Profitable Blogging


Lesson 1

"You won't get anywhere without traffic. I would aim for at least 10,000 monthly page views before focusing on monetizing your audience."

I just saw this statement, made by an expert on a blog that was discussing how long it takes to get your first affiliate commissions. This statement is simply NOT true. Why?

Because the commissions you see on the above screenshot were generated by this much (or ​better to say little) traffic:

Funnelxpert jetpack traffic Dec 4 2019

Of course this doesn't mean that you shouldn't go for more traffic... But you should also concentrate on income from the begnning.

My First Failures

My first WordPress blog was a complete failure in January 2017. Even the domain name I picked was horrible –

​I started my second ​blog, in June 2017. ​My article promoting done-for-you Amazon affiliate sites ended up on the first page of Google... And I was jumping up and down, because ​the below commissions made it possible for me to pay off the debt on my PayPal business account: 

HPD Affiliate commission

​Despite this result I consider this site a failure, as the ​commissions stopped right after this, when the price of the sites ​increased. 

But I learned the two most important lessons of my blogging career. These were the lessons that made it possible for me make money ​at all: ​

  1. How to rank blog posts on the first page of Google ​targeting long-tail keywords. 
  2. How to research and write affiliate content that ​generates sales.

Everyone tells you to ​find keywords that have low competition and high search volume.

Really? Those keywords are already being targeted by ​the pros that have been ​playing this game a lot longer than you and ​you don't have much chance competing with them. It this wasn't the case, you would be raking in the ​cash and not reading this stupid course... 

Forget about them... I never targeted a keyword that had a search volume higher than 70. In fact the best keyword I ever targeted only has a search volume of 20.  

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