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Is It possible To Copy These Results?

Lesson 3

​So far so good. But...

A system is only worth something if it can be done again. I did another test...This time with ClickFunnels.

Take a look at the commissions above and the search volume below.

ubersuggest clickfunnels tutorial pdf

Obviously you can't predict Google 100 percent and not ​all attempts will ​be successful. Testing and optimizing is always part of any marketing procedure. In other words, you need to throw some spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks.

My experience is that as long as you stay with the main keyword of your domain, you can easily get 80-100 page views per month for each blog post that you write with correct keyword targeting. ​Don't forget that you will also need to figure out ​how you are going to monetize our traffic.

It took me 2 years of hard work, trial and error to figure this system out. ​The site is starting to get traction. Now I ​learned enough so that ​​I ​can be more strategic in my approach and not waste 95 percent of my work like I have been doing so far.

​This is what I am going to do now:

1. Do more thorough keyword research with a paid keyword tool 

At the beginning I was using the Google Keyword Tool, which I don't recommend. ​Then I ​switched over to Ubersuggest. It is a ​great tool, however all free keyword tools have ​a huge disadvantage. ​The high number of great keyword opportunities that they ​you miss.

​2. Write content for those keywords 

I have been writing tutorials and ultimate guides, ​those convert really well.

However there is a new thing I recently learned that can multiply your ​traffic. It is called ​topic clusters. Instead of writing a ​single blog post on a subject, write several and interlink them. This will greatly increase your authority in the eyes of Google.

3. ​Build links and increase my site's authority

Long tail keywords are a great start, however ​in order ​to further increase ​traffic and earnings, increasing domain authority by ​building backlinks cannot be ignored.

Internal linking is another element of link building, because ​we need to distribute and amplify the incoming links within our site.  

4. Use email marketing

Email marketing also has its steep learning curve, because it is far more competitive than it used to be. ​Shooting random emails ​is not enough. It has its own tricks that you need to master. Effective Email Marketing will help you get started.

5. Working with other bloggers

The primary flaw with the blogging industry ​is that most people want to do it solo, utilizing Google and/or social media.

However these aren't ​the only sources of traffic. There are other ​websites in your industry that get decent traffic.

You can leverage this by partnerships and affiliate relationships. The system used by the Genius Bloggers Toolkit is an example. There are other ​methods to work with like guest blogging and outsourcing. 


Yes, it is possible to replicate the results, but trying to discover everything ​on your own ​is probably not the best route. Copying others that are successful and/or working with them, getting coached by them are important ways to ​gain knowledge and experience.

Mostly Blogging Academy is an affordable way to get your blogger education.  

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