Profitable Blogging

How YOU Can Make $500/Month

Lesson 5

​Is it possible for you to make $500/month? It is. But in today's competitive internet you need to be a smart entrepreneur and put in a lot of work.

​The full theory and practical steps are included in other, longer courses. But the short summary...

  1. ​Stay on ​your ​niche, those keywords rank better
  2. Find an affiliate program that have high payout and long cookie duration
  3. Forget about high traffic keywords at the beginning 
  4. Do your keyword research for long-tail keywords
  5. Write very complete tutorials for these keywords
  6. ​Use your affiliate link to click through to demonstrate something to your reader and not sell
  7. Build links
  8. Create your own products, ​e. g. ​you can create your own online course.

​We have very affordable courses that cover all these steps here at Mostly Blogging Academy.

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