting."
"Trying to understand something about Adsense. I read you can only have one per person. So if someone has multiple pages and or YouTube channels, how would they go about using Adsense? Can they still use that one account for all? Thanks!!"
“any alternatives to adsense out there? i have a site with football data on it and therefore not too much content apart from match reviews. google won't seem to accept the site as is, so looking for some ad monetisation to tide it over with ad platform that would accept it.”
“I am a newbie in the field of blogging. Yesterday, I got my Blogger (BlogSpot) site approved for AdSense. I see many people from Blogger Funda getting ad limits and many other restrictions on AdSense. My question to already successful bloggers is that how did you avoid ad limits and any other form of restrictions and how did you manage to boost up your earnings from AdSense? (if it really gives enough revenue).
PS: My Blogger site is just three months old and I have read carefully the terms and conditions, and policies of AdSense. I want an in-depth and well-implemented solution to protect my AdSense account from possible bans. Thanks. 🙂”

I personally hate Adsense and would never use it. Annoying ads ruin customer experience and Adsense pays cents compared to affiliate programs.

Take note, however, that my opinion and the arguments against it don't matter. Still the fact is that I see FB posts like the above every single day. Solving Adsense problems is a popular and lucrative subject.

The same is true for Amazon affiliate sites, despite the recent commissions cut.

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